Friday, June 27, 2008

The Scene
This morning at work I was minding my own business when I heard a ruckus. A musical ruckus. A SOUND OF MUSIC RUCKUS.

The following is the transcript of my actual IM conversation with The Peeper.

Diabolina: someone is getting a singing telegram right now
: for his bday
Diabolina: the singer is dressed up as maria from the sound of music
The Peeper
The Peeper
: now that a sight to see
: she's sung five songs already
Diabolina: i'm going crazy.
The Peeper
: FIVE!!!!!
The Peeper
: the hills are alive?
: si
The Peeper: do re mi?
: now the slow one
The Peeper
: i am 16?
: not that one
The Peeper: hahahahaha
The Peeper
: this funny
: bloom and grow
: forever
: right now
: peeps singing along
The Peeper: sing!
: what a job that woman have
The Peeper
: inspirational
The Peeper
: there so many ways to make living
The Peeper
: not stuck to one path
Diabolina: i need out of my current path
: pray for me
The Peeper: i pray to baby jesus
: she's way talented
: how hard for her to be doing this
The Peeper: what a morning
The Peeper
: b-day person love sound of music
The Peeper
: ??
: who knows!!!
The Peeper
: she singing
The Peeper
: or laughing?
: bday BOY. it a GUY
: he singing along
The Peeper: oh boy!

Several friends requested I call them and hold up the phone so they could hear. F.

Sable Crow took it one step further. He called me and demanded I take a picture for the blog!!! NO WAY! That would make me seem like I was condoning all this. Ugh. He's becoming such a pushy stage mother.

And as if a singalong in the middle of the morning wasn't bonkers enough, the singer's outfit looked more Mary Poppins than Frauline Maria. Think she got her Julie Andrews movies mixed up. F.

I swear you can't make up the Dilbert shenanigans that happen in offices. How is this my life? How did it all go so horribly wrong? Sigh.

Get through the rest of work day and watch Wanted with Mr. Diabolina in the evening. I enjoy it despite the REDIC plot line. Dig the Matrix like action. Adore Hottie McHottie James McAvoy. And Angelina Jolie is just great to look at - she's so stunning she's frightening.

Plus the flick is based on the premise that one can escape the soul sucking cubicle grind...

The Outfit
Fashion District tunic
Blue Cult jeans

The Accessories
Gucci platform sandals
Marc Jacobs hobo bag
H&M scarf
Forever 21 sunglasses and bangle
Louis Vuitton earrings

The Grade

The Commentary
Hair isn't behaving lately. Neither is my skin. Feeling blah blah blah.

Plus wasn't feeling going to The Office today at all. So decided to dress down...way down. Friday after all.

This is probably the most casual I've dressed at the new job. The sad thing is that today's schlepy outfit is right in line with how roughly 70 percent of the office dresses most days. Sigh.

I'm becoming pretty self conscious about wearing my fancy heels and dresses because everyone gapes when I do. Most of the women give dirty looks. Ugh. Don't even get me started about how PISSED I would have been if I was wearing a pulled together professional look today when the singing nun showed up :)

Built the outfit around the ratty jeans and the beauty of a scarf. Picked the easy white chiffony top next to make the scarf really pop. Then came the neutral bag and then the Gucci shoes.

Donned my new Chloe knockoffs in red to pick up the reddish hues in the scarf. Gawd how I adore these sunnies.

Finally I donned the LV earrings and the Forever bangle because they also matched the scarf nicely.

Probably inspired by all the summer scarves I've been seeing everywhere lately on celebrity chicas. Particularly in my Singer 22 emails. Lightweight scarves are an easy, low cost way to sass up simple separates.

Makes you look a little Cochella hipster too. Good for office singalongs.



tam pham said...

such a cool LA casual outfit. love the pop of color/print with the scarf! dallas is too damn hot for anything to be around my neck even my hair!

weezermonkey said...

I love The Sound of Music.
For real.

And I agree with Sable Crow! You should've taken a picture!

lookrichbitch said...

Haha! I'm totally going to send a singing telegram to hunny bunny next year for his bday! Love making him feel uncomfy! I'm evil.

And totally know how it feels to get that look at work! Not your fault you have style and class! They only dream of being as tasty as you! Indeed!

venn said...

Sound of Music traveling circus = all 9 circles of hell put together. Ack.

G said...

three little things i must point out...

1) just laughed OUT LOUD to no one in particular, picturing the Julie MANdrews singer...

2) hottie scottie McAvoy totally flustered me, he's so smart and charming beyond words...and after watching Wanted, am completely smitten...

3) hate those girls who hate on you for having taste...used to happen to me sometimes too at you-know-where...screw 'em, you look 100x better in your casual duds (love the summer scarf!) than any of them ever could on their best day...

Da Fashionista said...

don't get me wrong. I have a soul. I love the sound of music. My mom and I even went on the sound of music tour in salzburg, austria.

BUT IN THE OFFICE???? Seriously????

amber said...

oh, we must get together some day and swap ridiculous office stories. ;) i kinda like today's schleppy outfit.

btw, a pic of me in the wrap sweater is coming soon. i'll try to take one this weekend.

Milly said...

I just bought the same scarf last week and those sunnies too in grey though the only color left.. if only i can put them together like you do...when i do it seems like im trying to hard..
you shall see...will post first outfit today zzzz...needs ya input
oh and i loves those LV birthday is coming up...i should hint the

Couture Carrie said...

That is hysterical! Loving the scarf. By the by, you have been tagged!!

Ann Marie said...

I also went on the SOM tour in Salzburg and loved it, but I think a faux-Maria in the office would horrify me too. Hopefully singing telegrams don't become a trend at your office.

I love the scarf!

MissJordyPants said...

You slay me with such ridiculousness.

Hate that your lady coworkers a rockin' the dirty eye. Not nice.

Lynn Tran said...

Ah man, they just stole my idea for what to send to your office for your b-day ... alas, will have to think again. How do you feel about singing gorillas?


I like your blog too. What a cute outfit you have on. I love jeans and scarves too. Chic!!

PS: Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog!!
I love what you called me: "a secret agent fashionista" LOVE THAT! :)

Cee said...


[taking a deep breadth}


I love the sound of music. Can't believe it's for a guy.

Those women are just jealous of your wardrobe. Heck even I am. But no dirty looks from me. Just starry eyed.

Rachee said...

boo on the haters. love your scarf!

dapotato said...

loved the play-by-play. LOVED.


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