Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Scene
Sleep in and then meet this lovely lady in her new DVF top for lunch.

After lunch, I proceed to fall in love with my very own DVF top. I need, I want, I gots to have...when she goes on sale ;)

Pop by Target and try on the newest Go International looks. Pretty enough but a bit juvenile for a lady of a certain age like myself.

Decide to pass on all of it. Feel fat in everything and nothing evokes a "must-have-it-now, daddy" response.

Meet up with Sable Crow to catch a flick. Despite the funny pictures, we talk deep life lesson talk. Discuss finding inner strength and making better decisions and celebrating rather than squandering our gifts. His friendship gets me through such rough spots.

We end the night watching Wall-e. Original and adorable love story. Come home to my very own love robot. Great frivolous weekend as heavy things stir inside.

The Outfit

Forever 21 dress

The Accessories
Chanel black tote
Forever 21 sunglasses
Faux Chanel earrings
Urban Outfitters sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Feel like this dress makes me look like a little girl. A little Eloise, a little American Girl. Wore it precisely because I knew my mom would love it. Within minutes she cooed that in this dress I looked like her little two-year-old Diabolina. Heart her.

No big surprise that this dress makes me swoon. The buttons are tres me. So is the color blocking.

And I have always always hearted drop waists. Though I must admit they are getting harder and harder to wear the older and older I get.

A few months ago, loads of fashionistas out in the blogosphere likened today's Forever 21 dress to the Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 dress that I've been coveting since April.

I can definitely see the similarities. The color scheme is identical. The buttons look alike. But fundamentally it's a different dress. The MJ is a much more grown up, universally flattering shape. Primarily because the waist is higher. That bow is to die for and understandably missing from the Forever 21 dress. It'd be real hard to reproduce cheaply without looking, well, cheap.

With the matching tomato sandals and Chanel purse and buggy glasses, I think it looked significantly pricier than the paltry $24 I shelled out for it. Though I'm not delusional. It's definitely no Marc.

p.s. Look at how casually gorgeous Sable Crow looked today at sunset. The hat, the sunglasses, the linen, the scruff. Yum. My little boy's all growns up.


weezermonkey said...

I love this outfit. So perfect for summer.

Anonymous said...

The red and white racerback Target dress is so cute on you! I think you need that one...

Da Fashionista said...

yay! kristal! first comment!!!

i did like the candystripPer dress - perfect for fourth of july. but i had spent too much the day before to justify it. plus it was the same colors as the dress i had on. plus my back fat was kinda hanging out ;(

Reena Rai said...

That Target dress looks great on you

Milly said...

I agree the racerback target dress looked real good.

Sable Crow said...

Muah! I'm reading, and experiencing that odd deja vu that comes with reading about what you were doing just before I saw you. Creepy. Like being omniscient ex post facto.

PS. This word verfication below is the LONGEST I've ever seen! 8 letters! I think they're going to get ridiculously long, like a typing test from high school's zero period.

amber said...

so summery. so cute.

Anonymous said...

i am pretty much addicted to target now that they have the go int. lines..i can't just go in there and ''look''..i always end up buying a new bag or shoes..
i love the forever 21 dress, btw.
[[&thanks for commenting:)]]

dapotato said...

love the oh so summery red and white on you.

TINA said...

Love the outfit - the top is so very cute!
Happy 4th!

tam pham said...

a movie date with Sable Crow??? i'm so envious.


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