Friday, May 30, 2008

So now for the contents of that Chanel goodie bag. Drum roll....

We got a Chanel lipstick in a color named Attitude and a silver quilted lipstick case with mirror inside and interlocking C's outside...

Yawn? Yup.
Disappointed? Yup.
Ungrateful beotch? Yup.

Sigh. I really wanted the nail polishes. Never expected jewelry. Though it would have made me weep with joy.

G did find out that the silver cases are exclusive to the Robertson store and cost around $200. Yes, 200 hundy for a lipstick case!!! That no one REALLY needs. Luxury brands will stop at nothing to make women part with their money. Rascals.

p.s. In addition to being adorable and a big deal fashion editrix, G just got into two top 10 business schools. So proud of her I could burst!!!!

The Scene
I went, I saw, I conquered Chanel last night. How is one supposed to go into a boring ole office after achieving such fashionable fabulousness? Sigh.

Hectic day followed by a relaxing work dinner for Mr. Diabolina's firm. The summer associates have arrived so we're going to be doing lots of funny events in the coming weeks. Being the social butterfly that I am, I typically love it. We'll see about this year...

Pop in to visit The Peeper since we're in her hood and she's by her lonesome with her hubby out of town. Catch her watching the end of The National Spelling Bee. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The kids, the parents, the judges. All of it's like a bizarre SNL sketch. Here's an excerpt with the baby who won.

We giggle and take pics to make her hubby jealous and catch up and cuddle. Ends up being waaay harder to see her than I had imagined. Realized just how much I miss seeing her. Every day. Wah. Change is tough...

The Outfit
Forever 21 bubble dress
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fashion District beaded necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
YSL bag
Manolo Blahnik shoes
Banks&Biddle bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
Wanted to keep the fabulous train going today. Thought about repeating this look that I loved from March. But instead decided to keep the dress as the foundation of the look and switch out the accessories.

Decided the sweater went well with the dress. Adoring this turquoise /fuchsia combo. So summery but somehow elegant.

Then added the Louis Vuitton earrings. Just look at how each earring matches the outfit so perfectly. Makes me giddy and gleeful.

And then came this beaded necklace. Remember how lovely it looked when I combined it with a blue dress and the sweater before? Interesting how different today's blue dress makes the look, no? It's the dressier material and the print.

Debated whether to wear the MJ clutch or the YSL. Decided to anchor the shoes and the bag in the brown of the dress' print. Made the look more polished, sophisticated.

And the Manolos were a bit of an ode to SATC, opening today. (Jean Bean saw it and says it's good. She laughed, she cried. Hearing the same things from my pretties Tam and MissJordyPants.!)

At dinner, Mr. Diabolina randomly whispered to me, "Congratulations on being the hottest chick here." EEEEEE!!! Must admit that after 10 years his continued lasciviousness makes my heart pitter patter. Love that we're still in love. Love that we like showing each other off. Love love love.

I told you once that I dress for other women first and Mr. Diabolina second. I think that dynamic reverses though when it's one of his work events. I do love playing the sassy accessory/appendage role.

After seven years, his coworkers know I am smart, accomplished, funny, independent. So I can feel free to dress as fancifully and fabulously as I want. I don't have to worry about toning it down or being conservative (read:dowdy.) I can be my sassiest self.

Plus it's always fun to be the breath of fresh (fashion) air among a group of buttoned up suits...

happy happy weekend!


weezermonkey said...

Boo to stupid lipstick! Boo to useless lipstick case!

And of course you were the hottest there. It's a law firm! Don't you know that law firms are notoriously ugly?

I'm like a four or five in the normal world. At the firm? Boom! I'm a seven!

dapotato said...

lipstick? eh. i don't know too many "kids" our age who wear too much of it.

again, loving the turqoise.

Jean Bean said...

Sell it on eBay. Some desperate fool will buy it, I promise. Boo on raising your hopes with the enameled cuff! I've learned to keep goody-bag expectations at rock bottom. Because 2/3 times it turns out to be some hideous Mac makeup, a magazine, a stain remover and/or an energy drink.

JillFantastic said...

I agree with Jean Bean - sell it on eBay!

tam pham said...

im curious to know what kind of silly events that Mr. D's firm puts the poor little summer associates/clerks through? last week, bf's firm made them participate in "Iron Chef" type of week, "Dancing with the Stars"

Tracee said...

sorry to hear your swag didn't include the nailpolishes. boo! i saw sex and the city with my mom today and i'm curious to hear your thoughts!

WendyB said...

I love getting free lipsticks!

amber said...

sorry the goody bag was more fabulous. i agree with the ebay suggestion though. then use the $$ to buy yourself something awesome ;)

OT: did your marc clutch come in a cream color, by chance? if so, i think i might have spotted a girl in BH this weekend carrying it.

Tiffany said...

oh, I was so hoping for the nail polishes for you!

If it were me, I would keep it. It's not every day you get a memento of a Chanel store opening! :)

Anonymous said...

That case is pretty cool! Where can I get one?!? I can't find it anywhere!


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