Friday, June 13, 2008

The Scene
Get through the work day and then race home. We are having 25 lawyers over this evening in honor of the summer associates at Mr. Diabolina's firm. Eeeks!

It's the third year in a row we are hosting. The Firm caters (tres fancy!) and then we move the party to a nearby comedy club that's a Hollywood institution. Last year, Dane Cooke showed up unannounced. The summer associates typically have a blast.

Tonight is no exception. Everyone has a lovely time. Well, except me, I'm a bit upset because the caterer is new and the appetizers are pretty blah. F. Delish food is a priority for any party in my home.

Thank god I suggested getting Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert.

Everyone oohs and aahs like little kids at a birthday party. Phew!

But then the night (Friday the 13th after all) takes an unfortunate turn. One of the summers starts feeling faint. I take her downstairs so she can lay down. But by the time, it's time to leave for the comedy club, she's not feeling any better. The two of us stay behind along with the significant other of another one of the summer associates who happens to be in med school. Lucky him.

When her breathing becomes increasingly shallow, the almost doctor suggests we visit the nearest emergency room to be safe. Nightmare. I drive us over. She is admitted, treated and released within 3 hrs. Poor thing!

I get home after 1 a.m. and Mr. Diabolina tells me that Dane Cooke made a surprise appearance at the comedy club this year too. What are the odds? Wah. I miss all the fun.

At least there's still a box of uneaten Sprinkles cupcakes in the fridge when I get home. Hurray! Someone up there knows I deserve some happiness too.

The Outfit
Target floral top
Seven for Mankind jeans
Fuchsia wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fashion District beaded necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings
Marc Jacobs Irina tote
Stuart Weitzman gold gladiator sandals

The Grade

The Commentary
Jean Bean emailed me about this floral dream of a cheapy top a few weeks ago. Picked it up within the week.

It's $17 worth of L-O-V-E! The busy swirl of colors, the ruched neckline, the fluttery sleeves, how it will work so perfectly with so much of my jewelry - heart all of it.

Decide to wear it off the shoulder most the day. Just to sex things up. Have been so deathly boring at work lately that I wanted to feel a little Latinaluscious. Think it worked. Especially with the beaded necklace.

Jean Bean deemed the print very Dries Van Noten Spring 2008. And I can definitely see it.

But it also screams Missoni to me.

Missoni Casa to be exact.

Gawd, I'd love to have my home and my body outfited by Missoni. So Italian bohemian chic. So easy breezy. Yum.

Have tried to infuse my home with a few Missoni inspired pieces over the years. Like these pillows. Under $15 at Ikea.

And this kaleidoscope of a key dish from Room Service. Under $20.

Anyhoo, now to the evening outfit. When I got home from work, I changed into the Phillip Lim maxi. It's my new fave. Figured it was the ideal comfy, flowing look for a hostess throwing her first soiree of the summer.

I've always aspired to be the type of woman who throws fabulous parties and makes it look effortless. Nothing worse than a hostess who has to be loud about how hard she's working to show you a good time. Party-throwing like fashion shouldn't feel labored or forced.

p.s. Meet my newest Phillip Lim obsession. Adore the elegant length and draping and the flattering two tone look. AND I LOVE BUILT IN NECKLACES. This one's very Marni. Delish!

Thinking I'll stop by the new Philip Lim store on Robertson to pay my new lovah a visit. Can start up my typical stalking routine of repeat visits before I finally decide to shell out the big bucks ;)


weezermonkey said...

WTF? How did you get stuck playing Florence Nightingale?

And get those cupcakes out of the fridge, stat. They should not be refrigerated. Wrap the box tightly in plastic wrap and leave at room temp; eat within two days. OR put in air-tight Tupperware and freeze. It's weird, but it's room temp or frozen for those babies. The fridge will dry them out!

MissJordyPants said...

Ohhh how I wish I could wear that to the office! Your hair looks excellent and I love it.

You're so good to be nurse/hostess. Hope she's feeling better!

Mar5195 said...

Yummy Sprinkles cupcakes! Scary about the newbie getting sick! Those are the breaks of being a hostess. I get super antsy when I host something at home too.

I found your blog from the OC Nesties running group. I thought I'd finally out myself and say hello!

tam pham said...

ugh i would be so pissed if i had to play nurse. you're probably much nicer than I am.

don't tease me with Phillip Lim. maybe after the trip to NYC to visit topshop, i can make a trip to la to visit my twin AND my fashion obsession (Lim).

lookrichbitch said...

You are a good woman! Especially since out of my friends, I'm usually the one who does the passing out! *shame* I only had one glass I swear!

Jean Bean said...

sprinkles and d-bomb save the day!

venn said...

Your collar bones look as scrumptious as those cupcakes. Love the off-the-shoulder look. Very come-hither.

amber said...

that floral top is so pretty. so you. sorry you got stuck plaing nurse all night. i bet the summer assoc. was mortified. i know my hubs would have been :/


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