Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What to Wear to a Janet Jackson Concert: Belle Noelle Hair Jewelry

The Scene
Reason 1,999,999 to love Mr. Diabolina: he surprises me with Janet Jackson tickets.

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Reason 2,000,000 to love him: a couple of days before the concert, he manages to snag GREAT seats...that just happen to be right behind two of our closest friends...who bought their tickets months in advance...and are more than a little creeped out. I mean what are the odds????

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Me thinks they were convinced I was stalking their friend who they actually DID buy tickets with: one Rupal. Yep, we not only randomly sat behind one of our favorite couples...we sat behind Mr. Ru himself. AT JANET JACKSON. I can die happy.

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Everything about Ms. Jackson on stage was amaze: how she looked and sounded and moved. Closest thing to seeing Michael we have left. Tear.
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She played it ALL---below is the set list. Felt like the soundtrack of the last 20 years of parties and nights out at da club. Took me waaaay back. Danced all night.

1.All For You
2.Together Again
3.Pleasure Principle
5.What Have You Done For Me Lately
7.You Want This
9.Miss You Much
11. Come Back To Me
12.Let's Wait Awhile
14.Love Will Never Do
15.When I Think Of You
16. I Get So Lonely
17.That's the Way Love Goes
18. If
20.Rhythm Nation
22.The Best Things In Life Are Free
23.Make Me
24.Together Again: Dedicated to Los Angeles

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Fun, random, nostalgic night in LA.

The best part:  Katherine and Jermaine showed up before Janet took the stage and the crowd went bananas.  So I jokingly squealed, "If Blanket shows up, I'm going to lose my SHIT." 

Little did my loose bowels know that a) Blanket was in the house---he left in tears after Janet's touching tribute to Michael and 2) Rupaul overhead me and tweeted my funny the next morning!!!!!


Um, do you die? I did. Another life bucket list item...accomplished.

The Outfit
H&M tunic and jacket
American Apparel leggings
Tory Burch flats
Lee Angel bangles
Marc by Marc Jacobs zipper earrings
Vintage bag

The Grade

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The Commentary

I've said this many times: dressing for concerts and sporting events isn't my forte. Something about the crowds and alternating between standing and sitting and walking to and from a parking lot...ugh...it all  throws me the fuck off.

At concerts, I also psych myself out and create too much pressure. Like somehow I'm going to get pulled on stage and have a Courtney Cox moment. Like I have to fit in exactly with the staging and what the artist is wearing. I'm insane.

Suffice to say, I'm not so crazy about this end result. Safe and boring. However, I do love the mixed prints.

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First time wearing the jacket. Saved it for the perfect occasion. Bought it because it reminded me of McQueen Spring 2009.  Heart.





Black and white was the palette of the night on stage too.
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Added some 80s-rrific bangles that I nabbed for FREE thanks to Neiman Marcus' SCVNGR promotion.

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Best part of the outfit: my hair clip/jewelry that I bought at Revolve. Love it in all it's over the top, gaudy, ferosh splendor.

fashion blog 102
It is one hundred percent signature Kim.

Felt very vegas show girl crossed with a genie in a bottle crossed with a stripper in cake.

With just the right hint of Janet circa Rhythm Nation


Worst part of the outfit: the flats.

fashion blog 103

Don't get me wrong. I looove these shoes. But I've officially become the kind of thirtysomething that can't survive concerts in heels. I've crossed over into comfort over fabulosity aka the nearing death zone.

A moment of silence for the fashionista formerly known as Diabolina ;)


Shannon said...

Amaaaaaaze.Balls. I too am the 30 something in flats at concerts. Sigh. You looked great!

La Belle Fabuleux said...

Wow how fun!! Sweet of Mr. Diabolina! I love your outfit. I really need to get those AA leggings.



Silver Fox said...

What an escapade!!

You looked fierce that night, like a drag superstar!

lookrichbitch said...



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