Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fashion Diary: Belle Noel Jewelry by Kim Kardashian Launch at Revolve

The Event

Launch of Kim Kardashian's jewelry line called Belle Noel at Revolve tonight.

ss 510

Invited my purty new friend Woody Wood Pecker.

ss 463

She's always down for shenanigans and reality TV-meets-fashion-plus-cocktails
definitely qualifies as shenanigans.
ss 466

Spent most of the party gabbing about life and love...while we pawed every single piece of KK jewelry. Fun gaudy bling that looks alot like all the trinkets of deceit I pick up at Forever 21 or downtown LA. The pricing is reasonable---with no piece much over $100. But I could get most of this kind of trendy stuff for much MUCH less in the Fashion District.

ss 462

ss 491

ss 506

ss 489

ss 459

ss 492

ss 460

ss 490

ss 461

ss 493

ss 505

Wasn't sure Kim would actually show up at the party. But she tweeted about it and then actually whirled in with her mom Kris an hour later to lend her name to yet another product. No, they were not wearing Sketchers or eating Carl's Jr.

 ss 467

Think what you will of them but good lord, have the Kardashians built a branding empire off of a sex tape. As a marketer, I understand the power of what they offer businesses in terms of exposure and influence. It's a new social media-fueled marketplace and their willingness to live transparently is what this media moment is all about.

At a conference I went to a few weeks ago, the head of celebrity endorsements at Endeavor marvelled at how the family never seems to reach a saturation point in the media. She said it was frankly unheard of. I think it's the American Dream at play. But then again, I'm not the player hater type. Especially when the players are L.A.-born brunettes who are close to their moms.

ss 465

Kim was much tinier in person than I imagined (getting Quick Trim tomorrow---see how that works?) The face was as sparkly pretty as I pictured. But she's not fooling me: the upper part of her face = syringe central. Sadly, she wasn't as smiley and gracious as I would be if I was living a dream.
ss 464

Tried to get a peek at the magical tush but there were too many people burrowing up in it. F.
ss 468

My favorite part of the whole look: the pretty princess hair. SHOCKED the Kardashians haven't come out with their own hair line. I mean if Kim Zolziack has a wig line... 

ss 470

Kris needs to get on that.

ss 486

Woody had the best line of the night: "We are so funny standing around watching Kardashians. It's like Sunday night when we sit around watching them on TV."

ss 480

But let me tell you it was much more fun seeing the Birkin in person.

ss 485

And the shoes. Good lord I hope I look as good after one kid---not to mention six. Ooof. Makes my vagine hurt just thinking about it.  

ss 482

And if you can believe it, the crowd was my fave part of the night. More fabulous than the Kardashians. So much sparkly fashion and long gams and shiny manes of hair.  I've decided I need one party like this a week. All that eye candy is good for my soul.

ss 494

ss 488

ss 498

ss 511

ss 476

ss 487

ss 479

Favorite shoes of the night went to the sweet Refinery 29 photog who snapped my pic.

ss 513


ss 514

All in all an A+ night out with a new friend.

ss 502

Especially since we scored this versatile, over-the-top hair jewelry.

ss 495

ss 496

Thanks Kimmie.


The Outfit
Robert Rodriquez tuxedo pants
Forever 21 bubble tank
Zara Yeti coat

The Accessories
Fashion District earrings and ring
Marc by Marc Jacobs zipper necklace
Forever 21 bracelets
Valentino studded heels

The Grade

ss 497

The Commentary

Been dying to wear this insanely amaze coat since I got it. But it's been either too hot or too rainy in LA---nothing worse than sweaty or wet Yeti! The minute it dipped below 50 today, I knew the debut was on like Donkey Kong---literally.

ss 504

Paired it with the same color tank as Kim and neutral but blingy shoes---mine studded Valentino, hers capped Louboutins.

ss 469

I shit you not I was going to wear liquid leggings tonight too. Decided against it since I wore them the last time I fashion partied with Woody. Didn't want her to think I don't own other bottoms. Shudder.
ss 470

Added the bit of bling in honor of the night's festivities.
ss 520

This necklace usually gets so much attention but tonight the coat was the star of the show. My new goal: wearing it to NYFW. One day, one day soon.

The Inspiration 







p.s. Here's an interview from the event. Looking for the ET video where I'm almost sure my Yeti coat made it's national broadcast debut.


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

What's up with Revolve not inviting me?

Moving on....I really love your coat. So perfect for the evening and what a fantastic look. I love those Kardashians and all the crazy junk they put out. I am definitely the Khloe of the 3 - how about you?

adeleno5 said...

Love the yeti! Anything less would not do for a Kardashian event. And I love that you tried to get a pic of Kim's famous ass for your devoted readers - you are so good to us : )

Anonymous said...

you can't help but love a great ass and shiny hair.
love the coat!!


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