Monday, July 27, 2009

The Scene
To continue the 3.2 birthday celebration, Mr. Diabolina got us tickets to see No Doubt at the Gibson tonight. AYAYAYYAYA! He knows I've loved all things Gwen Stefani since he met me. When I was 18.

I hearted Gwen so much in 1995. Would've totally gotten my hoopty airbrushed with her picture if I knew that was a possibility back then. Hell I might do it tomorrow ;)

Got to Universal too late to have a civilized dinner so we just scarfed down hot dogs at the concession stand. Then was seriously tempted to buy every piece of No Doubt paraphernalia I could see.

Weezermonkey was more than tempted. Randomly ran into her and her monkey in our section. She is a BIG No Doubt fan. Coming back for more tomorrow. And then again on Saturday. Mr. Monkey is an even bigger saint than Mr. D.

When the show started we realized just how ridiculously close our seats were. Mr. Diabolina done good. Per usual!

We were on Tony's side of the stage. And Gwen, um, favors his side. Lucky us.

By the third song, Gwen's fierce Balmain-esque jacket was off.

And we were all admiring what was underneath it all.


Realized that the show itself is a work out for Gwen. Have never been to such a high energy show. Pure unadulterated fun!

Love how intimate the Gibson is. Gwen pulled up several fans on stage during the concert. She even kinda crowd surfed. Well as much as a megastar mother of two approaching 40 can crowd surf.

During Just A Girl, she thanked all the girls for giving her such an awesome life. Love a local girl keeping it real.

Here is the hella good set list. I highly recommend it for rocking out to it at work :)

Had forgotten just how many FUN hits No Doubt has had in the last um, 20 years. God we are all so old.

But tonight was a good reminder that when all is said and done, life just seems to get better and better. With every year, come new lessons, new opportunities, new adventures.

We are lucky duckies living this simple kind of life.

The Outfit
Fashion District dress

The Accessories
Sam Edelman booties
Chanel earrings
Gwen Stefani for Sportsac purse

The Grade

The Commentary

I had a full on fashion emergency tonight. We're talking clothes strewn everywhere, hating everything I own, feeling too fat or too hot or too TOO in every outfit, almost refusing to leave the house, finally being forced to leave the house a half hour late by an annoyed Mr. Diabolina. I was carrying on as if I was going to actually hang out with Gwen. What.a.freak.

I was stuck on going for Gwen's sporty spice meets high fashion vibe. But I completely suck at the sporty spice part hence the freak out.

Think better abs would help with that. Think better abs would help with everything. Sigh. Gotta start running again.

Tried to just do straight up high fashion instead. Animal print glamour. Ironically how I'd rolled the last time we visited the Gibson. For Julio Iglesias.

But then I looked like I was trying too hard. Like I was going to a fashion show. Not a concert. Tried to dress it down with a sequin hoodie but the proportions were all wrong. ARGH.

All the Harajuku girl stuff felt too precious, too over the top for tonight. I wanted to look my age and comfortable.

So then I started thinking signature Gwen prints like houndstooth

Polka dots - yum!

And stripes

So I finally settled on a striped dress

In black and white

Good call based on Gwen's first outfits tonight ;)

DIY jeans would also have been THE hotness. MUST GET ON THAT PROJECT ALREADY. F.

The no brainer part of my outfit - this Sportsac bag. Also own it reversed out. Got them resale like 5 years ago for a third of what they cost. So snapped up both. Should wear them more.

The outfit was so painful to arrive at that the hair and makeup were done in the car. Red lips and slicked back hair. Duh.

The booties with the dress were inspired by all the cool chicks at the MOCA party a few weeks ago. So fresh for summer.

Favorite accessory on a concert goer tonight was this hoodie.

My favorite accessory? This AWESOME bracelet. One of my friends gave it to me on Saturday for my bday. But on Sunday morning, I couldn't remember who. F.

Dear Friend,

Please step up and claim it as your gift. I love it. I love you. I'm sorry.

- your drunky favorite who now has a tripod like a real growns up douche of a fashion blogger ;)


weezermonkey said...

Yay for No Doubt! We had seats like yours the next night -- eighth row!

Here are some of my pics and videos. Feel free to borrow if you like.

Rosemary Brennan said...

My first concert was No Doubt! It was during the Tragic Kingdom tour--got to see them in Anaheim, also my hometown. They were AMAZING. I've never seen a better show. Very cute Gwen-ish outfit! I totally get those days too: ripping apart the closet and finding NOTHING! I just bought a cheapy rolling rack to help sort things out and it's made quite a difference.

Fashion Intel said...

Your look is def. an "A" and not a "C." Weren't Gwen's abs simply amazing? We were on the Tony's side too, not that far from the stage and we could see her definition! WOW! I'm still waiting for Tony+Gwen to get back together. I once saw Gavin with another girl while they were married and it wasn't a "just friends" situation. Bummer.

Lisa said...

Unfortunately, I think I have one of your "clothes strewn everywhere, everything is too TOO" moments about 50% of the time. Blech - such an awful way to start an evening.

And, it is ridiculously awesome that you cannot remember who gifted you the rockstar bracelet. Luvs it :).

WendyB said...

Gwen is RIPPED!!!!

Fabulosity said...

I went last night to see Gwen and wore my Sam Edelman booties..I was dying by the end of the night.

Da Fashionista said...


You don't know dying until you've stood in YSL Tributes for the ENTIRE New Kids on the Block concert. F me. That's why I wore my "sensible" shoes hoy.

StartingOver@28 said...

What an amazing night! Concert looks fabulous!

Sable Crow said...

I didn't give you the bracelet but I should have! It's gorg. Like you. Even when you have fashion freakouts you end up looking great.

As the Prince of Abs, I'm happy to help. My tips:
1. Hire a trainer that will push you until you get angry or until you fall over. Repeat this step until you get a little resentful that it takes up so much of your schedule.
2. Most important: Don't skip meals, but reduce the calorie content of each meal. Helps stimulate the metabolism. One of the trainers at the gym (TDF, he's been my crush for years) eats 8 almonds in the morning. I kid you not. But...he gets asked to do underwear ads.

It's a give and take.

Beauty hurts.

amber said...

I wished you lived closer - I'd invite you to the gym with me. You'd have fun, but breathing is def. optional by the end of class. :)

I think the dress you went with was adorable! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

wooow, great photos from the concert! Gwen was wearing those white pants really low... i wonder if she went commando?


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