Wednesday, May 4, 2011

McQueen Fit for a Queen...and a Prince Concert

I was devastated by McQueen's suicide.
Such a talent, such a loss.


When chatter started about Kate Middleton's wedding dress months ago, I hoped against hope that she would pick McQueen. To me, it seemed like the no-brainer choice for any fashion-forward British bride of means. Plus I knew that only a dress crafted by the hands of McQueen's right hand, Sara Burton, could possibly live up to all the hype.

Sara Burton Met Gala Savage Beauty McQueen Royal Wedding dress designer

Thankfully Kate made the right decision.
And I was right about The Dress not disappointing.
Royal Wedding Kate Middleton Mcqueen dress

The glowing bride (and her sister) looked positively exquisite.

Royal Wedding Kate Middleton Mcqueen dress train

It was a fairytale come to life---minus the Brother's Grimm quality of McQueen's work. This was all light. No darkness.

Kate Middleton Veil Alexander McQueen dress Royal Wedding

I got weepy thinking that somewhere out there Kate not only had Diana looking out for her but she also had her fashion fairygodfather Lee, his mama and his Isabella watching with Anglo Saxan pride

New Picture (5)

Ironically on the day of the Royal Wedding, we spent the night with royalty too.

prince on royal wedding day

Mr. Diabolina and I

fashion blog 011

Met up with Mr. Saint and his soon to be bride

fashion blog 009

And headed to The Forum, LA's very own Buckingham Palace...of the hood.

fashion blog 001

To see THE Prince in concert.  Part of his long ass stint in LA.
If you haven't gone, go this weekend.   

prince la forum april 2011

And since Kate wore McQueen, I decided to do the same. Debuted my crazy Celtic leggings. Not really appropriate for any occasion EXCEPT Prince, right?

fashion blog 056

Remind me of Prince's assless jumpsuit getup on MTV in 1991.


Can you BEElieve that was 20 years ago?? 

McQueen lover Lady Gaga wasn't even in kindergarten yet.


And let me tell you Prince may be over 50 but that man is still fiiiiiiiiiine! And ugh can he move.

prince forum la 2011

I can't explain what it is about that teeny tiny man wearing heels, sequin pants and a gold statement necklace...but per usual, he was bringing all the purple-clad vaginas---including mine---to their motherfucking knees.

fashion blog 055

Maybe it was all the AMAZE hits he sang, or the way he COCKed his hips. It was no thing but a chicken wing that he was wearing white leggings tucked into white Yeti boots!!!!

prince la forum yeti boots

Made my McQueen/Valentino combo look like child's play.

fashion blog 054


La Belle Fabuleux said...

Going to the exhibit in 2 weeks! can't wait =) Love your Valentinos!


adeleno5 said...

After reading your post, I spent a minute trying to picture what Prince would have worn to the royal wedding and it was AWESOME. Thanks for that imaginary eye candy : )

Pixie Feet said...

"he was bringing all the purple-clad vaginas---including mine---to their motherfucking knees." wish there was a LOVE button for this here quote! made me laugh so loud. :) and loved the outfit you put together. The royal blue, the purple clutch, Valentinos, and of course McQueen. Died!

jules said...

Haha I agree with Pixie Feet...I still have that quote of yours in my head!!! :)


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