Thursday, April 28, 2011

What to Wear to The Bazaar at SLS Hotel: Black Halo

The Scene

Can't believe it's been nearly TWO YEARS since the first time I rolled to The Bazaar in the SLS Hotel with some blogger girlfriends


Recently, Mr. Diabolina and I had a hot quadruple date there with Mr. Architect and Silver Haired Fox.
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And at long last, we got to meet Lashes Lawyer's bff who was in town visiting from FL. Love!

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The six of us lapped up martinis with rejiggered molecular structures while we ate...alot.

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The Food

Buñuelos codfish fritters, honey aioli

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Beets, Citrus, pistachio, Sherry dressing

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Baby Japanese peaches, burrata, hazelnuts, arugula
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Croquetas de pollo, chicken and béchamel fritters

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Stuffed piquillo peppers goat cheese
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Apples “Carlota”
Bread pudding with saffron sauce

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Pear sorbet and salty hazelnut praline, Hot Chocolate Mousse
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The Outfit

Black Halo dress
Vintage belt
Marc Jacobs clutch
Fashion District jewelry
Manolo Blahnik heels

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The Grade

The Commentary
So I got this dress over a year ago. At one of my resale spots in Santa Monica. Love that Black Halo is Victoria Beckham Collection for under $1000. And resale, this dress was actually under $100! SCORE.

Luvre it---the color, the length, the neckline. I have been dying to debut it. The only problem? It is the very definition of unforgiving---skin tight and leaves NOTHING to the imagination.

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Since I started blogging three years ago my weight has fluctuated by about 15 pounds.  Most of that weight clings on for dear life in my mid-section. I think/hope most people can't really tell since I dress to disguise my trouble spots.

With this dress, however, my master illusionist skills go out the window. For a YEAR, every time I thought the occcasion might be right, I'd slip into some Spanx and put on the dress, giving it a test run around the house. Invariably, I'd feel too self-consious about my belly and booty. Curve hugging is one thing, a sausage casing is another.

I'm embarassed to admit this but I only ended up wearing it to The Bazzar after getting horribly sick with the flu and losing a few pounds. Plus I figured four out of the five men I'd be dining with had ZERO interest in my body. And Mr. Diabolina, well, after 13 years, he still seems to like it. Also knew he'd be more interested in the molecular magic of The Bazaar to stare at my gut.

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Oh, oh, oh and a clutch that you can strategically use to obscure your hips is key!

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In the end, I enjoyed myself so much that I wasn't thinking about my rear end.
I chose instead to embrace my life and my friends. Getting tipsy helped ;)  

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La Belle Fabuleux said...

Love the whole outfit. Great clutch and shoes!


fshnonmymind said...

That pic of Tyra with the purple dress and pops of turquoise is one of my favorites that I still have a pic of so I'm really glad to see that you went for the same pop. I think the dress looks fab on you. No pooch action is happening at all.

MissJordyPants said...

TWO YEARS!? no way! (miss your face... and think you look more fabulous now than you did two years ago! Congratulations to you!)

adeleno5 said...

No question a dress like that requires both spanx and confidence, but you are rocking it. Sincerely.

Kani said...

You have inspired me! I bought the Zara knockoff 3 months ago and have been scared to debut it. Now I'm planning on wearing to dinner in Vegas after 6 weeks of bootcamp.

Kani said...

You have inspired me! I bought the Zara version 3 months ago and have been scared/waiting for the right occasion. I think I'm going to debut it for a fab anniversary dinner in Vegas after 6 weeks of bootcamp!

Rachel Schofield - Edmonton Decorator and Home Stager said...

This is one of my favourite dresses ever! I am so jealous that you can eat the way you do, and still look so great.

Jean Bean said...

Dress is AMAZE!

lookrichbitch said...

ugh.. pass the sausage..

you look divine!


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