Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mid Summer Night's Dream Birthday Party: Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2009 Maxi Dress

The Scene
Another wardrobe consultation this morning. With my newest delicious client. Have dubbed her Barbie. For obvious reasons ;)

She is a leggy, purty, funny, smart friend of the one, the only Miss Jordy Pants. Luvre when cool hot chicks travel in packs.

Barbie and Miss Jordy Pants was so inspired by their OTHER AMAZING friend Paola's transformation following my wardrobe consultation with her in June that they went on a bit of a Diabolina inspired shopping spree. Um, YAYAYAYAY!

So today I went over to Barbie's dream house and helped her figure out how to incorporate her new pieces into her life in fun unexpected ways.

Pulled together fierce but classic evening and work looks by just adding cool accessories that complement her hot figure. We also focused on flattering pant lengths for her and fabric choices to avoid (shiny is not your friend!) But mostly I had a blast dressing her up. Like my very own Barbie.

For Barbie's look book, I will be focusing on accessories - shoes, belts, necklaces, bracelets - that create pop for work and play. I will also be looking to incorporate more dresses, fun prints and jackets. Cannot wait.

While I was out beautifying Barbie, Mr. Diabolina was beautifying the house with Flower Market finds.

Sometimes I think Mr. D should chuck the law career and become a florist.

He has such an eye for color and composition.

His choices were pitch perfect for this year's birthday party theme: a Midsummer Night's Dream. Yes, I know I'm suuuuuuuuuch the English major.

Barely had any time to enjoy the flowers since I had another appointment this afternoon. At MAC.

Showed up bare faced and ready to have all the make-up artists atwitter with this year's request. Last year it was Madonna circa Blonde Ambition. Today, it would be Shakespearean wood nymph.

Have had this picture of Winona Ryder squirreled away for nearly a decade. Think it is a stunning example of an ethereal pretty not hard smoky eye. Just how I imagine a puckish fairy up to no good in the woods on a summer night.

Knew I was in good hands when I spied the hottie who had randomly been assigned to me. He was sporting an arm sleeve of FAIRY TATTOOS! Sometimes the universe really has my back ;)

Here are the AH-MAZ-ING results.

I look like another person. A fairy person.

Got home just in time to whip off my daytime look.

(I sersiously need to learn how to do makeup. Makes ANY outfit so much fiercer, no???)

Completed the transformation with my dreamy new DVF dress.

Then headed to Michael Mina's XIV with my momma and mister.

My SBE contact couldn't have been more accommodating. She gave us this prime private patio spot.

And kept the duck fat fries coming. Just in time for our guests.

The early bird crowd included Sable Crow

Mr. Saint

Silver Haired Fox and Mr. Architect rocking gold eye makeup and a carnation hair wreath. It almost killed me. Almost.

Didn't want Silver Haired Fox to be upstaged so I gave him one of the masks we'd picked up for guests who arrived costume-less.

Gawd, did he look HOTNESS in it.

Especially as he showered my momma with attention. Here he is showing her pics of the Michael Jackson auction. LOOOOVE!

Just when it was starting to feel like a sausage fest

Scotty 2 Hotty and his Pantene hair arrived. Phew. Seriously he is the prettiest girl I know.

Then this gorgeous masked couple arrived. Double trouble.

The Brown Devil lived up to his name, sneaked up on my mom in his Mexican wrestler mask and almost gave her a heart attack. F.

Couldn't get over how GORG St. Jude looked.

Neither could her new BFF.

Rocket Man showed up dressed as a...pirate. Not quite Shakespearean. But an A+++++

He and his MChu are like a midsummer night's dream at any party they attend. Tonight they brought stickers and glow in the dark necklaces for everyone. GENIUS!

My favorite Peeper came bearing a gift of a different kind.

A camera extension/tripod for those days when Mr. Diabolina doesNOT feel like taking my daily blog shot. I've spared you the details but it's a whole THING sometimes. He's no saint. And the Peeper knows it. Loves her.

When the adorable Little Miss MBA finally arrived she beelined for my mom. Little cuties stick together.


At around 10 pm my momma left and we realized it was time to move the party.

Mr. Diabolina ran across the street to pick up some treats for everyone.

While I led the party train back to our place.

And got the margaritas going.

But I was quickly cast aside when Mr. D unfurled the Pinches Tacos he picked up for everyone.

This piggie reaction had me in stitches.

Just when I thought things couldn't get more adorable, they did. Miss Jordy Pants not only showed up, she brought along Paola and Barbie!!!! Their pretty kitty faces made my freaking night!

Amazing to watch old friends

Mingle so seamlessly with new ones

Un then it was time for cake.

Ice cream cake from BR, bitches.

And just when I'd given up all hope, the Robotos made an appearance after attending another event.

And they brought along my absolute fave who I hadn't seen in foreva.

Ended the night cuddling JCH

And catching up with Dr. Peeper about his new fancy solo practice.

Before I knew it I was 2 am

And I was getting kisses goodbye. Wah.

First thing I did when everyone was gone: rip off the false eyelashes. They were perfect for looking like a mid summer night's dream but don't let drag queens fool you.

There is nothing dreamy about how they feel.

The Scene
Diane Von Furstenberg dress

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Fashion District bracelet and ring
Marc by MJ clutch
Via Spiga heels
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

So any fashion whore with a pulse has seen the dress I wore today.

It's been in print editorials

And all over online retailers' Web sites.

So when I saw it in Hawaii last month at Neiman's I HAD to try it on. Just for shits and giggles. Never had any intention of buying it.

Sure it was on super sale. Sure I felt REDIC magical in it. But like this other DVF maxi that I tried on last June, I thought it'd be too memorable to get much wear.

Thankfully Mr. D wouldn't take no for an answer. He got it for me as a birthday present.

He told my mom the minute I slipped it on he knew it was made for me. Love.that.freaking.guy!

Knew I wanted to wear it for my birthday party!

Wasn't planning on making it a theme party this year - not feeling up to it.

But everyone kept asking me about this year's theme and what they should wear - the perils of being a longtime costume whore and a part-time stylist

So I turned to the DVF 2009 spring collection for inspiration

And came up with a Mid Summer Night's Dream! Worked perfectly with the dress and I have always loved that play.

If it works for Hef, my costume party god, I knew it'd work for moi.

Figured all the girls could wear flowy or flowery dresss

Threw masks on the invitation's dress code too

Figured it fit with the whole mistaken identities theme of the play.

AND figured boys could get into sparkly masks if not sparkly makeup.

They even did their own take.

As I've said before, getting boys into the theme of a costume party is critical for REAL success.

Mr. D's mask wins best versatility award.

Worked on anyone who tried it on. Even me. And I do not have a face for masks. I think it's the cheeks.

Mr. Architect won best line of the night when he informed me my theme wasn't so much Mid Summer Night's Dream.

He said it was much more "Michael Jackson's Kids!"

HAHAHHAHAHA! Second year in a row Micheal's made an appearance at my birthday.

Mr. D tried to keep things on theme by buying the horse/donkey head

Huge hit all night.

The absolute best part of the evening for me was seeing so many of the people whose style I influence in one place. My oldest "clients": Mama Diabolina and Mr. Diabolina - both of whom I dressed tonight.

The Peeper (rocking the Fashion District dress I picked out for her back in March)


St. Jude
in Calvin Klein and Little Miss MBA in Tbags.

Miss Jordy Pants, Barbie, Sable Crow and Paola

So sad my first real client, The Modern Type couldn't make it tonight. She would have fit right in the nymphette dress I picked up for her adorableness.

Loved how all my girlies including future clients like MChu and Ms. Flo looked so coordinated.

Like we'd been styled for an episode of The Hills. Or a runway show.

Fave shoes of the night: Miss Jordy Pants' new YSLs. I DIE. Not only for their exquisitely simple perfection and versatility. But what they represent for her as an entrepreneur.

Brought out my YSL Tributes to give hers kisses. Hopefully some of her business mojo will rub off on me in the year ahead...

Wished I had stepped up my own shoe choice tonight.

But kept my shoes functional - old metallic sandals with a chunky heel. Was petrified of stepping on the chiffon of my dress and ripping it with a stilleto.

Sable Crow loved them anway

I loved his accessories too. He knows the devil is in the details.

Like how my ring worked perfectly with the dress.

And my eyelashes looked like butterflys.

Speaking of head to toe pulled together, J Lo looked maxi goregous at her bday celebrations this week too.

But that mija better watch out. If I rolled this fly for my 32nd, I'm going to give her a run for her money on MY 40th. Just you wait and see.


Peeper said...

Loved the mid summer night madness. You looked hot!

tam pham said...

so much fun!!!!!!

Jessica Love said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Happy birthday!

Monica said...

Beautiful! Love the theme!

amber said...

That dress is TDF! So pretty and lovely on you. We're super bummed we couldn't make it, but I'm glad to see you had such a kick ass night!

HazelnutPhotography said...

We had a freakin' blast with you! Kisses to the birthday girl!

Kate said...

Le sigh....wish I was there. I would have put on the horse head and offered to be your bottom.

PS - You looked beautiful!

ShoeZQ said...

Holy DVF girl! You.looked.stunning.So happy you had such a memorable evening.

Speis Girl said...

love, Love, LOVE YOU! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you. You looked stunning my fashion goddess.

JCH said...

You looked absolutely gorgeous...the dress was divine and looked A-MA-ZING on you!

Sable Crow said...

Loved the party and meeting all the girls. So funny that I feel like I know them. Was amused when St. Jude said, "Hi Sable."

Such a bunch of beautiful and powerful women. You are the future of this little planet, and its greatest hope. And still so young...


Sable Crow

Anonymous said...

You looked beautiful. Glad to see no un-stylish people put a downer on the party.- C

Mar5195 said...

I love that dress. I hope you started your 32nd off right!

♥Rosie said...

I love the dress, the makeup the party!! TDF!!! all of it.. Happy B-Lated B-daY!

Fabulosity said...

Happy Birthday!! Awesome party theme..You looked gorgeous.

Emily said...

You looked gorgeous! So happy to see you ended up with that dress. Happy belated birthday!

And umm, can Mr. D do flowers for my wedding? Because seriously, he could give pretty much any and all Chilean florists a run for their money.

~kelly marie~ said...

Happy Birthday! You looked absolutely fabulous. I just love that dress!

Jean Bean said...

ugh! i miss everything!

Lotus said...

Looks like such a fun night- love your look gorgeous! :)

Milly said...

beautiful dress

somecallmejordy said...

I have been waiting ALL WEEK for this post! Your blog is the highlight of my day, and my favorite fashion blog. You picked the perfect party dress and described the event beautifully. It looks like a blast! Happy Happy Birthday, and I hope 2009 brings lots more adventures!

PiGGiesGoMoo said...

you look so purdy!! saw the dress on your twitter and was wondering when you'd debut it! happy birthday!

Definingtabitha said...

I am in love with your DVF dress it fits you perfectly!!!

Lynn Tran said...

Utter perfection. I'm glad you had such a lovely b-day amidst a year of turmoil. You deserve all the love and happiness showered on you.

Anonymous said...

We had SO much fun, thank you for including us!! You looked hot in that dress and I'm still dreaming about those patent leather beauties!!

Amanda said...

Ahhh! You look amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress and makeup and theme, haha. Mr. D is a sweetie for getting you that awesome dress! Love love love. Looks like you had a great time; I'm glad.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

This has got to be one of the most amazing days!! (And your longest post ever, right?) I wish I were in Cali to be there! You looked divine!! Here's to another year of fabulousness!

KT said...

Happy Birthday to you AND your hot falsies!

Sheila said...

You looked lovely! Happy Birthday.

Fashion Intel said...

WoW! Your makeup looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I love love love that you had a photo of Winona! I'd love to see a larger version of it. You've totally inspired me to have masks at parties. Looks like you had a blast.


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