Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Scene
Head over to my mom's bearing gifts. She flips for all three trinkets I splay before her. How do I know she loves them? Well...

She immediately whips off her expensive Me&Ro earrings and puts on the little faux interlocking C's. Look at the little camelia. So cutes!

Then she proceeds to build today's outfit around the Goyard. Love how the Mother's Day Marcs match perfectly. I suggest the little red headband to complete the pops of red.

(BTW, she can't stop raving about this James Pearse buttondown. She finds it hard to find buttondowns that don't gape at her chesty chest. This one hugs nicely but has a bit of give due to the ribbed side paneling. May get one myself)

However her favorite gift is Mr. Diabolina's little honey jar. Looks adorable in action. Makes me want a belly full of honey too.

My mom hearts it so much it inspires her to make pancakes! Homemade pancakes two Sundays in a row! Mental note: buy her less fashion, more kitchen stuff :)

We run errands and eventually end up at Bloomie's. Discover tons of Diane Von Furstenberg on sale. 45 percent off. I get uber serious and focused. Turn into a heat seeking missile at the sale rack.

I pick out this kelly green sweater with a built in button down. YUM! Have had my eye on it for months. A little over a hundred now. My momma loves it so much she starts dancing in the dressing room. Adorable.

Satisfied that she's satisfied, I go about trying on three DVFS dreams. Plan on buying one and only one. Have been a good little saver lately and want to keep it that way. But one can try dresses on for FREE - WHEEEEEEEE!

Behold the ultimate maxi dress. A gorgeous dramatic combination of several of the season's loveliest DVF prints. I think I saw it on Gwen Stefani in US Weekly. While I love this dress in theory I don't think it works for my real life. First of all, it's soooo memorable that I don't think I'd get alot of use out of it. Plus it's a bit long for me and I hate tailoring things.

AND I look a bit like Gwen Stefani in it (read: preggers.) Plus at more than $200 even after the discount, it's a bit rich for my trying-to-save-money ass. If I had a semi-formal outdoor wedding for a good friend coming up this summer, maybe. But Jean Bean's wedding isn't until fall 2009.

Next is this beautiful pink and brown halter. Perfect for a wedding too. Love the swish of it and the sash in the middle and the tea length and the neckline and duh, the print. Leaning toward this being the one. She's about $180. Ouchy but I think I love her.

But then I try this shirt dress on. Shirt dresses don't normally work on me but this one does. It's the sash in the middle; makes it super flattering. That DVF is a genius when it comes to fit. While the print isn't my fave it's pretty darn yummy. It's about $30 less than Pink and Brown and I could get more use out of this one. The shape makes it a bit more professional. More buttoned up if you will ;)

As I'm debating which one to get, I have this nagging feeling that I'm about to make a big mistake. Had it in my head even when I saw them on the rack. What could it be, I think.

And after a few minutes of running a pro and con list on each dress, it hits me. Both dresses are silk. I typically ruin silk. I am a rather sweaty monster. How could I forget. Probaby wishful thinking. F. Always do this, manage to forget about this - ahem - problem.

I know, I know. Nowadays one can Botox the pits or get a prescription deodarant from the dermatologist. But don't think the problem is that bad. It's not like this sweating sit-u-ation has lost me a job or a friendship. Plus neither solution seem very safe to me in the long run. I think it's healthy to be a healthy sweater. It just limits one's fashion choices ;(

I walk away from both dresses feeling a bit sad but mostly pleased that I still have $150 in my wallet and thankful I didn't fall into the sweat trap yet again.
However, my mom - who NEVER sweats - walks away practically in tears. She loved the dresses on me.

The Outfit
Wet Seal tube top
Theory white slacks
The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Forever 21 necklace
Gucci bag
Gucci platforms
Chanel sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

Wet Seal. Who thought that name was a good idea, right? Haven't stepped into one in ages. Reminds me of Contempo. Remember that store???? I got all my outfits for high school dances there. Baby doll dresses, crochet vests...ah the 90s.

Recently saw a cute dress with a fun print in one of the tabloids from Wet Seal so decided to brave all the teenybopper cheese. I am nothing if not a fashion adventurer. Didn't find the dress from the magazine but did find this little colorful tube top.

Loved the bold print. Reminded me of DVF. In fact, in the dressing room, it looked like it fit right in with all the beautiful prints I'd chosen. YAY!

Not crazy about the fit but what can you expect for 10 dolla. It's simultaneously too voluminous and a bit tight at the hips. Sigh. One day I will get this volume thing right. Am pleased that I finally found the right outfit to wear with this Forever 21 necklace. Looked tres summery.

Paired my Gucci bag with these Gucci platforms that I got ages ago resale. They were under $40. Heart them even though they are kinda Herman Munster ;)

Mr. Diabolina got me today's bag for my 29th birthday. Well, actually he got me this bag. The 85th Anniversary hobo.

This was the other side. Look at all that hardware. And the printed G's on the leather. Um, it was a whole lotta bag.

It was truly a valiant shopping effort on Mr. D's part. He'd heard me talking about needing a white bag and this was in fact white. But ultimately, this bag wasn't me. It was TOO TOO. Too busy. Not particularly classic.

Plus on me, the bag just looked cheap. Does that make sense? I think if I was fair and icy blond and waify like Gwynnie I could pull it off...maybe. But with olive tone skin and darker hair and meat on my bones, the bag somehow didn't look posh. Can't really explain it.

So Mr. D was gracious enough to let me return it. I know, OUCH! But it all worked out for the best. I got this bag and these flats AND these sunglasses PLUS a $50 credit that I used toward this scarf at a Gucci outlet. FOUR things that I love for the price of one not so much item.

p.s. Mr. D still shops for me without me. Sigh. We've had similar incidents at Stella McCartney and most recently Chanel. Not sure how to get him to just bring me in with him...


WendyB said...

I'm still laughing at "chesty chest."

dapotato said...

loving those DVF prints but always afraid they're too bold and big and will overwhelm my shorty frame.

too bad! they looked fab on you, but good for your for saving. ;)

amber said...

i loved that shirtdress on you. :(

i have an off-white bag from BR that the salesgirl talked me into buying (i was originally looking at the med. brown). best. purchase. evah! i get so many compliments on it that it's just gotten funny at this point. it's a nice pop of "color" when i wear dark colors. sometimes salesgirls actually do know what they're talking about ;)

Sable Crow said...

F. Seeing you in that DVF maxi dress is enough to make ME get married just to give you an occassion to wear it. Cripes. Ooops! I promised no comments. Yikes.

The owl and the pussycat went to sea again last night. A full moon it was, and they talked and talked and talked until 1:30 in the morning.

They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

MissJordyPants said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the maxi dress. And so sad that you didn't snatch it up.

I feel your mom on the button downs... always had a pucker issue. Paul Smith makes an AMAZING woman's button down. I've had the most amazing luck with them. Never tried Pearse though...

Mar5195 said...

What pray tell was this Bloomingdales you visited? We're the same size. I loved that shirt dress. I could impress some people at work in that bad boy.

Ann Marie said...

Perhaps my husband can talk to Mr. Diabolina. Mine has feared shopping for me since the 'Dolphin Paperweight Incident' our first year of dating. Ever since then he either takes me with him, takes a catalog page along with him or gets a very specific description of an item from me. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

tam pham said...

whats a "crotched vest"? did you mean "crochet" by chance? :-) bf and Mr. D must be cut from the same fabric because bf refuses to let me "gently advise" him when it comes to gift-shopping for me. he thinks it the "thoughtfulness" of getting gifts. sigh.

tam pham said...

please insert "elminates" between "it" and "the". ugh, i need to edit before posting comments!

Kate said...

Hmmm...too bad about the silk issue cause that shirt dress was crazy adorable and flattering. I'm kind of bummed. Go Botox your pits post haste!

Adore this little outfit today. I recently bought white pants and wore them to my latest dinner party (recently posted about today!) though there's no picture of my outfit. At first I was feeling a little bit like a 45 yr old cougar on a cruise but by the end of the night, m and those white pants (which were still sparkling clean!) had fallen madly in love. So into summer whites this year.

Couldn't agree more about the Wet Seal thing. Would love to travel back in time to the 80's and sit in on that meeting. Ridiculous name.

Da Fashionista said...

mar5195, we went to the beverly center bloomie's. Good luck, my non sweaty friend ;)

anne marie, DYING over the "dolphin paperweight incident." DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

tampham, duly noted on my bad spelling ;) no worries on your slips.

kisses to all of you! i am having a bad week but all of you are the rays of light in my day. i really appreciate it.

JillFantastic said...

I LOVED Contempo Casuals in the nineties. I wore a lil' black and white number to get my drivers license and thought I was the shit!

I have that exact button down your mom has - even the same color. It does indeed fit like a dream.

Anonymous said...

Loving the white pants. Such a staple for the summer. Cute story on Mr. D the shopper - I'm lucky here, Tony typically gets me what I ask for. I have found it's much better to be direct and to the point.

weezermonkey said...

Mr. D is trying! I'm sure he just wants to surprise you with something you LOVE one day!

I guess Mr. Monkey is lucky in that he can just buy me iPods, cameras, or other gadgets.

lookrichbitch said...

Loved that maxi dress! I commend your restraint! *winks*

I can only dream of one day where hunny bunny doesn't just give me A) electronics or B) gift cards. And I even provide him with wish lists! Mr. Diabolina sounds like a dream come true!

HB has already declared that he will never by me a bag. Boo! He spoke far too hastily because eventually he'll run out of iPods and iPhones to buy me, as long as I stop losing them.. Bad me!

Miss Cavendish said...

Thanks for your visit today! I loved all three dresses on you--no preggers look from my perspective . . .

Juana said...

you look like a size 2 in that dress with the collar. i want to take your mother.


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