Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Scene
Took The Peeper and her GORG new haircut hunting for spring dresses in the Fashion District this morning. It was her first time. And I was gentle ;)

She found two classic silhouettes made trendy by the ruffles. Was ecstatic that I managed to get her into some color. Like Sable Crow, The Peeper favors black and gray.

She scored both dresses for a grand total of $80.

A steal compared to what these similar BCBG dresses would have set her back. Each one at BCBG is priced at over $200. F that.

Today was a test run of sorts. You see, later this month, I'll be taking a client downtown to the Fashion District for her very own personal shopping tour. Then in April, I will be leading a group of about 5 readers for the first in a series of "Super Sweet Recessionista Tours." Have talked to several of my Fashion District contacts to make sure we are extended the best deals possible.

Am thinking future tours could focus on some of my fave resale shops. Might even do a tour of Forever 21 since it seems many readers complain about getting too overwhelmed whenever they walk in there. I could show them my tricks for finding the best, most luxe looking pieces. V. excited about all the possibilities. Send me an email if you're interested in getting on the list or learning more details.

This morning, The Peeper also picked up a Diorette-inspired ring of her very own. That's right they have them in stock again! Well, a slightly different version of mine. This one is bigger and has a center stone but is still adorable and still a steal. I nabbed half a dozen for those of you who have contacted me. My goal for next week is to set up a little eBay store to facilitate payment and shipment. Stay tuned.

Since I was busying practicing my tour-guiding skillzz, I didn't shop for myself. Too much. For the most part behaved myself. Didn't buy nearly as many things as I pawed and drooled over. Limited it to two Louis Vuitton inspired scarves, a yellow wrap sweater, a tribal necklace, a Marni-esque ring and a pair of outrageous ANIMAL PRINT gladiator sandals. Grand total: $70. Seriously, I need a black belt in bargain shopping.

Spent the afternoon doing my mom's taxes and the night giggling with Mr. Diabolina. Loverly Saturday.

The Outfit
Target dress
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
Chloe sunglasesses
Louis Vuitton earrings and bag
Me&Ro necklace
Gucci belt
Stuart Weitzman sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

More yellow today. I am a fashionista obsessed.

Love how similar the print of my little $12 dress is to this current print at J Crew. The top alone is more than $60.

Nothing like gray and yellow.

Such a perfect transitional season color combo.

Rachel Bilson and Chic Intuition agree.

Not sure I could rock head to toe yellow like Shopbop recommends.

I am more about the pops.

Like this JCrew necklace.

Or this dream of dress on a young beauty photographed by The Sartorialist.

Ugh - the YSL booties, the sharp shoulders, the leather detailing on the jacket, the bouchy scarf, the gloves, the easy hair and makeup, the Parisian backdrop - all perfection! I hope she is as happy as her picture makes me ;)


Great question from Liz asking me to define the Fashion District for non-Angelenos.
The Fashion District is much like the infamous Canal Street in NYC - except better. Click here for one of my favorite articles on one of my favorite shopping secrets.


Liz said...

I definitely need to pick up some yellow accents for my wardrobe.

Can you explain the Fashion District for those of us stuck in the midwest? I am not too familiar with LA... I have been to NYC dozens of times, but I don't think they have anything like the LA Fashion District... do they?

WeezerMonkey said...

Oh, yellow. Just not good for me. I disappear. Look sallow.

Fabi said...

omg so many exciting things! def keep me in the know about this. you have my email, i think? and loving the whole yellow /grey thing. totally thinking of running by the f district after work today to see if i find me some treasures! :)

Mar5195 said...

OMG I need to go to Santee and F21 with you. My head spins at F21. And I get so mad when you post cute stuff you find. I swear they hide all the good stuff when I go in. :)

I sent you an e-mail already.

Anonymous said...

Love a Peeper in pink.

Mr. D

Fashion Therapist said...

Urgh it's situations like this that I miss living in LA. I should just plan a shopping excursion out there....I miss my sample sales. PS - Yellow and Gray are my thing for the spring too!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

Dear Readers,

Please note that Mr. D RARELY comments. But when he does, he chesters hot chicks like The Peeper ;)

JCH said...

So excited...I can hardly wait to shop with Da Fashionista!

Tiffany said...

sign me up for the recessionista tour please! will plan a trip to LA with some girlfriends just to go on this. :)

The Peeper said...

I love watching a fashionista in action. And it definitely helped to have a guide around those crowded streets showing me which stores to peep and which to skip...not to mention help with negotiation prices (which I'm notoriously bad at). Could have easily been overwhelmed for my first time in the fashion district, but I loved every minute of it. Thanks, D!

p.s. Thanks, Mr. D. (blushing)

WendyB said...

I'm not sure you could get me to Canal Street unless there was a gun pointed at my head. Hasn't been interesting to me since Canal Jeans closed down, lo these many years ago.

Sable Crow said...

Love the blog! Can't wait to hear about your first tour.

Love a Pepper in color. We can be color pals. But I need to point out that Mr. D. also chestered ME! F. I *heart* Mr. D.

Maybe I'll start a fan club.

I also love that more people wrote comments than voted on your outfit. That surprises me. You got a who lotta non-judgemental people up in here.

fshnonmymind said...

Love yellow and grey as a color combination. Too bad I can't really rock it since yellow is seriously missing from my wardrobe pallet.
I am so excited to hear that the ring is back in stock. I was starting to lose a little hope that I would be able to enjoy a little garden party on my finger like you do. :)

lookrichbitch said...

And soon you'll be quitting your day job and doing the fashion thing full time! Yay!

Lotus said...

I so wish I lived in LA!! Love all your finds from the fashion district - especially the sandals!

amber said...

cannot wait for saturday. :)

picked up that pink dress at image and then for some reason put it back before trying it on. hmph. :/

tam pham said...

i heart yellow so freaking much!!!

Victoria said...

this is a genius idea (the tours) and so needed in these times!


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