Thursday, April 16, 2009

Diabolina Styled Me...And I Liked It
JCH and her super sweet Fashion District scores

JCH is the sassy wife of a former co-worker. She's always been hugely supportive of me professionally for which I will be eternally grateful. Also heart her because is a fellow Trojan, Latina and j-school graduate. Love triple threats ;)

She recently did me uber proud and won the best recessionista purchases award at my first group Fashion District Tour. Made out like a bandit:

Loooooved these dresses on her! Emphasize all the right things: her tiny waist, slim upper body and twentysomething legs. A+ all around.

They will be no brainers for upcoming international vacations - easy, comfortable, no wrinkling. I think she can even get away with them at work this summer with the right jacket and heels.

Plus they were just a little bit more than $20!!! An outstanding recessionista version of these $200 Theory dresses.

Recessionista Tip: Do spend $200 on a pair of Theory's classic slacks that have some of the most flattering tailoring known to woman. Don't spend $200 on a Theory summer dress. The dress unlike the flattering slacks will go out of style quickly and are not worth the investment.

This chiffony dress was also a great choice for JCH. Less than $40. Very Banana or JCrew, no? Endless possibilities. Imagine it with a thin yellow belt or cropped beige jacket or turquoise shoe. She originally picked it in a nude color but I made her go for the hot pink. The bolder color will actually be more versatile for her.

JCH tried an adorable ruffled chiffon dress with a cinched waist and mix of patterns. Looked amazing on her but was a bit short so she wisely passed. A week later she found this nearly identical one on the Forever site for about the same price!

Recessionista Tip: The merchandise at Forever and the Fashion District often overlaps so don't compromise. After all Forever 21 STARTED in L.A. sourcing it's merchandise from wholesalers in the Fashion District. So if you find a dress you like but isn't perfect during a trip to the fashion district, I'd check the Forever site for similar prints and styles. The Forever 21 version will likely be marked up by about 10-20 percent. But that's kinda still peanuts when you are talking items under $50.

JCH got a HUGE gold star from me when she dug and dug and found this divine sparkly dress at the back of a rack during our tour. It was almost identical to this Phillip Lim - color, drape and neckline. But instead of $400 it was under $40. Alas the size was too small. I was sooooo sad.

Finally, JCH picked up this little Flashdance number.

She learned it by watching me and my panda fetish. I heart tees that are an inside joke.

Plus it will work well with jeans or leggings paired with her new Tory Burch birthday flats!!! Still love. Still can't get enough of mine.
p.s. If you emailed me about the next Recessionista tour last month, expect an email from me in the next few days!


WendyB said...

Love that crazy ruffled dress!

tam pham said...

what amazing buys!

JCH said...

Thank you for the great post! I had a fabulous time shopping with you and the gals. I wore the black and white striped yesterday and got tons of compliments!

Thank you, thank you!!!! xoxo

weezermonkey said...

JCH looks great!

amber said...

She is so dang cute!

I especially love the fuschia dress. It's very BR. <3


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