Friday, April 3, 2009

The Scene
Planned one final celebration for my mister's birthday tonight. Made dinner reservations at Loteria, next to Geisha House in Hollywood.

Have been dying to try it since I read this Los Angeles Magazine article months and months ago.

Think you can tell quite a bit about a Mexican restaurant from the salsa and margaritas alone.

And Loteria did not disappoint this salsa/margarita monster.

Mr. D's flank steak was also uber tasty and tender. A bit fatty though. But then again, so am I ;)

The hands-down winner of the night: my probaditas platter - a taco sampler of the restaurant's 12 tacos. GOOD GOD THEY WERE DELICIOUS.

After dinner, we went to see Rain at the Pantages. Like most old white men, Mr. Diabolina is a big Beatles fan. We loved the Cirque show in Vegas so we thought this tribute band looked fun too.

And it was. Such a wide range of ages, such beautiful timeless music, such an influential band. Perfect end to a long week, lovely way to celebrate 32 years of Mr. D.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
Vintage coat

The Accessories
Me&Ro necklace
DKNY tights
Marc Jacobs bag
Marni shoes

The Grade

The Commentary
Started from the ground up today again. Love these Marni shoes. Especially with the MJ.

They'd be purrfection with this Marc Jacobs dress that Leighton stole out of my dream closet. F.

Tonight I opted to pair them with tights.

Make the look more evening.

The dress I found at Forever a few months ago. Pricey at $46.

But think it looks infinitely more expensive.

The obi type shape make it very Spring Vuitton.

Currently on the look out for a budget friendly obi belt

Also trying to find one that can loop around for a Phillip Lim effect.

Seeing it as an investment since bows will be all over waists well into the Fall.

Also thinking it may be worth it to take this dress in to my mom's tailor. Was right in-between the sizes. The large fits well in the hips but not so much on top. Boo.

Need to get on Gwyneth's work out plan. STAT. Would be so nice to not have to play magician and masquerade the middle wobble from all the gobble gobbling ;)

Update: Just found the dress still online at Forever. You're welcome.

Ugh. Think I love it even more in this color combo.

Must. resist.


tam pham said...

the dress looks like a million bucks on you! i can never find goodies like that at F21. come to dallas and teach me.

Anonymous said...

Amazing taco platter. I think you stole that from MY dreams. ;)

Milly said...

Cute dress...i havent seen it at F21 stores in NY

Anonymous said...

a few people i know have scored some nice obi belts from ebay check it out

weezermonkey said...

Happy belated to Mr. D!

Sable Crow said...

Squawk! It's been a little while since I poked my beak in your blog. Must be something about a financial crisis.


Big kiss,

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. You look so fab. And please, stop saying that you are fat. You ARE GORGEOUS. Nuff said.

Jean Bean said...

TWELVE tacos!

Da Fashionista said...

kiss for the kiss, thumb ;)

yes, twelve, beans!

A few important clarification points for my beloved readers of all sizes and shapes:

Fact: When I comment on MY weight, please know that is not a comment or judgment on anyone else. it is NOT my lame way of fishing for compliments. it is just me being real in a forum i've created to be just that.

Fact: I HAVE gained 5-10 pounds in the last six months. The same 5-10 pounds I have battled my entire life because I like to eat and I am an off/on exerciser.

Fact: I am very very good at camouflaging extra weight. Ninja good. So though YOU may not see it, the weight is, um, there.I know I am not on any level "fat", whatever that means. If you notice, I never use that word. It's so boring/judgmental/not what I want to do with this blog. However, the fact remains, I AM heavier than I was six months ago.

Fact: Extra weight makes ME feel insecure. I know it shouldn't but it does. I am human, I am a woman and I live in L.A. so weight is going to be a thing I mention in this blog. I try to mention it with sensitivity because I know it can be a sensitive topic for so many of us. So I hope it doesn't turn anyone off but instead maybe helps us all relate to each other with more authenticity and understanding.

Bottom line: We all battle insecurities, we are all beautiful, m'kay :)

Juana said...

You might not be fat, but you are phat. WORD.

Anonymous said...

Um, amazing dress! Thanks for posting the link to F21 because I think I might have to buy it.

Since you give Loteria the thumbs up, I will definitely make my way over there. Have you ever been to Mexico City? I am going this summer and am looking for some great tips.

Cee said...

OMG! I love the dress. I wish I could wear it but w/ my swelling belly, I doubt it'll make it over the top. sigh.

I'm so jealous of all the new spring stuff.

Oh and dam, that plato de tacos looks ah-mazing. Yum.

Mar5195 said...

Damm now I have to go back to Loteria. I always get their fideos cause it reminds me of Grandma. :) That taco thing looks amazing. I see a lil seafood cocktail on the side. Was it any good?

I love that dress. But don't thos flappy things make a hippy girl look wider? I'm training for my second marathon so I'm eating like a hog it's not exactly falling off yet. :)

Ivy said...

Love that dress!!! It looks great on you. And that plate of tacos...YUM. I need to get to Loteria stat.

amber said...

Jim and I were so sad when Loteria moved out of The Farmer's Market. It was our go-to Friday night dinner when we lived next door. Their nachos and tacos hit the spot every time. I'm happy to hear that it's still doing well, though, in the new location. :)


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