Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marimekko meets Chanel

The Scene

Best part of my day:

Jean Bean sending me this Washington Post piece. It's a review of designer Rei Kawakubo's fall 2009 collection for Comme des Garcons. It's easily the most exquisite fashion criticism I've ever read. My favorite lines:

"It's reasonable to cry foul at the idea of commercializing despair. Of making the look of destitution so mass market and frothy-happy-silly that it no longer stands out.

But the power of this collection was that it didn't deny the sadness and the pain, it allowed both to coexist with beauty, which is the way it works in this city and so many others. That's not fashion; that's simply reality. "

Ugh. To be able to write like that - what a gift!! Unlike many writers, I don't read something like that and wish I'd written it. Instead, I feel inspired, lucky even to be on the same planet with someone who did.

Worst part of my day:

On Mondays and Wednesdays, we get free lunch at The Office. A wonderful thing in my opinion, especially when most employers are handing out pink slips not pizza. But inevitably some ingrate always complains. Ugh.

Today we had my favorite caterer. Think beautiful salads and salmon and vaguely ethnic side dishes. Light but tasty. I was atwitter with how delicious everything looked.

But one woman was making her way down the buffet line, yep, complaining. And being LOUD about it.

When she got to the beautiful plate of lentils I was heaping onto my plate, she screeched, "That looks gross! What ARE they???"

Then she looked at me with disgust. Like the disgust I felt for her. F.

I mean, who doesn't know what lentils are and makes a horribly flagrant production AT WORK about being given the option to try them FOR FREE?

Every day at The Office, in moments like these, surrounded by people I cannot relate to, a small part of my soul dies.

But hey, at least I have a job, right?

The Outfit
H&M top
Robert Rodriguez pants
BCBG leather jacket

The Accessories
Chanel bag, earrings and shoes
Forever 21 bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary

Ankle length pants today

To better show off the shoes, my pretties

Am obsessing on shoes lately. Probably started with these Rodarte heels on Sally Singer at the Hammer lecture. Bananas!

Am also entranced with cutouts at the moment.

Like this belt. Meet Thumbelina. She is my latest greatest fashion blogger crush. She has an insane grown woman's wardrobe that I covet. On a daily basis. Especially her cage YSL belt.

You know I've been obsessing on the YSL cage shoes since last October.

Love seeing how real fashionistas style them during Fashion Week. How perfect is Giovanna's outfit?

Though my cage heels would've probably been more appropos since she was on her way to the Chanel show.

Hate to say it but the Chanel Fall 2009 collection was underwhelming.

Loads and loads of Chanel's signature georgette blouse. Yawn.

Some Balmain-esque shoulders

Dangerously low necklines

A few sequins

A crazy I don't know what. Print looks like my Marimekko blouse today, no?

Ensembles that scream Elizabeth Bennet.

And four gorg Mr. Darcys. In "unisex" clothes mind you. Karl refuses to admit he is dabbling in menswear.

Not even the shoes with interlocking CCs were really doing it for me

The green accents felt fresh but looked, um, cheap. Sorry Kaiser. Don't kill me, Kaiser.

The best part of the collection was this tongue in cheek Chanel purse within a purse. AMAZING.

And I did like the jade accents in the jewelry better than in the shoes. Kinda ADORING the idea of a Chanel knuckle ring.

So are Karl's favorite bad Brit girls. Shown here at the Chanel after party.

You know how I adore a Chanel party.

All the usual suspects were there

Most in the requisite black and white

This was probably my fave look. Sticky sweet.

Interestingly alot of fur

Hearing it is really cold in Paris. From Fashion Toast. That lucky girl.

But my most coveted accessory? That little Chanel gift bag :)

p.s. Feast your eyes on the Coco trailer. EEEEEEE. Love that I love it yet can't understand a word of it. Proof Chanel is the international language.


tam pham said...

cannot wait for the movie! adore the shoes!

Jadelily said...

My comments lately have been giving me an error. =( Hopefully this one shows up.

Ungrateful lentil-hating woman reminds me of so many people here. I have to encounter that type of behavior pretty often. Sad that people don't give things a chance! Life is so much more colorful when you introduce new things into your world. I guess to each his/her own...

amber said...

sometimes people at the office just need to be slapped. seriously.

WendyB said...

Lentil phobia? That's a new one.

Sable Crow said...

I love that you continue to carve out a lentil-loving free-space for fashionistas trapped in corporate America.

Also, beware corporations bearing unsolicited gifts, unless it's on an anniversary, or because the corporation is doing VERY well.

Much like boyfriends.

The beautiful and glammed said...

your posts are always so interesting, do you freelance for anyone? following your blog xx

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Thanks for mentioning me! I was so flattered!

A lot of collections felt boring to me. Safe, safe, safe. But I'm of two minds there. Really out there collections (Alexander McQueen's stands out) bother me too. (Did you read the review of his show on The writing there was incredible.) But I do want something more special than the "signature" looks.

Lori said...

wow great post, i actually enjoyed the chanel collection even if it is repetitive. I actually liked their shoes this time

Anonymous said...

DITTO on the r.kawakubo review! got the chills reading it last night.

Tiffany said...

oh that lunch sounds delish. that's a great perk for employees, there are very few companies that do that on a consistent basis. I can't stand how there is one person that will always try to ruin it for everyone else!

if you lived by me, I'd help you get a new job stat! at a place that didn't kill your soul! :)

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't know what a lentil is? LAME. I also cannot wait for Coco Avant Chanel - I love Audrey so much!

I am so inspired by those ankle length jeans. Find some for us to buy!

Lina said...

Do you love fashion and photography ? Then this is for you.

2 young french bloggers. A new blog on the way.

Anonymous said...

great post! I can't pick what I love the most, too much amazing stuff.


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