Thursday, March 12, 2009

De La Soul

The Scene
Since I've only been at my job for 9 months I wasn't sure how year end bonuses worked. Today I found out when I checked my bank account. Three words: I'm rich, bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three more words: Must.not.complain. ;)

To celebrate, I was going to hit Old Navy with my 30 percent coupon but decided to join these three foolios instead

At the last minute, they scored tickets to catch this blast from the past band!

So fun to hear "Me, Myself and I" in person. Even more fun to see all the thirtysomethings vibing to De La Soul like we were 13 again. So much has changed - in hip hop and the world and our lives - but the beat still resonates.

Best part of the night was catching up with Fancypants and Mr. Roboto. Getting soooo excited for their wedding in May.

Second best part of the night: watching Mr. D get his groove on.

On the outside, he may look a mild mannered lawyer. But in his heart, he is a hip hop king. Love.

The Outfit
Forever 21 jumpsuit
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories
Fashion District necklace and bangle
Fendi wedges
Chanel bag
Claire's headband
Dior sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

I found the Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 to be one of the most inspiring spring collections. So did Who What Wear Daily. Adoring #2, 3, 7 , 8 and 10. Yum, yum, gimme some.

Love that so many of the accessories Marc showed on the Vuitton runway - stacked bangles, ethnic necklaces, ornate shoes, obi style belts - are easy to emulate on a budget. Plus, they can take an outfit from blah to WOW.

Enter my new necklace. Built the entire outfit around it. Picked it up in downtown last weekend with The Peeper for the price of a Starbucks Venti. Love how it references the tribal trend without feeling too much like a costume. It will work well beyond this season thanks to the shape and the details.

I know, I know bold ethnic jewelry

And belts aren't for everyone.

But I think even if your taste skews more classic and understated

A fun bold accessory can always be a simple way to breathe new life into your wardrobe. It can be a fun, low cost way to try on a trend for size. If you don't like it, no harm, no foul. If you kinda love it, you can start playing with them more often. Fashion should be FUN remember?

Fun like these necklaces at the Vuitton Fall 2009 runway today.

Love that they have a very DIY feel to them. Like something I could have made at camp when I was 8.

Another fun thing to play with is proportion.

Insane over ankle length, slouchy pants lately.

Think they are a nice alternative to the drop crotch (Hammer don't hurt em) pants that are everywhere lately.

I know this trend is not for everyone either but they are for me. I seriously puffy paint HEART them.

They feel so languidly elegant to me. Sooo European. Probably because European women are the only ones truly embracing the shape.

Think too many American women only want clothes that make them look skinny or sexy. They don't realize that sometimes looking interesting and different can be much more expressive and satisfying.

That's why I find girls like Childhood Flames and Sea of Shoes so refreshing. They are TEENAGERS who march to their own beat.

At a time in life when it's easier to blend in with the group, they want to stand out. Takes real confidence and elan and fearlessness. Adore.

Currently wanting just the right pair of drop crotch pants in gray. Like these droopy diaper Balenciagas. I DIE.

These Forever 21 pants might work. Though they read a little more gym than runway. But for $24 I think I could try to work with them. The ones at shopbop cost 10 times that.

Seems like a wise investment since they are all over the Fall runways - at Dior


And Balmain

Would DIE to see people's faces if I walked around in these bouchy pants with SLITS.

People at the office were already looking at me cross eyed for the jumpsuit today. What-evs. Wouldn't expect them to know that jumpsuits are the hotness (witness the homepage of Net-a-Porter right this very second)

Or that jumpsuits will be sticking around next season according to Fendi

Yves Saint Laurent

And Dior.

As I said, I know not every trend is for every person. I just find it shocking people have to make a big production of judging someone else's taste. Whether it's a lentil or the shape of a pant. Takes too much energy. I'd rather put out something positive.

p.s. Here's what I wore to De La Soul. Nothing ah-mazing or terribly appropriate but to be honest, I didn't feel like changing after work. Just switched the shoes and the purse. Since leather always screams live music, I donned my little BCBG jacket. Too bad it's more rock and roll than hip hop. F to me.

But A+ come Fall 2009. Leather was all over the Fall runways.

Not surprising. No easier way to look fierce for an evening out.


WeezerMonkey said...

You know what? I don't think I've ever seen Mr. D dance!

WendyB said...

Bonus = WendyB jewelry


tam pham said...

props to you for being a fashion risktaker!!! i'm scared of jumpsuits even though i rocked them nonstop circa 1992.

Liz said...

I love lentils... but I have to admire the jumpsuit from afar. It looks great on you!

Amanda Franchard. said...

I tried these pants on, they have a sort of dropped crotch and an interesting shape. A little more high-fashion than cropped pants I have been seeing in high street stores. I die for the shape of these pants but I can't pull them off with my big bubble butt :P

If you ahve an Express nearby, check out their clearance racks!

cyberob151 said...

Did you have to use the photo with my tongue sticking out??

Milly said...

Love your necklace!

amber said...

Wouldn't you know, my little lawyer is a hip hop fanatic, too. ;)

You know me and my conservative ways, but I'm still loving all the ethnic jewelry out there. In the right doses it works well for the AT and BR set.


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