Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Scene
At work crazy late again=Boo
Lap up the USC love on Gossip Girl when I get home=YAY!

Mr. D gets home tomorrow= YAY!
We are both probably going to work all weekend=Boo

Find out Peaches will be in town this weekend=YAY
He's here for a funeral=Boo

The Outfit
Madewell jeans
Banana Republic black turtleneck
Theory velvet jacket

The Accessories
Forever 21 scarf
Chanel earrings
Tarina Tarantino bracelet
Chloe shoes
Rogan for Target tote

The Grade

The Commentary

My unhealthy obsession with Chloe's Fall 2008 booties got me thinking about the Chloe beauties I own.


Don't know what it is about me and Herman Munster shoes lately.

Maybe it's because they are sexy but not overtly so. Bit masculine yet definitely feminine.

There's real weight and substance to them too.

That seems important right now. For women to be surefooted - not teetering around precariously.

Thought about rolling up my pants to really showcase the shoes.

Work the high water fierceness. YAY!

But decided my ho hum office mates are not ready for that jelly. NAY ;(

So instead tried to rock the jeans like leggings - long and lean.

Except these jeans feel like they are getting looser in the calf with every wash. F. Need them to hug more.

What I need is more J Brand type skinnies at legging-like prices.

Love how that cut showcases a great shoe.

Shoes like these SICK YSL cages for the feet.

Cannot wait to see the knock-offs of this spring 2009 trend. Caged chic.

Couldn't do all black today. It's not me. So threw in this animal print scarf for a bit of life.

Decided wear my matching leopard spotted tote. I don't rock my very green totes nearly enough. Would like to give my leather purses a break every once in while, play the bench instead.

p.s. Take a gander at what Eve wore the other day. Blazer, sequin tank, leatha leggings. Sound familiar? Do you think she was going to NKOTB too?


WeezerMonkey said...

The thought of Eve at NKOTB is too much for me to handle.

tam pham said...

love the pop of pink!

WendyB said...

Wait till you see my Herman Munster Ruthie Davis boots from a while ago.

Emily said...

AHHHHH the YSL shoes...I LOVE them! I'd never seen them before, and now I wish I had them and a place to wear them. They are amazing.

Kelley said...

I'm in love with that scarf!

Milly said...

I love that Scarf...and of course the bracelet

Couture Carrie said...

I love your rolled up pants look!


* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Ahhhh shoes! I love pretty much all the shoes you picked. Also a big fan of rolling up trousers to show off shoes, or purposefully buying slightly shorter trousers ;o)

harp said...

Love the color and texture of your scarve. Hate the caged shoe look because they look like they HURT;) I've gotten slightly more practical in my "old" age. Sigh.

Tiffany said...

I am laughing so hard at the thought of Eve at the NKOTB concert. Too funny!

I don't even like wedges but I ADORE your Chloes.

Ana said...

Those Chloes are so hot!

I, too, am curious to see how the cage look will be translated. I'll be counting on you to share any info if you see it. :)

Anonymous said...

Were you at Barneys when they gave away that tote. If so, I was there too!


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