Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Scene
Tonight Mr. Diabolina and I met Sable Crow for dinner at Souplantaion

Followed by shopping at Old Navy.

If that isn't a horseman of the apocalypse I don't know what is.

Pretty sure that in 13 years of friendship, the three of us have never had such a low cost (read: low rent) excursion. Not on purpose. Not even when we were po' teenage college students.

I must confess that I've always kinda liked Souplantaion. Sable Crow just discovered it and confessed he does too. Sure, they are constantly being shut down for health violations but, I ask you, what salad bar is without reproach?

Plus, as Mr. Diabolina pointed out, you can make "very Chanel" desserts. He cracks himself up ;)

Old Navy and I have more of an off/on relationship. We go months without talking. And then, randomly, I stop by to say hello and fall in love with everything.

Today there were knock offs of the James Perse button downs my mom loves - in a rainbow of options.

Studded sandals in my colors of the moment.

Ballet flats in a print very similar to the one I am loving at JCrew

And ones that if you squint could look like Miu Miu or Lanvin

But tonight I was more interested in the rows and rows of maxi dresses.

We have a wedding in Mexico coming up and I want to get easy, inexpensive maxis that I can dress up with accessories.

So I hauled in half a dozen into the dressing room. Alas, mostly misses. Which is to be expected at a cheapie retailer.

Could get into the ombre but the material was crapOLA. Boooo.

Heart the color of this dress but not the fit around the boobage.

Loved the material and detailing on this one but again super weird on the girls. FFFFFFF.

Was beginning to lose hope when I tried on this jailbird.

And this goddess gown. The material on both dresses was like butter. So Rachel Pally but $30 instead of $200.

While the boys snapped up summer shorts in a bit of a discount shopping frenzy, I decided to come back on my own. Want to take my time and try on a few more sizes, think through the color choices.

Besides I get anxious shopping with Mr. Diabolina. I feel like he's always thinking, "You don't need that."

And who needs that?

The Outfit
Diane Von Furstenberg dress
Trench coat I got in Austria

The Accessories
Prada heels
Chanel bag
Fashion District bracelets
Me&Ro necklace

The Grade

The Commentary

Woke up still reeling from the wrongness that is Olivia.

First the Elle cover incident (btw I want that jacket)

Then flubbing the presentation in the presence of the women of all women, DVF herself. What. A. Horror.

The only saving grace of that incident was that Whitney was wearing a jacket very similar to a DVF dress that I got resale last year.

Haven't worn it in nearly a year because the cutout in the middle CONFUZZLES the shit out of me. Remember how I didn't quite know how to tie it the first time I wore it? Well, I definitely forgot the trick to the tying situation because my ESTOMAGO was peeping out all day. Gross. Thinking maybe I should wear a black bodysuit with it. Or go into a DVF and demand a tutorial.

The print of Whit's jacket DVF refers to as "zebra." Much like this SICK Balmain that I covet.

Think those are the only zebra prints I've liked in a long time. Ironic since zebra print is black and white - my signature colors. Dunno why I associate it with gaudy (says the woman who loves leopard.)

I actually think the jacket and my dress are more of a chevron print.

DVF has loads of chevron prints at the moment.

Patriotic chevron in particular

This chevron maxi with a hint of yellow is my dream dress for this summer's south of the border wedding. But at over $695, I'll pass.

Sad because it would look great with my Prada shoes.

Even though they are not this season Prada

The wood heel, straps and color blocking make it very on trend for this spring.

Always on trend? Piling on the bling bracelets. Today I decided to rock the only other zebra I own and added the snake to complete the menagerie.

Felt tres Nicole. Except for the whole bangles fitting on my upper arm when I'm pregnant thing :)

p.s. To celebrate International Women’s Day, DVF shops worldwide and DVF.com will donate 10% of sales from March 8 - 15 to Vital Voices, a charity empowering women worldwide.

Reduce your carbon footprint and wear your gender proudly with this purty $30 tote bag. Who doesn't like a little DVF at Old Navy prices ;)


Anonymous said...

No judgments here. I love it when you rediscover an Old Navy friend.

Mr. D.

Jean Bean said...

My HS boyf worked at Souplantation. We could eat there together for FOUR dolla!

Fashion Therapist said...

Honestly if it weren't for Todd Oldham I wouldn't heart Old Navy the way I do now.

ShoeZQ said...

Argh! Me want that DVF tote. Going to the site to buy it stat. And can I please mention again how much I am loving the darker locks.

amber said...

dude, ON and soup plantation was an afternoon of bliss for me and my besties in college. and let's be honest, we'd have a kickass time there now, too. ;)

i'm diggin' the zebra prints.

girl who just bought a navy/white zebra print wrap dress courtesy of trina turk

Emily said...

I had no idea Old Navy did a copy of that shirt! I'm wearing my James Perse version today, coincidentally, and I love it - very relaxed yet put together, perfect for days when I don't have the energy to think of a "look". Do you know if they usually have them or if it's a seasonal/just right now thing? Because if they'll be there in June I am going and possibly buying one in every color.

...love Maegan said...

omg so many things I don't know what to comment on first!

1. love your DVF dress
2. Love the new Prada shoes but look deadly
3. Those Maxi dresses at Old N. look adorable!!! [although I never really have any luck there]
4. I STILL cannot believe Olivia either...IT'S ON TAPE!!! {can you even say tape any more? lol}
5. I want the jacket too!

WendyB said...

I got a pair of Old Navy shoes last year...while they looked really cute, they stretched out after one wear.

lookrichbitch said...

Did you get the F&F coupon for 30% off Old Navy and Gap and BR??

I need more DVF in my life.

Victoria said...

look forward to seeing those cute dresses in mexico!

JCH said...

Old Navy and I have a great relationship. Jeans fit especially great for some reason...and you can't beat their prices. Nothing wrong with a little ON and Souplantation love!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

My husband is Old Navy's #1 Fan. No joke. Me--I'm like you. I like their basics, but I wouldn't go near their shoes, bags, or jewelry with a ten foot pole. (It's not the price/name. It's the quality.)

I have to say I'm pretty envious of your FAB Prada sandals. They're so colorful!

Yeah, that's an odd hole. Why don't you hem it a little and add some fabric there?

Lotus said...

I love your whole look- and the bracelets are perfect! I need to find kenneth jay lane imitation bracelets asap! And I agree Olivia is just wack:) lol

Kate of All Trades said...

God I love salad bars. Love this dress too. Wish I could borrow it for my evening out tonight...


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