Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Scene
Wake up late to a winter wonderland...of sorts.

Bundle up and head out to Brooklyn to hang with Jean Bean and Texas Cowboy.

Enjoy homemade brunch and spiked coffee. Wish we could always hang out on Saturdays.

While the boys watch bad football, the girls play dress up. Here is Jean Bean's Phillip Tracy hat. Nabbed resale. Adore.

And the dreamy Burberry necklace she got to keep after her big Fashion Group International's Night of Stars event in October.

Once the boys see us having fun, the want in. Ughs to copy cats. Mr. D snatches the Burberry from me and Texas Cowboy puts on his hat and an OOC leather jacket.

Eventually head outside and roam around Park Slope. Families are sledding in a park and frolicking. It's all so picturesque that it doesn't seem real to my big jaded Los Angeles-loving eyes.

We decide to join in the merriment and make this snowman. And by "making" it, I mean standing next to it and taking a picture ;)

Can you believe I am 31 years old and had never seen a snowman in person????

Before long, it was dinner time and we were late. Late for a very important date. A murder mystery date in Astoria.

Last month, we found out Jean Bean's friends would be having an extravagant 1920s themed birthday party this weekend. Lucky for us, they were gracious enough to extend two golden tickects to visiting Angelenos.

Jean Bean described previous parties these boys threw as the ultimate in Martha Stewart living. Themes and bartenders and catering and mailed invitations. Fancy-licious! After all they are New York fashion gays. YAY!

For weeks the four of us have been plotting our outfits. Texas Cowboy and Jean Bean picked their characters, an Egyptologist and a suffragette. Hilarious! Mr D. and I got assigned purrrrfect ones.

A South Side mobster named FAT Al. HAHAHAHA!

And Lily Swan, an actress desperate to get a part in Hollywood Hal's upcoming picture.

Ironically, the only other murder mystery party Mr. D and I have gone to was 1920s themed too. M&M threw it for 4 couples a few years ago. Since we'd known the other couples for 10 years, it was a riot pretending to be other people for a night.

Tonight there were over 40 people - none of whom we knew.

Mobsters, molls, politicians, actresses, police, and reporters.

Everyone was completely in character and dressed to the nines. Quite intimidating at first. But after a few drinks, all of us got into it. Way into it.

Jean Bean even furtively gathered clues other people ditched. Quite brilliant that Abagail Stein.

Unfortunately, none of us figured out who the killer was or gathered the most bribes - though Jean Bean did secure nearly a $1000 in donations to her cause: "Votes for Women."

One of us did win a certificate however. A well deserved one. For best dressed. TEXAS COWBOY!!! His Jumanjiist costume really did take the cake. He even shaved his goatee into a gross professorial 'stache.

Funny random wonderful day with one of our favorite couples!

The Outfit
Banana Republic thermal
Bloomingdale's cashmere sweater
2 pairs of Forever 21 leggings
The Accessories
MaxMara belt
BCBG boots
Banana Republic bonnet
Alpaca scarf - Thanks Sable Crow!
Stella McCartney bag
The Grade

The Commentary

How it's possible to be colder than yesterday I will never understand. Put on ski socks today for God's sake. How do people live like this???

Thought about wearing my fab floppy leopard print hat today.

Wanted to feel J Lo fabulous in Brooklyn after Michellin Man frumpy in Manhattan yesterday.

But ultimately decided to stick to function lest I die of hypothermia.

Still kinda Jenny from the Block though cocked to the side, no?
All I'm missing is flat abs and badonkadonk.

The hat also has a dash of Devil

And a pinch of Sex.

Katie and her Balenciaga hobo meets

Alexander Wang and his hipster hobo.

Still wasn't warm enough though so borrowed a cozy hooded zip up from JB. Love love love matching twinsies in fur.

Also love having to wear wellies to get to the party and then changing into my YSLs. I don't know how non-billionaire fashionistas in cold weather do it. My pansy California ass could never adapt to all this weather inconviniencing my sass.

Tucked my hair into a faux bob and test drove the jeweled headband look. Bought mine for $4 at Claire's. Steal.

I think I may start wearing them for evening more. Think flapper works on me even if as we've seen, hippie dippy doesn't ;)

My best dressed of the night goes to the Versace fit model who was - you guessed it - wearing an impeccable pin stripe Versace suit.

Even Mr. Diabolina was impressed. And jealous ;)

My other favorite of the night was South Side Sal who forgot his name tag. Something all of us were petrified of doing. After all the inviation pleaded two things - to arrive on time and "not be stupid and forget your nametag."
I love demanding, costume-loving hosts! I AM a demanding, costume-loving host ;)

p.s. The only other place I might have wanted to be tonight was Christina Aguilera's costume birthday party in Los Angeles. The theme? Clockwork Orange. Ah-ma-Zing!

p.s. My "flapper" dress is Forever 21. Bought it up in Portland in March. $49. Pricey for Forever but I thought the beaded fringe looked tres luxe. Never wore it tho. Was waiting for the perfect occassion. Tonight was it. YAY!

Thanks for the reminder, Tam Pham. Clearly the snow has scrambled my fashion commentary. F.


tam pham said...

loved the flapper dress! details!!!

lookrichbitch said...

ack! loved every moment of the party! wish i was with you!

weezermonkey said...

Those costumes! Fab.

Jean Bean said...

Can't believe he won what is usually OUR rightful award! (At least you have your trophy...)

So I says to TC, "It's fun to be best-dressed, isn't it?" He's starting to get it. Me so proud!

Sable Crow said...

Love the new grade buttons!! Brilliant!!

You all looked mah-velous! Love that Bean spends her adult life dressing up. Not just for costume parties, either.

amber said...

what a freaking awesome event!! you looked like a doll.


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