Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Scene
So I knew 3.1 was going to be exciting but I had no idea it was going to be 5.4- earth-shaking exciting!!

As a Lalaland native, earthquakes don't really rattle me. By the time you typically register it's an earthquake, it's over. But this one lasted so long. For a split second today I even thought, "Well, this is it. This is The Big One. This is how it ends."

And I realized I was at peace. With who I am and the life I've led. Wow. Maybe that realization was the big one.

But then just as suddenly as it had started, the earth stopped moving. Back to work. Sigh.

Un then three hours later the power went out in our office park and all the neighboring ones. I don't exactly work in a low rent area so this was quite shocking. We were sent home at about 3:30. Have never in 16 years of working been sent home early from a job. Didn't know what to do with myself. What a nerd.

It ended up taking me about half an hour to get out of my building's parking structure and go a few blocks. The whole area was gridlocked since everyone was leaving at the same time.

Truly scary preview of how difficult it would be to make a speedy getaway if the world really was ending. Gulp.

The Outfit
Fashion District dress
Image wrap sweater

The Accessories

Stella McCartney bag
Forever 21 sunglasses
Urban Outfitters feather headband
Manolo Blahnik pumps

The Grade


The Commentary
Felt like a chocolate fudge brownie today. In other words, I felt delicious and yummy and decadently rich.

If you recall, this is the Karta-inspired dream I wore to quit last April. Feels like years and years ago already. My entire life has changed. Time sure does fly the older you get.

Today I paired the dress with the chocolate wrap instead of the fuchsia. Wanted to stay monochromatic today, blend into the background.

Love how all the patent/plastic of the reddish browns work together. From the new Stella bag to the Forever 21 sunnies to my Blackberry to the dress' detail - a symphony of beautiful browns. Very luxe.

The shape and neckline of my dress reminded me of a denim one I recently saw on the lovely Leighton Meister. Been girl crushing on her since I peeped her flawless skin in person at the Chanel party.

Think my turquoise Me&Ro earrings would have been perfect with her ensemble. Loving her highlights and flats.

Struggled again with the fullness of the skirt today. Must get used to it. The shape isn't going anywhere come fall.

It just makes me feel large and in charge. Especially climbing down four flights of stairs en masse with my co-workers. Ugh. Manolos were not meant for generator-lit stairwells.

Wore my purty new feather headband from Urban Outfitters. $15 of fluttery goodness. Love how it works with the highlights and the straight hair.

Recently saw the same one on Nicole Richie. JINX!
Except she wore hers in that adorable boho style that mini-moms can rock and Diabolinas cannot, should not and will not.

Por ejemplo, here's me doing hippie chick chic. Go ahead and laugh. It's OK. I did.


lookrichbitch said...

Ok.. You look super cute with that headband! But it's true... I think it's only good for the super young and famous.

Wish I could leave work early too!

weezermonkey said...

The hippie chic photo is HIlarious.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love the hippie photo! I have a similar one and it makes me giggle every time I see it!

Don't know if you're on twitter, but a friend in LA tweeted about being in the middle of a pelvic exam during the earthquake and it was HYSTERICAL! Glad you and Mr. D are okay!

Thanks for the add to your blog roll. I added you ti mine as well.

Take care!

JillFantastic said...

As a non Lala land native and this being my first earthquake, I feel relieved to know that you thought it was the big one! My coworkers just laughed at me when I started to panic. I seriously expected the walls to start crumbling and those jerks played it off like this was just any other tremor and I was just a scaredy baby. Boo to them!

And it's settled - I'm getting a feather headband!

Milly said...

Hilarious!!!!....i know what u mean i can't do the whole hippie chick either....oh i have that same phone..so love it :)

tam pham said...

hippic chic is a tam no-no.

Sable Crow said...

hippie chic? you look like Pocahontas! I love your Louis and Clarkness!

amber said...

the look on your face in that hippie-chic picture is awesome!

dapotato said...

love the hippie-chic.

glad to know our building wasn't the only one filled with crazies trying to get out all at once.


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