Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Scene
Grab a late breakfast quickly followed by an - ahem -early Guinness. We are on VACATION and this weather drives us to drink, ok?

Catch a matinee of Spring Awakening. Amazing seats. Third row center.

Liked the show, didn't love it. Some raw, nuanced performances by actors young enough to be my children. I can never really relate to teenage angst tho. Think I am much more angsty now. Is there such a thing as thirtysomething angst? Is that called a mid life crisis? Sigh.

Couldn't stop thinking of Peaches throughout the show. Can't wait to see him perform on The Great White Way one day. One day soon...

Wandered around after the show just taking in the city. Eventually dropped the mister off at the hotel and got in some quality alone time. On Fifth Avenue.

I heart Fifth Avenue. Tiffany's, Saks, Bergdorf's. There's just something so right about a church right next to Bendel's. It's like this city understands that for some of us, shopping is a soul stirring religious experience.

Even if it's just window shopping

I am a sucker for NYC window displays.

Also for gloriously branded buildings...

Pop by Burberry. Am like a woman obsessed trying to find that cape for my mom. No luck though.

I did see these shoes. On sale: $269. Must ask Jean Bean if they are comf...well, comf for a platform spiked heel.

Also fell for red LV sunglasses. Are you listening Santa?

Meet up with Texas Cowboy and Jean Bean in the theatre district for drinks.

End up at a little Italian dive where we all ate too much.

Ran into Elmo on the way out. Is that dirty muppet chestering my boobs??? F.

Meet Mr. NBC at the W hotel near Union Square for drinks and giggles until nearly 2 am.

Loverly day. Another one still to go.

The Outfit
Forever 21 leggings
Bloomingdale cashmere sweaters
Old Navy thermal
Burberry jacket
The Accessories
Stella McCartney bag
Forever 21 scarf and hat
Nine West Boots
Fashion District pin
Nordstrom fingerless gloves
The Grade
F for Functionally Frumps

The Commentary

Layer #1

Layer #2

Layer #3

Check out the Hello Kitty pin as my pathetic attempt at flair. Ugh.

Also wore three layers on my legs. Needless to say I kept warm today. Warm and FRUMPS. Felt so dowdy. Nothing I hate worse. Especially while waltzing into one designer store after another.

But I guess even Carrie Bradshaw doesn't roll like Carrie Bradshaw in this weather.

SJP looked like the Michellin Man today too.

Even gilded, chauffered movie stars keep things basic and black and blah in the snow.

Love mixing the brown purse with the black ensemble. Makes things a little more interesting.

The bag really is the simplest way to punch up any outfit

Especially a wintery monochromatic one.

p.s. Mr NBC does not approve of bandeau dresses. Not for winter and not on certain body types. Stamp.


WeezerMonkey said...

That Elmo, what a perv!

I don't believe in layers. During my 10.5 years on the East Coast, I never did them. A long wool coat was enough for me. :)

WendyB said...

I hate the cold. And I've never really managed layers either, so I just freeze.

Jean Bean said...

I layer a little but for me it's all about the right coat that you can remove quickly, because invariably I get hot the minute I'm inside.

Sable Crow said...

I rated you a Meh because I'm getting jealous of your fabulous NYC journey. It's delicious to penalize you for being fabulous.

You want that scarf for mom? I suggest ordering it.

Fashionisto tip: whenever you see something on the runway, drop into your favorite store and order it. Don't wait for it be on the shelf, where you might have to *COMPETE* for it! No! I've been doing this for years. Sales people are loyal to me, and I always have the best things that I want.

Then again, that was before the economy collapsed and the stock market went in the crapper. Now I buy things on sale...

amber said...

i agree - a bag is a great way to punch up an outfit.

that LV bldg is too much. i must get to NY and soon. so sad that i'm nearing 30 and have never been. wah!


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