Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Scene
Mommy day. She is wearing argyle and new color block Tory Burchs. Ugh. She can do no wrong. Let her get away with murder today.

Like FORCING me to order red velvet cake. Clearly against my will. And ORDERING me to march around beautiful Beverly Hills department stores - hunting for the Burberry cape she saw on my blog and must!

At Miu Miu, we spy another duo getting away with murder: Milla Jovavich and her daughter Ever. The baby is running around the pristine Rodeo Drive store in tiny gilded shoes while her hippie-headband-wearing mother tries on a tower of "size 40" boots.

My mom coos at the gorgeous baby, oblivious to her famous mother. Milla is similarly oblivious to my mother, who - HELLO - is a stranger cuddling her child. Clearly Milla has not watched The Changeling. F.

I eventually hustle my mom away from the child, worried this will invariably devolve into a problem: her chastising me for not bearing her dozens of grandchildren, Milla waking up and treating us like kid snatchers. Ughs.

In the evening, Mr. D and I watch Milk. Excellent film, moving and funny. Am not a Sean Penn fan but this performance converted me.

Felt very disheartened to see that we are still fighting the same civil rights battle in California 30 years later. Shameful. But I found it endlessly inspiring to see the hope one individual can bring by speaking out. My resolution for 2009 is to do more of that.

The Outfit
Banana Republic sweater
Seven jeans
MaxMara vest

The Accessories
Forever 21 sunglasses
Marc Jacobs bag
Me&Ro necklace
Ugg boots

The Grade

The Commentary
Whenever I wear this hand me down fur vest, I live in fear that PETA protestors will suddenly materialize, shouting obsceneties and splattering red paint everywhere. Ugh.

So I only wear it a couple of times of year when I am fairly certain I'll be around the fur friendly.

And it doesn't get more fur friendly in L.A. than Rodeo Drive.

As I've said before, I feel conflicted about wearing fur.

Don't let the bug glasses fool you, I am no Nicole ;)

Not an Olsen

Or a Jenny from the Block.

Or a Kate Moss. Sigh.

I could have sworn Kate Moss posed for one of those "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaigns at one point.

But I must be mistaken.

After all, she has one of the biggest fur collections...EVER.

Maybe I'm thinking of her naked Calvin Klein ads in the 90s.

After all, she's even getting her daughter started young!!! Your thoughts on fur? I'm all ears...


WeezerMonkey said...

OMG, you slay me with The Changeling reference.

Milly said...

your mom is too her sweater and burch's

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I love fur, sorry, I know it will offend people but I'm from NYC and it gets COLD. I love my full length vintage rabbit fur coat.

amy said...

i think there's an old old old documentary about what happens to the animals that are used to create fur coats... much like "fast food nation" turning me off to mcdonalds, the documentary may turn you off of fur. in this day and age i'm pretty sure there are plenty of warm and fashion-forward alternatives and i'm pretty sure stella mccartney would agree with me. any friend of gwynnie's can't be wrong.

i remember hearing of your mom's theories on baby-snatchers back in the day and i always scope out the parents non-chalantly "watching" their kids and think of your mom who would be thinking someone could steal that kid.

Sable Crow said...

Laugh! Loves it like the Precious.

WendyB said...

Loved Milk too. Saw it this weekend -- wish it came out before the recent vote, maybe it would have changed some minds. As for animals, I eat them, wear them, treat them amazingly well as pets. People throwing paint at me will never change my mind about any of those.

Jean Bean said...

The way around the ethical conundrum is to buy only vintage fur. That way you're not responsible for more killing. Also, it's a safe bet that the old animals were treated more humanely than they would be today, because today most fur comes from China, which has absolutely no animal cruelty laws. Also, steer clear of broadtail, which is fetal fur!


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