Monday, December 15, 2008

The SceneJean Bean made my dreary Monday by sending me two adorable pictures.

First a Panda at play. She said this is how we'll look playing in New York this weekend.

Second a Texas Cowboy in costume. The four of us are headed to quite the costume party on Saturday. Counting down the hours. YAYAYAYAYA!

The Outfit
Thrifted turtleneck
Kayatone Adeli slacks
Vintage camel coat

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs purse
Fashion District necklace
Forever 21 bangles
Hand me down boots

The Grade

The Commentary

The monochromatic outfit today was inspired by yesterday's accessories that I left strewn about like a slob. A fabulous furry fashion slob.

Like J to the Lo.

Whenever I wear beige tones I channel her.

Love how flattering they look on olive skin tones and oh-so-naturally highlighted hair ;)

Today I couldn't get JLo's monochromatic MTV Music Award looks out of my mind.

Wish my boots were over the knee. And I could wear a headwrap FOR EVENING with such elan.

Ugh. And I die for this beige dress - just enough bandeau and sparkle. Also love the hat.

I have one like it that I am bringing to NYC. It's leopard and OOC.

Don't think I'll have the balls to bust it out but I will feel fabulous knowing I could. And feeling fabulous is sometimes just as important as actually BEING fabulous, no?

Heaped on these bangles because I am ready to work the Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 tribal look NOW dammit.

No point in waiting til everyone is doing it.

Can't wait to see how all the mass retailers interpret Marc's take on the straw hat, tassle shoes, obi belts and chunky jewelry.

And speaking of Marc jewelry, LOOK at the earrings I picked up yesterday.
They are the signature MJ zipper. Mr. Diabolina is obsessed with them. $35 at Bloomies.

Does it make me sick that I love matching my earrings to my bag????
If you say yes, I say F ;)


Jean Bean said...

Pandas at play! Come to my bosom.

WendyB said...

I'm with you -- love J.Lo in those neutral colors. Very sex-ay. Those pants look great on you. I used to have a few pairs of Adeli pants. I can distinctly remember wearing my grey pair on 9/11 as I trudged up the West Side Highway away from the WTC. I have a weirdly precise memory of everything I wore that day.

Lynn said...

Love the outfit and your hair - so gorg.

Milly said...

i love your accessories...the necklace...the bangles and those MJ wants!!

WeezerMonkey said...

That is quite the fetching bag.

I think I still love the panda at play more, though. That picture is too adorable for words.

Sable Crow said...

A costume party!!?? Nuts for nuts, I can't wait for that post.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist said...

I love those earrings! And JLo does know how to wear nude colours.


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