Monday, February 18, 2008

The Scene
Quiet day off today. Straighten up the house. Do a little work in the morning. Catch up on blogging after the trip. Run out for a few errands then have a nice dinner with Mr. Diabolina.

The Outfit
MaxMara vest
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Banana Republic green v-neck sweater

The Accessories
Tory Burch gold flats
Marc Jacobs Irina brown tote
Faux Chanel studs
Diamond Celtic necklace
Banks and Biddle gold bangle

The Grade

The Commentary
To fur or not to fur? That is one of the big fashion questions! One that I haven't fully resolved yet.

Five years ago, a friend of my mom's was cleaning out her INSANE closet before moving back to England. She gifted me with quite the treasure trove of designer items: a Dolce and Gabanna suit, a couple pairs of boots, some purses, a faux fur jacket and this real fur vest.

It is beautiful and over the top and warm. And kinda creepy.

Today marks only the third time I've ever worn it. The second time was in December out in Hollywood. The first was at an Italian fashionista's wedding reception years ago.

I'm always a little afraid about how people are going to react when I am out wearing this vest. Thus, clearly, I am not a loud and proud fur advocate.

I do wear leather. Am pretty sure I could never go vegan in my clothing options nor my dietary consumption. Kudos to Stella McCartney for doing it though. She is one of the few designers out there who refuses to use fur and leather ever.

I think I could get behind the anti-fur argument. Not in a extremist-Peta-throwing-paint-on-celebrities way. After all, I don't think everyone has to live by my personal moral standards. That would make me buddies with George Bush and the Taliban, right?

I believe everyone is free to educate themselves and make the choices that are right for them - in and out of fashion.

That being said, happy voting tomorrow. Change in this country is imminent!


KFR said...

Re: fur. I wouldn't fork out for a real fur. But, if you inherit, then it does remove the guilt. Now it's sustainable!

That said, I have this great silver snake skin bracelet that I love so maybe I'm a bit of a hypocrite???

Sable Crow said...

#1: Fur is fabulous. Vintage is best. It should be like cave drawings or antique Roman urns -- appreciated for it's beauty, form, and context, but not produced in modern society.
#2: I want to give mad props to Diabolina. I was told by a style maven once (my Hollywood Golden Age shrink, actually), that true style comes not from without, but from within. Diabolina lives this every day. She is supportive, caring, and honest, as well as elegant, saucy, and bold. As Coco said, “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”
No matter the city, no matter the pairing of accessories--there is always a woman with Diabolina.

weezermonkey said...

Isn't it weird that most of us are fine with leather, but fur gives us the heebie-jeebies?

K.Line said...

I live in Canada. I wear a lot of fur and I'm grateful for it. Having said this, I buy vintage - or steal from my mother's collection. I can see why, living in a reasonably warm climate, you might feel strange about it, but when it's truly freezing, nothing keeps you warmer (and I've got down parkas up the yin yang...)than fur.

I say, enjoy that lovely gift and be glad something beautiful is not sitting at the back of a closet gathering dust. K


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