Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Scene
Today, Mr. Diabolina and I did absolutely nothing...together. It was heavenly.

The Outfit
BeBe cashmere zip up
Old Navy thermal
Marc by Marc Jacobs denim skirt
The Accessories
Chanel bag
DKNY tights
Forever 21 ring and sunglasses

The Grade
C is for ca-ca-casual

The Commentary
Only left the house for a few minutes today. Was tempted to schlep out the door in any ole cold weather look but decided to attempt to make even Uggs fab. To channel Nicole, pull together a bit of rasberry beret + Hermes magic.

Didn't have much luck. Was in a hurry and uninspired. Though I do think mixing denim and winter whites with beiges and black is a tres simple way to feign chic. Very American in Paris.

Speaking of, I am in complete denial about being a Californian in NYC next week. Dreading packing. It's gonna dip down to the teens while we are there!!!! F. How am I supposed to look fabulous for Jean Bean and all her gays???


WeezerMonkey said...

I have so much old heavy winter clothing. Too bad you would be swimming in it, not to mention horribly unfashionable.

dapotato said...

my old stores of winter clothing are for shorties. and not very fashionable, either.

Kelli said...

Last time you were in NYC I was there too, and I am leaving for NYC Friday. I too have no clue what to pack, I always feel like a fashion dud mixed with all those fashionistas and beauties.

You should do a packing 101 before you leave to help a girl out:)

WendyB said...

Brrrr. I hate the cold.

Lynn said...

It'll be lovely - just returned from NYC myself. It's a great opportunity to accessorize with cute scarves, mittens, etc. Have fun!

Milly said...

diabolina does nyc....yiipeee!!

amber said...

i'm loving all this cold weather, but it basically means i'm living in my uggs when i'm not at work. hehehe.


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