Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Scene
Get out of the office before 9 for the first time in two weeks. I gotta get a new life.

Watch those book-hawking Olsen twins on Oprah. Their big "a-ha" moment? In order to be successful, one must follow one's passion.

Ugh. Easy to say when you are a billionaire in your early 20s.

Strangely, the Zappos CEO I met last month was on the episode too! He was selling the whole money follows passion wisdom too. Hmmmm. Maybe all these mini moguls have a point.

And maybe my mortgage will just pay for itself too in a depressed economy. F.

The Outfit
Vintage sweater
Forever 21 top
J Brand jeans

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Tory Burch flats
Forever 21 headband

The Grade
B is for blah

The Commentary
Have been feeling soooo frumpy. Probably because I can't be bothered to do my hair. Built the outfit around the containing-the-fro headband in fact.

Decided on the flowery navy top next and then the ruffly beige sweater to match. Very prissy, very Blair.

Cute nuff outfit. Tres blue. To match my mood ;)

Katie's been killing blue lately. This three piece suit is Saville Row heaven.

Digging the tights and MJs but not that scarf tied up on her head.

Much prefer the naughty tied up shoes with letha leggings. Yum.

Loving electric blue bags. They go with any outfit.

Olivia Palmero is my newest girl crush.

Purple hammer pants with a blue scarf. ADORE!!!

I need a leather jacket like yesterday.

Jean Bean dug this look on Ashley in person but it was a little too basic column blah for me. And those squished boobs! Owie.

Speaking of painful..Speidi. Ugh. How does she end up with EVERY SHOE I love??? First the Guccis and then the YSL booties. Now the Stellas. F.


WeezerMonkey said...

I hate Speidi so much.
But I like your headband.
And Blair.

WendyB said...

Why does Speidi exist? Just to bother me?

Milly said...

nice...i like your cute

tam pham said...

i love pops of blue! the olsens were so awkward on oprah...almost too awkward to even watch.

amber said...

i kinda fell in love with that bow headband miss blair wore a couple weeks back. uber girlie -- love it! i'm also kinda digging the idea of making my own....


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