Monday, September 15, 2008

The Scene
Get off the charts outstanding news today. Peaches will be in LA for an entire month next year!!!

But wait it gets better. He will be performing in a lead role in an amazing musical. YAYAYAY! So proud of him I could die.

Ugh. But I better start dieting now. We are gonna be eating non-stop the entire time he is here.

End the day with my guilty pleasures: Gossip Girl (Read fashionintelligentsa's pitch perfect fashion review of the episode!) and The Hills.

Apparently today was Heidi's 22nd birthday. OF COURSE, she and Spencer thought it'd be the perfect day for a private picnic. I'm sure they had no idea who tipped off the paps. Ugh. Look at her wearing my studded Gucci boots. F.

And I gather Spencer got her the YSL booties I peeped on fashionistas all Fashion Week. Why oh why does she plague me?

The Outfit
Forever 21 jacket
Banana Republic tank
Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt

The Accessories
Forever 21 headband
Me&Ro necklace and earrings
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch
Manolo Blahnik slingbacks

The Grade

The Commentary
Built the outfit around this flirty Marc skirt. It's the perfect transitional piece. Tres chic floral print. Not too Little House on the Prarie or Laura Asheley bedspread. And the Manolos work perfectly with the retro feel of it.

Bought this pretty princess tank resale. $6. Love the knots and how it works with turquoise and that it makes me look tan.

Added the F21 jacket to make the outfit work appropriate. And the headband as a nod to Blair Waldorf. I think Mondays will be my Blair days. Will dress head to toe prissy minx. Yum.


Cee said...

I LOVE B's DRESS! Too bad it's too $$$. It would be a perfect dress for the 29,478,397 wedding I am attending next mth at the Langham, formally the Ritz.

I HATE HEIDI. Well and I'm jealous of her luxe stuff. Why does she get all the pretty stuff. What AWs they are.

amber said...

i LOVE your outfit today! <3

weezermonkey said...

This outfit is delicious!

tam pham said...

the skirt is bananas (i love using zoe-isms!)!


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