Friday, May 2, 2008

The Scene
So all week I've been trying to do things that I couldn't do if I was working. Like go to the gym at 10 a.m. Get Sprinkles cupcakes midday. Watch Oprah live.

Today I decided to go to the grand opening of Americana at Brand. Read they were giving away gift certificates to the first 300 shoppers. Me likey free money to shop so I naively showed up at 10 am when the stores were set to open.

Um, it was JAMMED with people, people who had been there since 7 a.m.!!! Doesn't anyone work in L.A.??? Ugh, I did not get any of the gift certificates.

Still roamed around. Visited the most amazing Forever 21. Two gigantic pristine floors of heaven. Saw the owners roaming around, almost dropped to my knees and begged them for a job.

Tried on a blue dress like the Go International Target one shouldered number for half the price. But didn't get it. Tried on this AWESOME color block cardigan and snapped it right up because it was so different.

Went into Barney's Coop and FINALLY bought my blue Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch. YAY!

Headed back to my hood and went over to Mr. Prettier than Me's house to help him optimize his site for organic searches. He just launched a t-shirt business called You Are So Famous and wants to hire me to maintain his site. Ugh, he is so cute!! I bought the series regular tee. Get yours and tell your friends...

In the afternoon, ran errands and tried once again to use my credit at Stella McCartney that I've had for TEN MONTHS. Tried 7 pairs of jeans. All busted on me. Ugh.

Came home and checked out her fall runway stuff and decided to wait for these shoes to come out. They are crazy weird and I think I love them.

Was excited for dinner with Danny B and Mr. Saint, another high school friend of Mr. Diabolina who's in from London. Remember him from our February perfect day?

Well, plans got changed. His dad's condition took a turn for the worst last night and they are thinking he could pass away any day now. Terrible. I love his mom. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers please.

The Outfit
Beige chiffon tunic
Forever 21 leggings

The Accessories
Chanel black and white earrings
Forever 21 bangle
Chanel black chain purse
Kate Spade slides

The Grade

The Commentary
Legs still not for human consumption so started the outfit with the leggings. Bought this weird fluttery buttery top in the fashion district with KFR a month or so ago. $30ish.

Love the feel of it. Very laid back Cali casual but uber stylish with the Karta-like beading and the slouchy shape thanks to the side button .

Had to rig it up just right to cover up my tush and not pull too much across my belly. Decided to leave one side undone - devil may care style. Got lots of covetous looks from fashionable chicas today. Simple look but still super luxe. Yay.

Wore these Kate Spade flats into the Kate Spade store at Americana. Got them resale at the UCLA Thrift Store for $12 about 6 years ago. Super comfortable for roaming around the sprawling new shopping experience.

Also loves the color combo.
Very Chanel gone wild ;)


R said...

I think Mr. Prettier Than Me is prettier than everyone. Wow he's a cutie! Ugh. I used the word "cutie". Sorry MPTM!

tam pham said...

yay! you got the Marc clutch! so jealous!

weezermonkey said...

SHUT UP! I just totally flamed someone on The Nest this morning for advertising that site. Please tell me it wasn't you! :P

amber said...

sounds like i need to get out to the americana to check it out.

Cee said...

omg, i have that purple dress u tried on at F21. Love it. If you twist the top, it looks like a goddess dress. I ended up picking up the green one also. EEE, can't wait to wear it.


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