Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Scene
Can't believe it's Halloween tomorrow. My favorite holiday (after my birthday) and I am so mired in work poop that I haven't been able to prep properly.

Finally got the chance to pick up a wig for my costume today. It's gonna either be AHmazing or a disaster. Fingers crossed...

The Outfit
Marc by Marc Jacobs top
Image sweater
Katayone Adeli slacks

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton Speedy and earrings
Manolo Blahniks
Claire's headband

The Grade

The Commentary
Another day

Another headband.

Still feeling blah. Grabbed this bright boisterous top to try to lift my spirits. Instead of rocking it weekend casual like I did last month, today I dowdied it up for work. Snooze.

Think some of these MJ yummies might brighten my mood - all on sale at Neiman's right this very second.

And these Manolos are just the splash of animal print I am craving - unfortunately, none on sale at Neiman's this very second ;(


WeezerMonkey said...

Can't wait to see the costume!

Milly said...

this is the most i've seen you with your speedy in one week atleast :)
can't wait to see your costume

Victoria said...

am dying to see it... pls send me a picture for my blog!

tam pham said...

i couldn't bring myself to get dressed up this year (bad tam). not feeling creative. but i did FINALLY rock my leatha skirt.

amber said...

hmmm, now i'm curious about the costume....


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