Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Scene
Was going to have dinner with old co-worker besties but we rescheduled. Maybe next week. Miss them.

Watched Project Runway AGHAST tonight. Whole grip of ugly that the judges loved. B-l-e-c-h. And Sandra Bernhard - ugh. Talk about fug and not very funny circa 1990.

Agree 110 percent with Tam Thoughts on this episode. Also agree with Chic Intuition (GREAT BLOG, BTW) that Mrs. Seal's taste level is not always up to snuff in her real life. Very Euro mercurial clowny at times. Who is she to say a "auf wedersen" to anyone. F.

The Outfit
J Brand jeans
Forever 21 chiffon bubble tank and sweater

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton bag
Damier inspired bangle
Faux Chanel studs
Stella McCartney gray pumps
Chloe aviators

The Grade

The Commentary
Today was a momentous day. The grand debut of my J Brand skinnies. Technically they are the Bardot cut in Indigo. A little high waisted with a pencil leg. They were a birthday present from my mom. $37 at Crossroads. Savings: $150. Loves it!

I've been hearing about J Brand jeans for what seems like years and years. How could I not? ALL the skinny minny celebrity hotties swear by them.

But at nearly $200 a pair, I wasn't convinced they were worth it. My little $30 pair of Mossimos would see me through the skinny trend, I figured.

But last fall, Styleminded wore J Brands for a fun night of teddy bears and dancing and they definitely turned my head. Mr. Diabolina was also besotted. Mesmerized. In heaven. Apparently even had to rub jean butts!!! That is a powerful jean ;)

Now clearly I am not the same size as my baby Styleminded so I knew I wouldn't look as fab as her in the jeans. What fascinated me was that up close her jeans looked like leggings. The material moved with her. They were skin tight but looked comfortable. Who'd have thunk it?

Filed this information away in my fashion computer of a brain for future reference and proceeded to have one of the best nights ever.

Fast forward six months and I started hearing that J Brand was coming out with a line of jeans for curvy women, dubbed their Blue Label. Nice. I like when hot celebrity brands recognize they are missing out on a whole segment of the population. The real woman. Was poised to get a pair for my birthday when this pair found me.

Loved how it worked with the Stella shoes and this exquisite Forever 21 top. The pearl detailing once got kudos by numerous sales people at the Chanel store on Rodeo. And they know pearls.

Felt chic and no fuss today. In a meeting, a girl I have never talked to told me she's noticed I dress very well. Always look cute. She wears a Balenciaga bag some days so I think she could be a definite maybe work friend ;)

p.s. Have you noticed celebrity fashionistas are starting to roll up their jeans? I have and I fear the trend is coming for me.

Apparently the 80s are back and no one told me. God help us, everyone.

Katie Holmes is particularly pegging crazy lately.

Crazy being the operative word.

This outfit must be a mistake, right? Like she threw on a bunch of things that were at her disposal. None of which should ever never ever be worn together.

This outfit works a bit better with the baggy, rolled up jeans. With the sandals and the sleeveless tank, I can kinda get where she's going with it. But I'm not sure I'm ready to rock this new look just yet.

I'm still getting my head (and real woman body) wrapped around the J Brands she was wearing a year ago.

p.s. More great jeans jeans jeans at Couture Carrie. Go. now!


MissJordyPants said...

I am staunchly refusing to roll my jeans. The end.

Your skinnies look fantastic! Never tried on a pair, assumed they'd look AWFUL on my tree trunks.

Milly said...

What got into Katie??..what a no no
roll up jeans??...hhhmmm...thinking about that

Michelle said...

Holy crap - I rolled my jeans up a couple of weeks ago! But then again, I was outside rinsing out my cooler and didn't want my jeans to get wet. I then went to Target totally forgetting about my jeans being rolled up. Haha.

You look great and happy belated bday! Your party looked like it was a ton of fun!

Checked out the Richard Chai stuff yet?

Alegra said...

Hi lovely :)
I really want to see the new season of Project Runway, but I'll have to wait some more months.
I love your outfits! So trendy
I also think the 80s are back!! But I like it!
And about Katie Holmes.. what about her hair? It is crazy too.
(a little crazier than her stupid husband. Sorry, I hat him)

WendyB said...

Isn't the Katie look exactly like the Acne jeans I was recently admiring? I feel more and more encouraged to try that pair!

WendyB said...

P.S. Everyone said skinny jeans, high-waisted and acid-washed would "never" come back too!

tam pham said...

the skinnies make you look like a skinny minnie! katie holmes looks ridiculous. scientology has obviously made her go a little loco.

weezermonkey said...

Am I the only one to rejoice at the possibility of the return of pegging? Pegging is so much cheaper than all the original hems this 5'3" monkey must get....

The Collector said...

I don't mind skinny jeans folded up... but when looser jeans are worn like this - it makes the wearer look like they've just come back from fishing or something!

amber said...

poor katie holmes. i really love the girl, but really? those jeans on her are just hids! someone free the poor thing from crazy mr. cruise!

and even if everyone and their brother is pegging their jeans, i just can't. cannot. no way, no how.

the girl that also owns not a single pair of skinny jeans ;)

Juana said...

JFC!! That outfit with the big grey sweater, black stockings, and snakeskin sandals was suggested by the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard.


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