Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Scene
Had a teary lunch with my mom. Sigh. It really needs to be next week already. We have two appointments with surgeons. Will know more then.

For now, Mamacita Americana looked gorg in gray, no? Loves the layering for a pop of color and the headband. Tres 80s.

She's wearing an American Apparel sweater. Great basic for $30. I made her buy it after I saw it on the delish Fashion Toast. What a difference just a couple of cup sizes make for the same garment's fit ;)

This evening we had a hot date with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. Well, not with the screen legends themselves but with a cool tribute event in their honor.

The Brown Devil and his company are responsible for marketing their new film Righteous Kill with urban audiences. Such a BFD!

Back in February at a baby party, he was showing me cell phone snaps from the movie poster photoshoot where he got to meet the two legendary actors!!! Ugh, keep your eye on this Brown - he's really going places. Uber proud of him.

Tonight, in addition to the tribute, The Brown Devil and his partners unveiled a "pop up store" concept in the heart of downtown. It's a retail store-slash-art gallery-slash-tattoo parlor-slash-event space. GENIUS!!

The guys have leased the corner spaces for the next few years and plan to have revolving stores/events for their clients. Really forward thinking. Especially since downtown is poised to take off shortly. Hopefully.

Tonight felt like being in New York. The grit of neighboring Skid Row. The party spilling into the street. The unique mix of people, fashion, backgrounds. The hot dog vendor and prop police car out front probably helped too.

There was also an eclectic mix of stars in attendance tonight. I am told the artist who did the fucking cool poster for the movie is a legend. And the guy in the yellow hat is in Cypress Hill. The Brown Devil also said one of the guys responsible for starting NWA was also in da house. Not too shabby.

But I only had eyes for a certain reality show star. SANTINO!!! That's right Mr. "Designers, Rock the Casbah!" himself. He really was one of the most talented AND entertaining contestants ever.

He's a friend of a friend and helped with the event.

Apparently, these window drapes are his handiwork. Humph. Not his signature style if you ask me. The Brown Devil's wife St. JudE (who will also now be known as General Tso's Chicken) was introduced to him earlier in the night.

But we dragged her ass back over before we left to get some digital proof. He was super friendly, taller than Mr. D and jamming my gaydar. Big time. F. Anyone who knows me knows that sexual ambiguity makes my inner sleuth uber frustrated.

For most of the night we took in the crowd and gossiped and felt young and hip for being out on a Wednesday. Here's Mr. D looking gansta in gingham. HA!

Oh and I fell in love tonight. With one of St. JudE's besties from college. Let's call her Pirate in Peach. Oh, I've known Pirate in Peach for more than five years. I've always known she was sweet and sarcastic. I've always hearted her because I know she is a true friend to one of the best people I know.

But tonight I got to see a whole different side of her. A filthy cute side fueled by a few cranberry vodkas. Por ejemplo, she was discussing her million dollar idea for the next generation of Girls Gone Wild videos. And introduced herself to strangers as The Brown Devil's second wife - Big Love style.

Plus, she told me multiple times, she reads my blog daily. Ugh. Instant way to get into my pants.

St. Jude warned me not to even THINK about stealing her away. Well, I say, Shove it, General Tso's Chicken. Unless you start commenting, I'll definitely consider it!

The Outfit
Fashion District dress

The Accessories
Fashion District thongs
Me&Ro skull studs
Vintage sequin clutch
Chanel necklace
Damier inspired bangle

The Grade
A for outfit/C for the outfit at this event/F for my trying-to-be-tough face

The Commentary
Wasn't quite sure how to dress tonight. All the movie events I usually go to are on the Westside not the Eastside. Manolos are typically the accessories of choice not tats. Stick thin blondes abound not shapely smoldering Latinas.

When I asked St. JudE what to wear, she made a request for my faux Phillip Lim. Think she actually picked that dress because she knew I got it in downtown. And because the day I posted about it I also posted insanely cute pics of her baby ;)

Nonetheless I donned it just for her. Felt pretty out of place but a few drinks helped. Had I really understood the scene I would have done dark denim, a skimpy top, sky high heels. Maybe done my makeup less natural and my hair more natural.

Was planning on debuting the new Gucci heels but decided it wouldn't be prudent. Stuck to the flats I wore to work.

This was one of the few other women wearing a dress tonight. Mr. D more than approved. Since he was drooling so much, St. JudE called the look "festive" through pursed lips.

The only person I thought looked more out of place than me was this pretty young thing. The white jeans and jaunty sweater over her shoulders was more Hamptons than Meat Packing District.

I was proud of one little detail of the outfit that did fit in. My new Me&Ro skull earrings.

Perfect for a "crime" scene.

More cool pics from one hot event.


WendyB said...

Mom looks hawt. But when are you going to rock some WendyB jewels? I will have to take points off your grade for Me & Ro :-P

Sable Crow said...

You're delicious! Skull earings. Yum.

Let's both rock WendyB jewelry! I'll get the hot wolf tooth necklace.

weezermonkey said...

Gangsta in gingham!!!

tam pham said...

that's what this season of PR is lacking...a TRUE character like Santino. it's just been so dull.

in my opinion, mommy wore the AA sweater best :-).

Jadelily said...

I love the outfit! I'm sure you stood out in a good way! =)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

great post
I love rumi, she's always such fantastic inspiration.

dapotato said...

i love la.

and your outfit.

Tiffany said...

your mom is so cute in that headband!

Santino!!! awesomeness. Looks like fun.

the skull earrings are the shizz. sorry to copy you but must get me a pair too.

Victoria said...

love santino!!!! so glad you got to meet him.

amber said...

so jealousE you got to meet santino! very cool!


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