Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Scene
Have a piggie lunch with this little jailbird. We act like Sunday never happened. We're good at that. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing...

Slog away at work. There's a big conference next week in San Jose that I am point person on. Not sure if I'll be attending since my mom has specialist appointments and more tests. So trying to cross every t and dot every i.

Watch the Olympics with my sweet and fall asleep wondering why some of us rise to challenges while others buckle under pressure.

The Outfit
Forever 21 jersey dress

The Accessories
Anthropologie necklace
Chanel bag
Fendi wedges

The Grade

The Commentary

Built the outfit around this new necklace. My mom gave it to me for my birthday. She wasn't crazy about it when I picked it out. It is a bit much. One part Scrabbulous, one part Mahjong-rrific. Something a kooky English teacher in high school would wear. But that's exactly why I love it.

Combines my love of fashion and my love of words. When I told my mom it's a "writer's necklace" she couldn't plunk down the money fast enough. I think she needs me to get a book deal more than I do ;) Found this adorable store at the Westside Pavillion called Scribble Press where I might do a little project for her...we will see...

The neckline of the dress was perfect with my odd necklace. Loved Katie's recent sweetheart halter. Did you hear she supposedly designed this dress?

Today I also debuted the new Fendi's. Loved how the wedge picks up the color of the necklace. DETAILS KILL ME!

Look at how gorgeous the heel is. YUM. Like the Spy Bag on my feets.

I've never had Fendi shoes. I even LOVE the stamp on the rubber sole. What a label whore!

Here are some more black dress/interesting shoe inspirations.

Absolutely loving all things on Rachel Bilson's feet lately.

This recent Gwynnie look is very similar to an under $25 Forever 21 dress of mine. Me thinks I wore it best ;)

Oh and I forgot to mention that I used part of my Phillip Lim credit on Sunday. Got the black version of this cowl neck dress. Very flattering on and absolutely adore the drape on the back and the sleeves.

Have been needing a fine LBD that can be work appropriate and also cute for evening. This dress is going to prove very versatile. Think it's a totally different dress based on the accessories.

When the salesperson said it's very Chanel I knew it must be mine. Plus it was on sale for $350. YAY!

p.s. Look at how cute my mom's gilded feet were today ;)

p.p.s. Check the blog over the weekend for pics with a Project Runway star we got to meet Wednesday night!!!! kisses!


amber said...

oh, i'm dying to know who you met. so fun!

MissJordyPants said...

Think it's good to move on from Sunday. Have a release and then use it to move forward.

Adore you're monochromatic look. Fantastic! You're looking super slim these days dearest.

WendyB said...

Great wedges.

Lynn Tran said...

Love the look and those shoes on Mrs. Tom Cruise.

If you do end up going to SJ for the conference, would love to see you so I can give you a big ol' hug in person.

Milly said...

I love the necklace and your wedges.
I soo like rachel bilson style...isn't she designing a few pieces for dkny??..i think.

Im dying to know..who you met?..heidi, michael kors, tim gunn????..i cant wait lol

Da Fashionista said...

m.r., think more contestants. i'm fab but not THAT fab ;)

weezermonkey said...

I think this is an A+ outfit.

lookrichbitch said...

Good job on the dress! Can never have too many LBDs! In fact, I think I might need a new one!

And if there's ever a foot print at a crime scene with a Fendi stamp, I'm gonna totally know it's you! Don't worry though, I wouldn't turn you in. I'd just smudge it out and say, "I didn't see anything officer! I swear!"

Rachee said...

The neckline looks great on you and I love the necklace!

Your mom is adorable as always.

dapotato said...

love the outfit today. i agree on the A+. given by an english teacher, of course. ;)

haven't been to westside pavilion since the remodel began.

Kate said...

Have a piggie lunch with this little jailbird. We act like Sunday never happened. We're good at that. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing...

GOOD THING! This is an essential part of getting through hard times. You're not in denial, you're maintaining normalcy, having the kind of fun you always did and always will with her.

Love the outfit...so grown up. The neckline is especially flattering. Perfect and tasteful cleavage.

Love the PL dress, good choice.

tam pham said...

the scrabble lover in me is obsessed with that necklace.


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