Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Scene
Birthday party for Chowmein's two little angels. "Bana" is turning one and "Mr. Chicken Nugget" is turning three - "not four" he tells me as if I just accused him of being over the hill. Kids are hilarious!

Baby parties are still a relatively new thing for us. Chowmein, one of my undergrad roomies, was my first close friend to become preggers.

Followed by J, my wonderful graduate school friend who I met during a program we both did through England, France, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

In the past five years, J and Chowmein have become tight since they are both great souls, live 10 minutes apart and were pregnant with their girls at the same time.

Here we all are at Mr. Diabolina's 25th surprise birthday party. Neither of the girls was even married yet and the babies were but a glimmer in their eyes. Loves it.

I must confess one important fact about me: I love to nibble on babies. LOVE IT. I'm kinda infamous for doing it. As we approach the party, I lament to Mr. Diabolina that I didn't sharpen my teeth for maximum baby eating. He tells me to behave myself.

Seriously. I am a baby cuddling/kissing fiend. Consider you and your children warned.

Can you blame me tho? Baby faces and fashions are so precious. Kate of All Trades calls her baby boy a "living doll" she gets to dress up. Thinking that might be a major problem for me. I mean just look at this DELISH faux fur ensemble!!!

When we get to the par-tay "Bana" has just fallen asleep in the arms of another dear friend's husband. DRAT! But it's her party and she can sleep if she wants to.

LOOK AT THAT COZY HAT, OVER-THE-TOP PURPLE CAPE AND LITTLE SHOES!!! It took everything in me not to gobble her up while she slept.

Mr. Chicken Nugget is going nuts in the bouncy for most of the party so I can't nibble at him as much as I'd like. He is a total dream. So smart and athletic and gorgeous. He will always be my first love since we were at the hospital when he was born.

J's baby "Ms. Gardner" is also delectable. J and I joke that our babies are going to cousins since they are both going to be mixed. J's hubby is brown like me. Adore.


J says she picked them out just for Auntie Diabolina :)

All the baby festivities are dampened when we find out that Peaches may have to cut his trip short. His boyfriend AB's grandmother passed away in New York. Sooooo sad.

Mr. Diabolina still go to our planned dinner at El Chavo but no late night dancing in downtown with Peach. Boo hoo.

The Outfit
Old Navy skinny jeans
Forever 21 bubble top

The Accessories
Forever 21 bracelet
Hello Kitty earrings
Vintage cerulean wedges
Louis Vuitton Damier tote

The Grade

The Commentary
Bought this top in Portland. The Beav, That Girl and Mr. Diabolina didn't seem to love it but I did. Feels really retro to me. Kinda hip grandma wear.

Would love to wear it in Miami with a white miniskirt while visiting with some Golden Girls. But seriously, I think it will look great with white pants, silver sandals and highlights this summer.

Wore the bracelet because I thought the kids would dig all the colors. And my Hello Kitty earrings for the same reason. I have a serious Hello Kitty problem, btw.

Sported Delman white flats to the party to make it easy to chase down children to eat. But decided to throw these on for dinner for a little more height.

Got these funny shoes at an estate sale about 6 years ago for like $3. More of a summer shoe but they fit the whole grandma retro vibe of the shirt.

Love J's mommy chic look today. She's always rocking GREAT straight hair and hot jeans. Love the wide leg look on her and jaunty scarf.

She is just perennially stylish. It was a big reason we bonded during our Europe trip. It was both of our first times abroad. We bought lots of matching purses and scarves that summer. Ah the memories...

Chowmein who is 4'11'' was rocking her teeny 'SC crocs. Her husband works for SC so it's rare for them to not be sporting Trojan wear.

Loved the bandana in her hair today. She and I bonded over our curly manes at the beginning of our friendship quite a bit.

She just gave Bana her first hair cut and showed me how she puts just a touch of leave-in conditioner to style it. SOOOO CUTE!!! Love passing on our styling tips to the next generation.

I think I might need a living doll of my own. Maybe in 5 years...

For now I will just borrow my friends' dolls.


weezermonkey said...

It freaks me out that my friends have babies.

Kate said...

Have a baby! Do it!

Also, I love grandma fashion. I too am drawn to that stuff. My hair dresser and I were recently discussing how we are looking forward to the caftan phase of life. We both agree it could be fierce.

amber said...

such little cuties! my co-worker has a little girl and totally says it's like having a living, breathing doll to play dress-up! hehehe


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