Sunday, July 6, 2008

Special Feature: Dear Diabolina

Last week Amber of Confessions of the Pink Obsessed wrote me:

Hi girlie,

Okay, so I just finished reading your latest blog post and while I was admiring how cute your little teal halter dress was, I realized that whenever you wear plunging necklines or pieces that are a bit bare up top, "the girls" are always where they should be and there are nice smooth lines underneath the clothing.

I also don't ever see any stray bra straps peeking out. So, what do you wear underneath all these bare pieces to keep everything looking nice and smooth? I've got narrow shoulders and am very small-busted, but I feel like the days of going bra-less under certain tops are behind me. :)

Thanks for any guidance you have on this topic!
Amber :)

p.s. I'm having a CW take a pic of me in the wrap sweater today. I'll send it over to you tonight.

The Dear Diabolina Answer:

Must admit Amber's email made me blush. Just a little bit.

I mean having your girls referred to as "being where they should be" is kinda amazing when you are approaching your 31st birthday (in TWO weeks) and watching your body slowly but surely fall apart :)

But Amber can frankly say or ask anything she wants. Anytime, anywhere. She was the first stranger who reached out to me and told me how much she enjoys MSSFD. Her continued support and kind words over the past months mean the world to me. She seems like a genuine, complex, good soul. Glad our paths have crossed even if it's just in cyberspace.

OK so back to boobies ;)

I gotta give my mom the credit for my chesitcle situation on two fronts (hahahah - get it??) First of all, my mom has a great bustline even as she approaches 60. So does her mother who is nearly 80. Big part of the equation is just genetics me thinks.

But my mom is also a Rainman about proper support. She is constantly throwing out bras and buying new ones. And she is ruthless about encouraging me to do the same. She's even dug through my undie drawer tossing out bras like a little Tasmanian devil, assuring me she was acting in my best interest.

She loves Nordstrom's for bras. And thus so do I. My mom condones spending as much as necessary on bras. She thinks you truly get what you pay for in this case. No Forever 21 or knock offs for her. It's always Natori or Wacoal or some such brand for her.

Until probably two years ago, I wasn't convinced. I'd by random bras here and there and keep them until they fell apart. But recently I've been investing more more often.

The three bras in heavy rotation at the moment are all Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Bra - $38. They are all strapless. I have a problem with straps hanging out if I don't do strapless. Not cool if you have a cheapie dress on. Can make YOU look cheap all around.

Another key I think is getting measured. I know how horrifying, right? But seriously, yo
ur size changes and sometimes you gotta admit that you don't know it all.

Did you see that Oprah where it said 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size??? 85!!!!!!!!!!! Shocking.

I got sized again a few years ago and discovered I'd been wearing a larger band size than I needed and a cup size that was too small. DOH! Yes, it was embarrassing - on many leve
ls - but it was a whole new world afterward.

Went from hanging out all over the place, X rated, tranny granny mess style in the wrong sized bra.

To contained and appropriate and PG-13 in the right bra. The before picture actually prompted the measuring. Mr. Diabolina was shocked at the difference the next time I wore the dress!

Still not convinced? Let me tell you NOTHING you could EVER experience could be more embarrassing than being measured at 11 years old for your first bra. Yes, that's right, my mother was such a bra nazi she made me do that. Not so adorable now, is she?

Oh and a note about the Fourth of July dress, that one has built in padding so you get a little nip coverage and lift with the halter. A real godsend since I try never to go braless.

Don't think most women should. Even small chested ones. Case in point Ms. Lauren Conrad out recently in a WHITE dress sans bra. Not a good idea. Even when you are thin, rich and 22.

Most of us need some kind of support and shape. Especially as the girls age right along with us. My advice is to just not go there unless you have to and are prepared to have excellent posture.

p.s. regarding Amber's above p.s.
Have been begging for a photo of her in her new wrap sweater ever since she blogged about taking my advice and picking one up at Image.

Cutie patootie, no? Think she definitely needs to get a whole array of colors. Bold ones. Maybe hot pink ones ;)


dapotato said...

amber's a total cutie and always so well put-together. my 2 cents. ;)

i JUST went to nordie's on saturday, got measured, and picked up a few natoris plus another brand i can never for the life of me remember. i actually even tried the beloved cK you suggest above, but it seems to be a no-go for girls that can barely fill an A cup in some brands, even in the A. :(. i couldn't find one strapless all day that really fit. :(

bubbie said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and have left a few comments in the past. I was just thinking about asking you about what type of strapless bras you were and then BAM, you post about it! Like Amber, I've gone and picked up a few wrap sweaters at Image too. LOVE them. I started off with just one and now I have three! :)

amber said...

ah, i didn't mean to make you blush! i really meant it as a compliment. these days, i so often see more of girl's chest than i really care to, but your looks are always so polished and never approach the trashy look.

that halter dress having built in cups makes much more sense. it doesn't look like and i couldn't for the life of me figure out what kind of bra you were wearing that would give it such smooth lines, but that didn't show through. :)

thanks for the kind words, too. you are just too sweet! and i really get more compliments on that wrap sweater than you could even imagine. i'm definitely in the market for more colors!

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

Those are some great tips, and I have to agree that every woman should get fitted on a regular basis... too much What Not to Wear will turn you into a bra-nazi too. :)

Sable Crow said...

i LOVE you. I don't have anything else to add.

Lynn Tran said...

You are so helpful, m'dear. Thanks for the helping us one bra at a time. I am guilty as charged as far as going braless now and again, and must admit, probably should do no such thing anymore at this age.

weezermonkey said...

I buy bra three-packs at Costco.
Please don't disown me.

tam pham said...

shame on you, weemo!

As generic as it is, i'm a Victoria's Secret Ipex devotee (the Miami Tan is best nude color that an olive skinned tone girl could ever dream of...seriously, when I wear a Miami Tan bra and panty, I look like a naked mannequin!). However, my mom is strictly Wacoal. Must me a mom thing! :-)

p.s that pic of LC is scary.

WendyB said...

Okay, you CAN'T be talking about falling apart at 31. That age to me is when I was young!

R said...

I can never seem to do strapless with any success. And I agree that braless is almost never a good look-even for the skinny and rich. :)

Yay for Amber and yay for smooth lines! :)

Cee said...

amber looks fabulous in her new wrap sweater. It's too darn hot for me to sport mine.

Your mom is so wise for. No wonder you're the great Diabolina. I have to agree w/ your mom. Whenever nordstroms has their sales, i scour their bra section. I refuse to buy anymore VS bras. Those things fall apart after two washes.

Oh and I don't recommend those sticky bras. One time at band camp....j/k. Seriously one hot friggin day at a wedding, the left side of my boob slid of from the sweating. Gross. Other than that, it was a great bra. Just not much support.

Pssst...Nordie's Anniversary Sale starts 7/18.


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