Sunday, July 6, 2008

Special Feature: Diabolina Digs

Diabolina Digs Mr. Diabolina.

So WeeMo and R were right.

Tonight, Mr. Diabolina confessed he is actually, officially starting to crave Pinkberry!

In fact, when at 9 p.m. tonight he offered to go pick ME up one, I saw it. The Pinkberry fiending in his eye. It's unmistakable.

HOORAY!!!! Mikey likes it...he really likes it! Should buy him one of these t-shirts courtesy of Mr. Prettier than Me's web site, You Are So Famous!

Btw, yes, that makes this our third Pinkberry in four days. New joint record! Obesity here we come!


Couture Carrie said...

When I was living in nyc it was like my crack . . . easy on the lips/hips, but tough on the budget!
I miss it so!

amber said...

hehehe. hey, at least it's nonfat. you could be on your third sprinkles run in 4 days. now that would be tragic (but soooo yummy!)

R said...

I love being right! Even better, I love that he loves it. ;) On the bright side of the could be crack. Pinkberry, not so bad. :)

Kelly said...

my hubby drags me (not unwillingly) to Pinkberry at least twice a week. and I'm sure that number will go up since we'll have two within walking distance of our house. I'm not complaining. ;)

weezermonkey said...


Now you can be like us and go visit different knock-offs to compare and contrast tartness and textures.

Yeah, we do that.


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