Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Scene
Today was a trip. Felt like getting in a time machine and traveling back to 1996. That's the year Mr. Diabolina and I met. We were freshman at USC and living in the same dorm. We were babies.

He was rushing a fraternity. That's him second from the right! Next to him is his buddy Mr. Pope with the ubiquitous red cup. All the way to the left is his other pledge brother Nose. He's clutching at his red cup too like it's a baby bottle ;)

This is the boys today. Nose was visiting from the east coast and we hosted a little reunion. Great to reminisce and catch up.

Last time the three of them were together was Mr. Pope's wedding last year.

Over drinks on our balcony, we reminisced about the old days. Heard names I hadn't thought about in 12 years. Remembered stories I had forgotten. Memory can be such an elusive thing.

Like good hosts, we also let our guests (and their jaunty hats) get their gaming on. I swear that tabletop arcade was one of the best purchases Mr. D has ever made.

Nose's girlfriend was a real ninja at the games. Very crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Heart a hot chick who knows her way around a video game.

We took the crew to one of our favorite Mexican dives for dinner and then Mr. Diabolina did the unthinkable. He suggested Pinkberry for dessert. Twice in three days!!! I think he figured it would make us girls happy since we'd been listening to the guys yap about boy stuff all day. Very sweet of him.

Let me tell you it was quite surreal to be at Pinkberry with these boys.

I remember the day when beer was the only thing they'd "eat."

NEVER EVER imagined 12 years later, I'd witness them trying tart frozen yogurt.

Life has a funny way of being funnier than you could have ever imagined. Love that!

The Outfit
Forever 21 bubble jersey dress

The Accessories
Marimekko for H&M necklace
Fashion District bangle
Chanel bag
Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals
Forever 21 sunglasses

The Grade

The Commentary

Built this outfit around the bold disk necklace. What a centerpiece! Have been dying to wear it ever since I got it a few weeks ago. Had meant to buy it during my initial Marimekko mad dash shopping spree but somehow didn't.

In the end, my oversight was a good thing. Got the necklace on sale marked down from $24 to just $5. Total steal. Actually felt guilty about it. Ugh to being a recovering Catholic ;)

As you may have heard if you have a pulse, statement necklaces have been a "must have" this spring. Apparently they are still "in" for fall. PERFECT excuse to keep snapping them up, I say. You can never have too many - trend or no trend. Especially when they are foolishly marked down and cost the same as your morning latte or a gallon of gas. Ugh this economy!

Am lusting over all these dresses with built in necklaces lately. Remember my latest Phillip Lim obsession? It is so perfect I can't stand it. Trendy yet timeless.

But I think this bejeweled Dior dress was the inspiration of today's look. Can't get it out of my head ever since I saw it on Eva Mendes at the collections. Choose today's jersey dress because the neckline and the orange color would make the necklace look as though it was part of the garment. Mr. Diabolina loved that.

Think it all looked very summery together. Super casual with just of hint of fab. Looking forward to pairing the necklace with more dressed up looks as well as fall ensembles.

p.s. Jean Bean actually got the necklace ages ago and has been rocking it a million different ways. Here are some of her super sweet musings:

I bought a few things from the Marimekko collection at H&M and this was by far the best. One of my favorite things this summer! It combines two of my favorite things: a bold necklace and a bold print. People constantly compliment me and ask what it is.

I wear it 3 ways:

-With a white linen DKNY sack dress and some ugly-chic Michael Kors sandals that are basically high-heeled huaraches. You need the major heels to sex up the shapeless dress. A lot of bloggers shot me in this outfit in Milan. I also wore it to meet Burberry’s Christopher Bailey and HE zeroed in on the necklace. Of course he’s a big proponent of the bib necklace. See Prorsum fall 08.

-With an ikat/damask print DVF sack dress. (The one I wore to Kleinfeld.) I get a huge kick out of combining prints. This particular combination is risky because the patterns are kind of the same scale, which is ordinarily a no-no, but they are all muted, earthy colors, so I take a chance.

-With a grey tank and a full skirt that is olive green with a very fine-print, toile-ish pattern.

LOVE that Jean Bean brought up the Burberry Fall collection. I have been pretty obsessed with it. Really digging all things punk rock lately. Studs and spikes and plaids and beanies and fingerless gloves.
Very grunge. Very early college. Very the first time I fell in love ;)


dapotato said...

LOVE that necklace. small-boned me is always afraid to go too nuts with statement necklaces, but i always feel awesome when i do.

love that the frat boys are now eating pinkberry.

weezermonkey said...

Is there any possibility at all that he secretly likes pinkberry? The thought of that makes me giddy. :)

amber said...

what a great sweet post -- start to finish!

and you look so dang cute in that dress. B? nah, i think i'd give the look a definite A!

tam pham said...

i love how one accessory can be worn a million ways. p.s. jb needs to start a blog...her life sounds so fabulous.

WendyB said...

I love people who build an outfit around jewelry!

MissJordyPants said...

I LOVE seeing people I haven't seen forever. So awesome to mix the old life and the new life. Glad it works so seamlessly!

Milly said...

Love the necklace
bold "statement" necklaces are so in right now!!
Thanks for your the search to finding dresses and skirts..oh boy! :)

Jean Bean said...

Today I'm wearing my "Channel" necklace. I learned it by watching you, OK?!

R said...

I am thinking that maybe Mr. D likes Pinkberry despite his protests. He doesn't want to like it, but he does. ;)


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