Friday, April 11, 2008

The Scene
TGIF after a life-changing week.

Today I officially announced my departure to my entire department. It was awkward. Moving on...

Styleminded, The Peeper and I raided H&M at lunch. Have been dying to check out the Marimekko madness after Lilcee and Jean Bean both sent me emails this week. Kisses to both of you for the reminder!

[Btw, just added an email to the right column where you all can reach me for tips, feedback, fashion emergency questions, snuggles and book deal offers ;) ]

Marimekko did not disappoint this long-time fan, first-time purchaser. Was instantly overwhelmed by the explosion of prints as soon as we walked in.
Loved all the cartoony-licious prints. LOVED! So playful, so Crayola, so "I don't take myself too seriously."

Ironically the green and white pattern on the label was probably my favorite but not one they made into a garment. Wah!

Was really digging the bathing suits and shorts. But the former I don't need and the later I don't wear because, remember, I decided I can't now that I am 30. {sobbing for my lost, short-wearing youth}

Took quite a few pieces into the dressing room but only emerged with two Marimekko tops that I'll soon unveil and one little Mexico/beach dress. $61 in damage. Not bad.

Still thinking I may pop into the H&M near my house to ensure I didn't miss anything amazing...

Um, managed to go a little too bananas grabbing goodies. Emerged with this hideous, Frankenstein-esque hanger scratch. The scars you have to live with when you are a lunch hour fashion ninja ;)

Went to a delish dinner at Sofi with Sable Crow, Fancypants, Mr. Roboto and my mister. Perfectly warm night to dine al fresco.

It was hands-down the best Greek food I've ever had - hands down. There was a flaming cheese dish that set our hearts aflutter. And my mousaka was eggplanty heaven.

But the real show-stopper of the evening was Fancypants new Balenciaga clutch. Bow down to it. Worship it. It is perfection personified.

[Boy fashion aside: Tonight Sable Crow and I confirmed he and Mr. Diabolina have the same shirt. The boys get their shirts custom made from a Hong Kong tailor who comes to L.A. twice a year.

Out of the hundreds of fabric options, they managed to pick the same one. How super cute is that? Loving fashion psychic links between college roomies. Jean Bean and I keep having them across the country too. ]

The Outfit
3.1 Philip Lim midnight blue ruffle dress
Putty wrap sweater

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs putty hobo
Me&Ro necklace and earrings
Forever 21 blue and gold bangles
Abate for Payless blue and black pumps

The Grade

The Commentary
Decided to forgo the casual Friday blue jean queen look in favor of a "devil with a (Philip Lim!!!) blue dress on" vibe.

Chose this dress because I wanted to look fancy for my departure announcement. Also have been wanting to wear this dress for Fancypants because I knew she'd appreciate it being my first Philip Lim and all.

Bought this delish dress the day of my last interview for the new gig. Waited out the rush hour traffic by popping into The Address (where I got the newest DVF) and Designer Labels in Santa Monica.

Found this feminine dream in the 70 percent off rack!!! A $500ish dress for $55!!!! Inconceivable!!!!

Slipped it on and instantly fell in lust. Adore the color with my skin tone, the ruffle strapless neckline, and duh the pockets.

Navy is one of Mr. Lim's signature colors as are ruffles so this dress is perfect in every way for this to be my first piece.

What I failed to notice in my giddy "70 percent off Philip Lim" stupor is that the shape isn't the best. Head on it's ok. A bit amorphous blob but ok.

From the side however it is AWFUL. I look like I am 7 months preggers. With twins. Who are in the upper percentile of weight. BLECH. Maybe that's why it was so discounted. Boo on me.

Sable Crow was disgusted with my unflattering silhouette. Fancypants suggested a belt. I am thinking the wrap sweater hid the situation as would the right jacket. Not sure I can take more of this volume trend that doesn't highlight my hard work at the gym.

In the end, when we came home and were alone, Mr. Diabolina tells me I looked "gorgeous" tonight. Choosing to believe him and not the hypercritical voices in my head.

Here are some more of my fave blue dresses from Shopbop and Neiman's - set to the tune of Devil with a Blue Dress On. How great are the lyrics???

Have a happy devilish weekend!

Fee, fee, fi, fi, fo-fo, fum
Look at Molly now, here she comes
Wearin' her wig hat and shades to match
She's got high-heel shoes and an alligator hat
Wearin' her pearls and her diamond rings
She's got bracelets on her fingers, now, and everything

Devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue dress
Devil with the blue dress on
Devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue dress
Devil with the blue dress on

Wearin' her perfume, Chanel No. 5
Got to be the finest girl alive
She walks real cool, catches everybody's eye
They got to be nervous, they can't say Hi
Not too skinny, she's not too fat
She's a real humdinger and I like 'em like that


Good golly, Miss Molly
You sure like to ball
Good golly, Miss Molly
You sure like to ball
It's late in the evenin'
Don't you hear your mama call

From the early, early mornin' 'til the early, early nights
See Miss Molly rockin' at the House of Blue Lights
Good golly, Miss Molly
You sure like to ball
While you're rocking and you're rolling
Can't you hear your mama call



tam pham said...

ahh a fellow Phillip Lim devotee! i want to see a pic of this blue Lim number that was only $50!!! i'm so jealous!!! random, are you planning on getting one or both of his Gap white shirts??

weezermonkey said...

I love your blue dress!

fancypants said...

I just returned the Robert Rodriguez blue dress!!! It was my standby for the engagement party. I loved your dress when I saw it on Friday. Yum! Hope you had a great weekend.

weezermonkey said...

Blogger tip:

Don't publish until you're totally done with your post! Just "save now" instead, or else those of us who subscribe to your RSS feed will only read and comment on your incomplete entry!

Imagine my constant surprise when I check back on your actual blog (instead of my reader) and find more fabulousness that I would have otherwise missed!

Michelle said...

The dress is great! I feel you on the voluminous thing...I don't have big boobs by any means, but when I try on certain dresses, the boobs poof them out giving me that "tent" look.

I think a belt would look good. OR if you know a seamstress who can re-work should have asked Santino!

Jean Bean said...

I too am done with volume. Ready for austere tailoring!

amber said...

i've been over the volume trend since before it started. :P it does absolutely nothing for pear shapes, like myself. blah!

tam pham said...

maybe you could add a skinny metallic belt to control the volume of that fabu Lim dress! i think it looks great as is though. oh, i think you can and SHOULD wear shorts even if you're 30...who cares? if you still look good, you can wear whatever you want.


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