Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The SceneToday at The Office they served BBQ for lunch. I practically made love to the ribs.

Apparently, went a little too nuts. Popped into the restroom a few hours later and looked in the mirror only to find sauce all over my lips. Ugh. What a pig. Miss having friends at work who have my back and tell me when I'm a problem. Sigh.

At least I have real life friends who hook me up on hump days. G (who will from now on be known as Little Miss MBA) and I had plans to meet up for dinner tonight.

As we were finalizing details, she sent me a special promotion coupon for Madewell - all jeans $25. They typically retail for $98-$120. Eureka. I suggest we skip our fancy dinner and instead dine on demin.

Had never heard of Madewell until the last few months. I guess it's a sister brand of J Crew. And lucky for me, one of Little Miss MBA's best friends from childhood works on the corporate team.

We both end up getting two pairs of jeans. Wasn't expecting much but each pair was outstanding on my tush. And my tush is not an easy customer.

The sale section was also brimming with deals. Got these very Marc Jacobs tops. Each for under $15.

Little Miss MBA might just be the most perfect friend. Not only are we twins when it comes to work ethic and sense of humor. But she is invariably supportive and reassuring and swoops in to cheer me up when I'm down in the dumps. And she knows L.A. fashion like no one else. And she takes me to the coolest parties AND hooks me up with the coolest shit.

Not to mention the fact that she is ALWAYS impeccably turned out. Today she is wearing the Marc butterfly print I adore and her new monogrammed Goyard. Ugh. I cannot wait til she rules the world.

The Outfit
Forever 21 striped top
Fashion District black jacket
Theory white pants
Canal street earrings
Chanel necklace

The Accessories
Chanel bag
Tory Burch flats
Forever 21 polka dot bow headband

The Grade


The Commentary
No picture today. Mr. Diabolina was asleep when I got home at 10 pm. What an old fart.

Today's nautical look was inspired by Gwyneth. Yes, her smug ass again. Yes, I know I'm not white. Yes, I know that if I love her so much I should just marry her already.

It's just that find her style so clean and feminine. She wears clothes with such ease and grace. And damn near always manages to be on trend without being trendy. Very much what I aim for in my daily looks.

The picture above of Gwynnie at a recent Estee Lauder event is a dream. The ruffles: big for fall 2008. The peep toe shoes: sex on a stick. The killer straight hair: my ideal. The naked face with smoky eyes: my go-to evening makeup. I want. I love. I need.
This recent picture got me thinking about another black and white ensemble of hers that sticks in my head. White pants, striped sweater with a crisp white shirt underneath and a Chanel bag. Oh and a delicious Apple in her hands. So very Upper Eastside Mommy chic.

Gwyneth also seems to favor stripes in her more casual looks.

Not sure why stripes always elevate a basic pair of jeans. But they do. Maybe it's because they conjure Frenchness???

So with visions of Gywnnie dancing in my head this morning, I reached for this nautical Forever 21 top. Then the white pants followed by the black jacket. Summery but still work appropriate.

Then came the Chanel pieces and the Tory Burch gold flats that are on their last legs from overuse. Then the cherry on top of this outfit was the little polka dot headband I slipped on. So adorable. So Blair Waldorf (Am getting the Gossip Girls DVD the minute it comes out next month, btw!)

Got the idea to mix prints (stripes with polka dots) from this recent Rihanna shot. Kinda love it, kinda hate it. But she is so young and gorgeous and on the brink that she can pull it off.

For the rest of us mere mortals, I think just a little mixing of prints will do you.


weezermonkey said...

I am dismayed that nobody told you about the barbecue sauce.

Da Fashionista said...

don't be. it was minimal. and no one there is worth feeling dismayed.

i am just lucky I didn't get it all over my white pants. that would have been a horror.

WendyB said...

I love reading about your fashion inspiration. LOL @ making love to the ribs.

Sable Crow said...

Yum! I did a fashion blog in your honor! Loving dining on denim. You're my idol.

Reena Rai said...

Awesome friend! Those jeans look very nice and those tops are gorgeous!

Christina said...

I love the nautical look>>>great outfit!

tam pham said...

come to dallas! there are countless bbq whorehouses where we can make love to ribs without judgemnent!

amber said...

i think you nailed it. those nautical stripes looks sorta french, hence, it looks chic. must think about incorporating more of them into my wardrobe.

cannot wait for the next season of GG!


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