Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Scene
Quite the momentous day. Met one of the readers of my blog for the very first time - real face to real face!!!

Her name is dapotato. From her blog and comments, I've gathered she is cool and witty and lovely. She also seems to be trying to find her way professionally. My kinda girl.

We figured out a few weeks ago that we work a block away from each other and have been IMing about getting together ever since. But I've been hesitant to meet blogger pals. Too afraid. Not quite sure of what. Most likely it's my mom drilling "beware of strangers" into my head as a child. Maybe I'm also afraid I won't be what people expect. That's a tough one for a people pleaser like me.

But despite my apprehension, lunch ends up being a real treat. dapotato is as funny and sweet in person as I had imagined. AND she's wearing delish Dior sunnies. Adore.

We discuss careers and going back to school and our mens and blogging and the state of the world. Heady stuff for a first meeting. I'm unfortunately a bit nervous and awkward at first but start relaxing toward the end.

As we part, dapotato unfurls this little bag and says it's for me. EEEKS!

Inside are two little perfect Crumbs cupcakes. So thoughtful of her!!! This kind gesture leaves me glowing the rest of the afternoon.

Then before I leave work for the day, I notice the blog is getting a ton of traffic. One of the referring traffic URLs is this Nest post. YAY to perfect strangers digging the bloggy blog!

In the grand scheme of things, it's probably not the biggest deal. But since I've been pretty down lately, these words of encouragement feel incredibly validating. So thank you to the women who posted on the Nest. Means ALOT to me.

Now get to commenting. I'm a WHORE for comments ;)

The Outfit
Fashion district jacket
Forever 21 tank top
Dolce and Gabbana wrap skirt

The Accessories
Chanel necklace
Forever 21 sunglasses
Fashion district bracelet
Faux Chanel earrings
Marc Jacobs purse
Narcisco Rodriguez sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Definitely had a fashion emergency this morning. Wanted to dress up for dapotato but not be overdressed. Wanted to be fabulosity but not look like I was trying too hard. OH THE HUMANITY!

Ultimately decided to stick to a tried and true palette: the always chic black-and-white with a dash of fire engine red. Made it even more me by mixing the high end polka dots with the inexpensive $8 tank and $30 jacket. The designer heels and the bag and the necklace all elevate the look, creating a very timeless, very Italian ensemble.

No one does polka dots or leopard print or corseting quite like Dolce and Gabbana. I sooooo need more D&G in my life. Yes, it's typically quite overt, even a bit vulgar, maybe a tad Euro trash but I love it.

They always know how to make a woman oooze confidence and sexual power and feminine strength. Think more women need to know how to own that side of themselves. Or at the very least feel comfortable with it.

Tapped into a bit of my animal instincts with this new zebra bracelet. It is the hotness. Bought it downtown. Just $12.

Have been wanting one of these opulent bracelets for years now. They are always all over the tiny wrists of celebrities. Kenneth Jay Lane. Typically at least $200. Think I like mine better.

Cannot get enough of these Chloe knock off sunglasses.

Feel sooooo Nicole Richie in them. Well except for the whole perfect hair and tiny thing. Sigh. As we got up to leave the restaurant, dapotato said she didn't realize I was so tall.

I'm really not. It's just that my height belies my Asianess :)

p.s. Here are some more black and white ensembles that have me drooling lately.

LC looking a hot mess outside a Hollywood nightclub.

Heidi gearing up to start a new season of Project Runway. Cannot wait.

At the Valentino couture show. Such simple "I have high net worth" elegance.

Xtina at the Ivy - fabulously gaudy mommy.


dapotato said...

'twas fun! and no need to be nervous for li'l ole me. i don't know how to dress all that well, but i do love me some good accessories. ;)

how'd you know i love polka dots?

weezermonkey said...

Eee! I love when my friends become friends!!!

lookrichbitch said...

How fun! Yay for being brave!

Milly said...

how sweet of her to bring you cupcakes...they look yummy
nice outfit...i love wearing red accessories against an all black outfit..that pop of color is great!
oh..and i love your bracelet..so nice and affordable..have to get me one :)

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

aw, such a sweet potato! Glad you both had fun, and yay for yummy treats :)

tam pham said...

new friends who bring cupcakes as gifts?!?!! so awesome.

amber said...

the tater is a sweetheart, isn't she? :) let me get my living quarters in order and then i want to get in line to meet miss diabolina, too :)

Cee said...

ditto amber. Taters is so darn sweet that i get a toothache when I don't chat w/ her for a while.

I can't wait for PR. I hope one of these days when I walk into MOOD, that they'll be taping an episode. How exciting would that be?

R said...

Love the tater meeting. So cool!


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