Monday, April 21, 2008

The Scene
Second to last day at The Office.

Change is a tough thing for me and yet ironically, I handle it better than most. Even make it look easy. Naturally, I resist it at first but then I let go. Let go of the fear and dive into the change. I emerge and just get on with things, swim along with the current like a fishy.

I think adaptability is hugely underrated. It's the quality that probably best defines me. I'm very proud of that.

Today I have my last lunch with The Peeper. Not quite sure what we'll do without each other. Ugh. We get pho, my favorite. I seriously eat it like 3 times a week. I am definitely going to miss the little things about my routine for the last 2 years at this job. Gonna miss my sushi joint, my mid-day jaunts across the street to Target, that King Taco salsa.

Gonna miss Mr. Honorary Hot Chick's daily visits to shoot the shit. Styleminded's adorable IMs about Happy Hour plans or Shopbop pieces she wants my opinion on. M's face relaxing and smiling when I pass her desk on the way to the elevator. So much.

Hoping to really hold it together tomorrow. I'm a big crier. A big messy snot nosed ugly balling crier. Have to remember I've survived two close friends Flower and The Riz leaving my department and I am still close with both of them. It's just a new chapter in all of our friendships, right?

Get together for dinner and window shopping with my mama. Catch up on her NYC trip and my weekend.

Um, so a bum snatched a coke out of her hands near Ground Zero. He then settled in to drink it and HAD THE AUDACITY TO toast in her direction. WHAT????? F!!!!!!!!!!!! She's NEVER going there without me again! Too tiny for that bonkers Big Apple.

End the day watching The Hills and sharing two Crumbs cupcakes with Mr. Diabolina. Sticky sweet day!

The Outfit
Fashion District two-tone linen dress

The Accessories
Forever 21 two tone bangle
Bruno Magli cap toe slingbacks
Chanel black chain tote

The Grade

The Commentary
New dress for my last Monday. Bought it with my mom in downtown a few weeks ago. $35. Thought it was very Chanel crossed with hip Shopbop designers whose names I don't know because they are too hip for me :)

But today, not feeling like I ADORE it. Wah. I think part of the problem was accessorizing it. I tried on three different necklaces that didn't quite work. Grabbed the two tone bracelet to make up the difference. But the whole look felt too safe, too boring matchy matchy with the shoes.

Of course, the pockets make me giddy. But oops I did it AGAIN. Once again the volume is a bit much on me. GOOD LORD WHEN WILL I LEARN! I bought the small but think it's still a size too big. Ugh. What a Britney aka idiot.

Over the weekend, I received two delightful packages from my lover, Karl Lagerfeld. One was the most delicious trifecta of perfection. It showed all the Camelia lines of jewelry. Classic. Beautiful. REDIC expensive. Sigh!

The other was the summer lookbook masquerading as a romantic scrapbook. It features the dEEvine Claudia Schiffer frolicking in the surf with scantily clad boyz.

I love that she is branding their taut flesh with Chanel tattoos. I matter-of-factly told Mr. Diabolina I plan to reenact this in Mexico. THE perfect start to the summer, no?
p.s. Check out the exciting Chanel news my friend just posted about on her new cute blog Las Angelenas!

p.p.s. What do you think Karl's black and white sheathed minions would do if I rolled in to the new boutique looking this GLAMOUROUS AND FILTHY CUTE?


weezermonkey said...

I am dying at "What a Britney."

tam pham said...

i love that dress! i think the size looks great on you! i keep telling myself that i'm over volume but i keep going back to it since it's so comfortable and hides my tummy! i bet you are so excited about your last day of work! yay for you!

dapotato said...

adaptability is indeed unerrated. moving on and accepting change gracefully is awesome.

Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

I am almost afraid of the polyvore site, if I start to play...will I ever stop?


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