Friday, May 16, 2008

The Scene

Today I confirm that I'll be traveling back east for work in a few weeks. Woo hoo. This job keeps getting better and better.

Can visit Jean Bean and Peaches and their boyz in NYC.

Hopefully see my old beloved co-worker Flower and his lady too. Cannot wait to be a hot child in the city!!

Midday, Fancypants suggests we meet after work. She wants to hit Barney's to check out the new Rogan for Target line. They are selling it there exclusively before it officially launches at Target on Sunday.

Must admit that I couldn't make out what the big hullabaloo has been about this Go International collaboration. But to be fair, Rogan's minimalist, androgynous look is not really my thing. And Jean Bean and I were less than impressed with the animal print dress in all the bus stop and magazine ads.

But I know Fancypants knows her fashion so I decided to keep an open mind and join her.

And am SO glad I did. Alot of the clothes looked better in person than expected and there were pieces I hadn't seen online at all. Like this GREAT linen striped wrap dress.

Rogan is known to cut a great pant so, duh, I took a few into the dressing room.

Also took in some pieces that weren't very me - decided what the heck might as well keep the "openmindedness" going...

Loved the linen dress. Great fit in the front but it did a weird bouchy thing in the back. Seemed like it was designed for a hunchback of Notre Dame and I am a hot chick of USC so no dice. Might get it if I find it in XS - again, be warned, the sizes are CRAZY.

Ended up just getting what I thought I would: one pair of linen wide leg trousers and a pair of black skinny jeans that look like they were made for me. So rock and roll. Figure it's time to retire my $24 Forever 21 pair. Have relied on them for over a year now.

Also got a black jumper with colorful buttons. Most adorable thing I tried on. Might return it tho. Feel like a ridiculous old woman in it since I've sworn off shorts.

Fancypants got a few tops and we both got this FREE tote bag for making a Rogan for Target purchase. SCORE!

Met our boys for drinks and appetizers. Super fun night!

p.s. So at about 6:30 pm Pacific I was passing Saks to get to Barneys and almost had a heartattack. You see the Saks store windows were clearly trying to kill me.

One after another they glittered with Chanel deliciousness.


Shoes with purses.

Dresses with purses.

Puppies with purses.

Even a BIKE with a purse. Ugh. This Chanel bike costs $12,000. Michelle sent me this link about it weeks ago. I'm all for going green but this is REDIC!!!

So precisely at the same time as I was being assaulted by Chanel I can't afford, Jean Bean was meeting the diabolical Kaiser behind it all. Here's the photo she took. EEKS!!! She totally got within slapping distance of those gloved paws!

I am hoping she'll comment herself and fill in the gaps but here's what I know:

It was raining today in NYC so she had to rework her black and white ensemb. UGH! The pressure of it all.

She brought a French boy friend because her co-worker blew off the event. Can you BELIEVE blowing Karl off????

Karl was late. He was nice to everyone. She didn't understand a word he said and she got him to autograph his four volume photography books. Amazing. Now I can die happy.

The Outfit
Chocolate wrap sweater
Banana Republic halter linen top
Seven for Mankind jeans

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Fashion District necklace
Chanel brown sunglasses
Marc Jacobs heart kitten heels
Fashion District bangles

The Grade

The Commentary

Built today's outfit around this leaf necklace. I just loved it when I saw it in the store. Feels tribal but still elegant. Such a statement for just $12.

Added this tank top for it's pretty pop of color. The color makes up for two things I dislike about it:

1) It is a bit short on me. If it was about three inches longer it would be infinitely more flattering. I normally wear tops that hit my hip bone.

Think Tim Gunn's show when you shop. Know where things should hit you to be the most flattering.

2) This top has built in little nips. Ugh. It looks like you are perpetually cold. F. I hate that look. Samantha trashy.

I always have to keep this top covered up at work. Today was extra conscious of it since so many people complimented me on the necklace after staring in that general area for a while. ha!

Noticed that the sweatheart dip of the top matched the little "neckline" of the shoes. Adorable.

Last but not least I found it very very very cute that at dinner Fancypants and Mr. Roboto aka Cyberob matched.

And so did Mr. Diabolina and I. Love couples who are in sync. Right down to their fashion...


WendyB said...

I was listening to "Hot Child in the City" at the gym today!

weezermonkey said...

Every puppy needs a Chanel purse!

Michelle said...

Seriously? Your friend's co-worker blew off a KL meeting?! Who does that? OMG! If I was your friend, my heart would have been racing. Can't beleive she was that close - and he was wearing gloves! Is that his new thing for this decade? Wasn't it all about the fan at one point? LOVE HIM!

Built in nippys? Where did you find such a shirt?

Saw the Rogan line at Target today and just wasn't feeling it. Boo.

Jealous of the bag you got!

dapotato said...

too much good stuff in this post.

amber said...

love the green and brown combo with denim. that chanel bike is pretty sweet.... ;)

Ann Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ann Marie said...

I would like to adopt that puppy. And its purse. ;)

Unknown said...

Yes, Alex forgot about Karl and made plans to go the Hamptons instead. The usual. Anyway, it was kind of a silly event, a one-night gallery show of Karl's photos of model Brad Kroenig. They were selling a four-volume boxed set of books ($85) containing literally nothing but 1000+ photos of Brad. I got mine free. They were late arriving from the cruise show in Miami and everyone was waiting around this little gallery just to see Karl. (I wore a skirt with a concentric circle pattern because I thought it was a bit Fendi-esque.) When he finally arrived, he was totally an obliging celebrity, posing for photos and signing autographs and whatever he was asked. Not scary at all. So I asked a couple of questions and tried to tease out some info about his vision for men's wear. But I could not, and still cannot, make out what he said except ... "it's the other boys...the show...Paris...if Coco Chanel." On the tape he sounds just like Mumbles in the Dick Tracy movie.

tam pham said...

you and Mr. D looks like such cute little leprechauns in your matching green! that was a compliment by the way! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it when couples match - not too matchy matchy but just enough to compliment eachother is hot.


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