Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Scene
Today I pitched going to the new Broad museum at LACMA and Mr. Diabolina agreed.

I heart romantic museum dates. Makes me feel like we've only been dating 10 months. Not 10 years.

Must admit I'm not super into modern art. But I have to say all the Picaso, Matisse and Warhol stuff blew me away. Love the rebellion against the traditional, the innovation and fearlessness in their work. Very inspiring.

Loved the exhibit on the first floor that is like a maze. Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies. I dream of having a labyrinth garden one day when I am a millionaire and shit.

Also really liked the idea of going inside the art. Literally diving into it. That the separation between me and the art dissolved and the observer and the observed became one. Super cool for this super nerd.

Mr. Diabolina was a trooper. He's been in serious discomfort since Tuesday. We think there was some kinda spider in the airline blanket he used as a neck pillow. Blech!

He has like 15 itchy, swollen bites concentrated in the nape of his neck. HORRIFIC. I never touch those blankets precisely for this reason. Ugh. My poor baby and his big brain.

Knew a Guiness would make things better for my Irish boy so we headed over to Molly Malone's for a couple after the musuem.

In the evening we headed out to celebrate Mr. Diabolina's cousin's birthday. SO. MUCH. FUN. It was the perfect dinner party for the following reasons:

1. Beautiful garden setting - kinda like a labyrinth ;)
2. Perfect mix of people - family, friends, a few Europeans, all older/wiser than us.
3. Flowing champagne and wine all night
4. There was Ante's for dinner and fondue for dessert.
5. Lots of stories about Mr. Diabolina as a kid.
6. The night ended with guitars and singing.
7. Did I mention all the booze and fondue you could consume????

Wonderful wonderful day.

The Outfit
Maxi ikat-y halter dress

The Accessories
Louis Vuitton earrings
Red tiger bangles
Marc Jacobs Irina bag
Urban Outfitters red flat sandals
Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators

The Grade

The Commetary
Behold my new maxi dress. She is perfection. I've named her Pad :)

So glad I waited and searched and found this beauty. The colors are stunning, the cut is flattering, and it is the very definition of comfy. I'll get sooo much use out of this deliciousness.

The price? $40 at Image. Sure beats Missoni prices. $3000 for a summer dress is straight up redic. Pretty sure I would never pay that. Even when I have a labyrinth garden and millions to spend.

Adoring how seamlessly it works with the Marc bag, the Urban Outfitter sandals and the Louis Vuitton earrings. Got loads of compliments all day.

Ugh, this look might be my favorite of the year! What a homerun! I told you summer is my sartorial season.

It was a great choice for the modern art jaunt since it is soo colorful and poppy. Felt like I blended in with the art. Particularly this stunning starburst painting.

I was a bit cold at the garden party in the evening but I just thought warm thoughts and drank my champagne to keep me toasty.

p.s. This was Mr. Diabolina's face when he first saw me in the dress.

Me-OW, he purred!

Yay to keeping things interesting and new when you've known someone forever!


MissJordyPants said...

LOOOOVE the dress. So light and airy and easy breezy. What a perfectly relaxing day!

Lynn Tran said...

That dress shows off your tan perfectly - A+ indeed!

dapotato said...

love the dress. love the fabulous date and weekend you had. i must get my butt to the broad soon.

R said...

What a great weekend. Sounds perfectly balanced with intellectual stimulation, good food, great company, and a dress you love. Awesome!

weezermonkey said...

Dejected that you are not into modern art. :(

tam pham said...

i love maxidresses even though i'm a midget so they look all that great on me? did you ever get my email? i emailed while i was a little tipsy so a there's a chance i sent it to the wrong address!

Kate said...

Love the dress. Love the look on Mr. D's face. And love a lovely date with the old man.

venn said...

I think this outfit actually deserves an A++. But I understand if you don't believe in grade inflation.

Love it all.

JillFantastic said...

Labryinth is also one of my all time favorites. I think David Bowie was my first crush.

Samantha Smikle said...

maxi dress and ikat print! so on point--looks great on you!!

Cee said...

love the maxi. Wish i had your height to pull it off.

amber said...

hey, you were in my neck of the woods!

LOVE that dress! too adorable!

10yearstogether said...

You mamed it "Pad"?! I'm dyimg here! You crack me up.


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