Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Scene
Today during lunch The Peeper, Styleminded, Mr. Honorary Hot Chick and I hit some thrift stores looking for costumes for Saturday's party.

I ADORE that they are taking Mr. Diabolina's b-day so seriously. I love that they love my love :)

We hit Out of the Closet and Aardvark's. Pitch perfect 90's nightmares abound. We are like the Project Runway designers at Mood buying fabric: we have clear visions but just an hour to shop.

Styleminded is going for Saved by the Bell tacky. Mr. HHC is thinking Marky Mark hip-hoppy. And The Peeper wants to do grunge. She mentions My So Called Life and I cry, EUREKA!

Last week I had been thinking of channeling 90210. I had a very specific Brenda Walsh look in mind but was starting to worry I wouldn't find it (in my size and reasonably priced and by Friday.)

And I did do an Angela/Claire Danes costume for Halloween back in high school. I know exactly what that outfit requires: red hair spraypaint, combat boots and a flannel (acne sold separately - ugh!) So as I hunt, I start leaning toward pieces Jordan Catalano might dig...

That is, until I find the perfect piece for my Brenda look...it's going to be fab hilarity so I can't ruin the surprise quite yet. The rest of the kids strike gold too. Yay for midday shenanigans!

After work, meet my momma for sushi at Hirozen. She looks like a lil doll, per usual.

The ponytail! The jeans! The blingy Forever top! The wrap sweater! The Marc bag she stole out from under me at the Camarillo outlets! All adorable.

After dinner, we walk down a few blocks so I can get a new phone. My Razr passed away on Saturday during our boating excursion. Water on the keys. It went quietly and had a long happy life so no need to send condolences.

Today I am the proud mommy of a new (red) Blackberry Curve. Unfortunately, I lost all my numbers so feeling kinda freaked out that I can't call many people just yet.

After all, my friends are my life, as if you couldn't already tell :)

The Outfit
Marc Jacobs purple top
INC bow skirt

The Accessories
H&M gold bangles
Banks & Biddle bracelet
Me&Ro necklace
Louis Vuitton earrings (turquoise and fuchsia)
YSL pumps
Marc Jacobs putty hobo

The Grade

The Commentary

I haven't worn this skirt in ages. Think it got a bit tight at one point so I ignored it thinking that would make it fit again.

Love its weight (no pun intended) and the detail at the hem and the bow....oh that bow...oh so femme.

Though I haven't bought anything INC in easily 4 years, it was a big go-to when I left school and joined the ranks of the working. Loads of INC sales at Macy's helped me build my initial work wardrobe.

Not too many pieces have survived lo these 7 years of my (so called) professional life. But they were fun while they lasted.

INC does both basics and trends. They throw in some strong graphic prints and rounded collars and big buttons that made me happy once upon a time.

They used to do more Marc and DVF look-alikes. Wonder if they felt the pressure from said designer juggernauts in the wake of copyright infringement suits against mass retailers like Forever 21 - my beloved, beleaguered Forever 21.

The MJ top is perfection in a t-shirt. All the details at the neckline and the arms and in the print - ugh! Anything that man touches is gilded, manna from the heavens, retarded cute. O O O - Fancypants saw him with a gaggle of gays at the Chateau Marmont last Saturday. Oh to be a Sophia that hangs with those mos.

Love the monochromatic look today. Decided not to do my YSL bag. Too obvious. Decided the putty pop would be a good thing to break up all the purple.

Am clearly bonkers for purple this month. Think this makes purple outfit number 8. But hey Barney works on me :)

p.s. Digging The Peeper's H&M dress today. She needs to work color more - so good on her. And tight more - I'd kill for that shapely but petite figure.

And Styleminded's shoes were ornate perfection.

P.S. One of the best parts of today was when Jean Bean's friend Manimal commented on Saturday's post. Heart smart funny men who stop by and send love.

Mad props to my boy readers: Sable Crow, Mr. T, Robbie, Mr. Roboto, Mr. Honorary Hot Chick, the two Mr. B's, Mr. Diabolina and now The Manimal. Any one else lurking, lemme know ;)

Oh and Mr. T and I may collaborate on a piece aimed at the menz. Stay tuned...


Mrs. Shorty Cake said...

We have the same phone :) sounds like the party is going to be a blast too!

Kate said...

Can't wait to see the costumes!! So wish I could be there. I remember so many of my ultra hideous outfits from the early 90's. I'd say the latter portion of the decade went OK for me style-wise. At that time I was bartering in ho tops from Elegance at UV...it was fine.

weezermonkey said...

I don't know what to wear!!!

[crossing fingers that you are donning an awful orange wig to mimic the time Brenda first met Dylan on his motorcycle as she is jogging down the street]

Hey, a girl can hope!

Sable Crow said...

I'm reading consistently! Thought I'd leave a comment. Keep it up!

Jean Bean said...

I wish I could come! I would channel Blossom! Or...I would wear Daisy Dukes with a calico ruffle hem from Wet Seal, and a matching printed tee with the sleeves rolled up. And Keds. (REAL Keds, not Target keds.) And two pairs of slouch socks with the colors alternated. And a Swatch watch with two Swatch guards. And a scrunchee. That's what I WOULD have worn at 13, if I'd had any fashion resources, which I did not.

Jean Bean said...

Oh and I also would finally get my hands on an Esprit oversized tote bag. Oh, my wasted youth!

tam pham said...

i think i'm obsessed with your mommy. is that scary? :-/ she's a doll! we should do a link exchange! let me know if you're interested! viva la texas!

KFR said...

Humph ... the BOYS gets special shout outs?? Me pouty but it's been a bad day, boys, no offense intended.

So realize have been bad party guest and not RSVP'd. It may be because I do not have outfit yet. Me and JSR have been plotting 90s combos ... Scully/Mulder? Clinton/Lewinsky? Kurt/Courtney? Eeek.

Very nervous with all this style-minded competition and shopping on lunch hour. On the week I am not in Pas!

Grrrrr. :)

See you Sat.

styleminded said...

your mom is the cutest. and i love the detailed account of our thrift store shopping and 90s costume hunting.

cyberob151 said...

Always lurking.....roboto style.

amber said...

cute skirt! i <3 bows.

inc used to be my go-to work stuff, too, but lately, not so much. in fact, i'm pretty bored with most of my usual staple stores and have yet to find good replacements. poo.


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