Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Scene
Emotional today...for so many reasons. Jean Bean, Peach, Flower and EL aka The Peeper all sent me love, helping me get through the day. What friends I have! I am eternally grateful for them.

Work out hard today. To get my aggression out. To feel productive. To look hot for Mr. Diabolina. Run so hard that I cramp...bad. Oy vey what an old lady.

Must report that the scale just won't budge. I have lost a grand total of 4 lbs since Christmas which is great but still way shy of my ultimate goal by 7 lbs. BOO! When I was in my early twenties working out was enough to drop a size. At 30, I think I have to cut back on food too. THE HORROR ;)

BTW - Inspired by Styleminded, The Peeper also started sitting on a medicine ball at work and reports after a month, she has lost a "couple of pounds"!!! Says she hasn't done anything else different. I think it's time for me to try least at home while I blog.

The Outfit
Forever 21 grey and pink dress
Austrian trench coat

The Accessories
Stella McCartney grey pumps
Louis Vuitton Damier tote
Faux diamond studs

The Grade

The Commentary

This Forever 21 dress is prissy hot. Feel sweetly naughty in it.

The cut once again is a little off. Got away with buying the small and there's still plenty of room in the body. The length however is a bit short. In fact, The Peeper said she peeped me getting coffee and that I looked like I had mile long legs. YOW!

Let's tick down other reasons why I heart this dress:
  • Precious color pallette. Always love grey and pink together. Very ballet to me.

  • The little bell shape at the bottom makes me feel like I am cute. And 5 years old. And carefree.

  • The sheen of the material is subtle enough that you can wear it as a daytime or evening look. All it takes is a change of makeup, hair and accessories.

  • It's got sweet button detailing on the back. I am a sucker for cute buttons hence my Marc Jacobs fetish.

  • It matches so many hot pairs of shoes I already own.

  • It cost less than $30.

  • It looks like something Gwyneth (the winner of this week's poll) would wear.
Decided to pull together some of my all time favorite Gwyneth looks for us to discuss and drool over and be inspired by.

Here she is working a pinky champagne with grey sash. Love the post pregnancy cleav with the simple hair and great earrings.

Here's an uber femme dress she worked last week. The bow is a bit cartoony and could be a disaster on someone else. But shit she can get away it. LOVE the nerdy grey and white shoes. Plus, loving the fact that she has gotten a little more meat on her bones.

Here are a few more red carpet pink looks. Both of them are from the Oscars.

First one she's got the sparkle of an ingenue. Second one she's got the glow of a woman who is more established professionally and personally. Both total classics. The ultimate princess looks. (Let's try to forget that horrid goth look she did one year to the Oscars with the cornrows and saggy boobs. Ugh. Proof positive that EVERYONE makes fashion mistakes!)

Love when she is a bit edgier, a bit "I'm married to a rock star" hot.
Eating up her trendy shoes, belted tunics and classic purses in these pics. LOOK AT THOSE ROCKER SUNNIES TOO! Ugh. Adore.

See her bestie Stella wearing my shoes...which are really her shoes??? Yum.

I needs a genius designer as a bestie. Imagine all the free clothes flying your way. Got to get on that. Pronto. Have always thought I'd make a great muse for just the right crazy artist ;)

Heart the paring of light dresses with dark accessories So very Euro chic.

It's such a no-brainer. Great way to create contrast, to toughen up something that could be sickeningly sweet. I get it.

Just don't ever think I can get away with it. Feels a bit costumey on me but have been forcing myself to try it out more this year.

Adore when she glams up dark denim with tousled hair and luxe accessories.

Loving her casual chic. Delish color combination that I've been digging lately. And adore her mini-me with matching golden slippers.

Seriously I am having major baby fever lately. This spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

On a final note, I WANT HER HAIR. Have you seen MY rat's nest lately. BLECH! Whether it's up ballerina style or uber sleek or perfectly wavy, her hair is always delicious. It just screams money. Mine screams loony bin. WAH!

I need good hair to chic up my outfits. Gonna book an appointment this weekend for at least a cut and treatment. Too dry right now for highlights. Also going to commit to styling it more.

Thanks Gwyn for the inspiration :)


Sable Crow said...

Ahem. I have shoe envy. Girls get all the fun. Boys get loafers, wingtips, captoes, and boots. Blech. Squawk!

MissJordyPants said...

So, I'm not allowed to be reading blogs/blogging/thinking about blogs until I decide what I need to do with my life (a self-induced challenge to motivate my bum). But I missed reading you!

Adore the dress. Definitely hits the right balance between "I have a dollhouse" and "I have a mortgage".

This medicine ball - I just sit on it? My post-wedding weight gain is unattractive.

KFR said...

Excellent selection of Gwynnie "best of". I'd thrown in the red velvet gucci suit too.

Da Fashionista said...

single tear for you, sable crow.

hearting you missjordypants. yes just sit on it. I guess it helps with core and posture issues. the peeper confirmed today that she's lost 4 lbs in a little over a month!!!

yay, kfr!!! I KNOW EXACTLY THE SUIT YOU'RE talking about. i LOVE it. maybe gucci. will add it in to future posts ;)


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