Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Scene
Here's the tip of the day: don't ever eat sashimi before bootcamp. Even if it's 6 hours before your class. Or even if you historically have an iron stomach.


Here are this week's bootcamp funny nuggets:

Number of times I get seriously nauseous and fear being labeled "The girl who threw up sashimi (of all stinky things!)": 8

Number of times I obsess over the fact that super fit Mr. B admitted he DID throw up after his one and only bootcamp class: 30+

Number of times instructor says "good" to me: 1
Number of times he says "good" to the Britney Spears-at-her-peak clone next to me: 10+

Number of times the instructor makes the OK sign at me: 3
Number of times I realize he is asking me if Im OK and feel retarded: 1

The Outfit
Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress

The Accessories
Prada T-strap sandals
Chanel black tote
Faux diamond studs

The Grade

The Commentary
Bought this chevron-y print DVF dress at the UCLA Thrift Store. $35. Savings? Easily $200. It's so dead on for spring's safari chic look. Yet it's really a bold pattern that's timeless.

Much like this other pitch purrfect safari DVF skirt I got at Bloomie's 3 years ago for 70% off. Gotta loves how fashion repeats itself.

The dress works nicely paired with these bejeweled-ish Prada sandals that are a bit Grecian, a bit glamazon gladiator. These were another hand-me down. They are not something I would choose for myself but definitely wouldn't kick em out of bed either ;)

The dress is two sizes bigger than I normally wear tho. This makes me fairly certain it's vintage from the 70s because of all the vanity sizing that's in vogue nowadays with retailers.

The tying situation is also muy differente from the modern DVF wrap dresses I know so well. This one buttons all at the way down but has this cut out smack in the middle. WTF??? Doesn't Diane know I have tummy issues.

When I bought it I was in a rush and just told myself I would figure out how to tie it later. Ugh. Why does one need to have a Boys Scout merit badge to get dressed?

Cut to this morning when I just couldn't wrap my brain around how it should tie - pun intended.

When I got to work I asked The Peeper for her thoughts. God bless her, she got right in there, testing a few tying options. She kinda got it right, kinda didn't.

(Tho she was looking extra cutey patootie with her Prada 1990-ish hair. I remember Brenda Walsh rocked this look with a beehive in the back and i NEEDED it. However, The Peeper said she felt like she was on the verge of washing her face all day. HA!)

At some point right after she tied me up, I saw that my tummy was peeping through the midsection cut out. Ever so slightly but enough to create a panic in someone with less than perfect abs. Decided I NEEDED to take control of the situation.

Marched over to my work bathroom and parked myself in front of a huge full length mirror wall. It was the ultimate showdown between a fashionista and her complicated dress.

Realized part of the reason the tie was strange was because the dress is big on me in the hips. Bunched it up just so and tied it into - voila - wrap dress perfection. Problem solved. Tummy exposure crisis averted.

Loving that my dress looks like one DVF herself would wear to run her empire!

p.s. The Jovavich Hawk line at Target launches this weekend. We shall see if it proves too hippie dippy for my taste.

What was your favorite Go International diffusion line at Target?


fancypants said...

As always, loving you, diabolina.

Unknown said...

Too funny!!!

Jean Bean said...

A few reactions.

1. My DVFs are all within a 3-size range and they are all contemporary. I am the last to disparage my idol but she does have inconsistent fits.

2. Speaking of fashion repeating itself, these days it repeats itself faster than ever before. A few things you should always keep (if they're in good shape) because they always come back: metallics, animal prints, bohemia, westernwear, safari, preppy, 50s prissy lady, punk...and what else IS there? Just basics, and you do have to replace basics because the proportions shift over time.

3. I can't say which Go International collection stood out because I found them all pretty underwhelming. I went crazy at the first, Luella, but then gave away all but one piece, a navy blazer that you have too. After that I kept my head and bought only one thing each from Prouenza (nylon windbreaker) and Temperley (cropped military jacket) both of which I love. The rest of the collections I passed over entirely. I have a Jovovich Hawk dress they designed for Mango last year, and I regret that one too. These cheap-chic collaborations cloud my judgment! Of course if you are a mass retailer, that is precisely the aim.

Da Fashionista said...

kiss you fancypants!

Kelley :)


Totally agree with your take on the go international line. i feel myself justifying buying it cuz it would be so expensive otherwise to get a piece that this designer would touch. i liked the luella one the best. felt the most creative and unusual. all the others have seemed rushed to market. and most haven't been that flattering on this hippy body :)

lookrichbitch said...

dying! my instructor totally asked if i was ok too. *pant pant* yes. *pant* i'm fine.


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