Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Scene
Weather is still unbelievably gorgeous. I am over the moon.

Work is work. Nothing to write home about today. My life really starts late night in the Wood of Holly when I meet up with a girlfriend from my last job.

Meet Ms. L. She is brilliant. A rocket scientist in fact. She is also just really cool. A surfer and bon vivant. And sweetheart. And lots of fun. Someone I want to be better friends with. That (unfortunately) feels like more and more of a rarity the older I get.

So tonight when she invited me out I didn't think twice. The occasion? A wonderful boy she met in Scotland last year is out visiting her. HOT!

Had a FAB time. Fun, no pretense, easy. Hit some legendary and infamous Hollywood spots. Mr. B, the visiting Scotsman, was magic and understands what a prize Ms. L is. Super cute.

Decided tonight I need to stay up late more. Especially on random Tuesdays.

And travel more :)

The Outfit
Ann Taylor plum sleevless tank
Marc Jacobs "ikat" skirt
Parisian eggshell trench

The Accessories
Marc Jacobs Irina brown purse
DKNY brown sandals
Brown and green enamel bracelet

The Grade

The Commentary
So in the last month or so I keep seeing the word "ikat" everywhere. On WhoWhatWearDaily, in my Conde Nast magazines. Over and over again.

I quickly figure out the print falls under the tribal/global trend that I am REALLY feeling right now. (Am currently coveting this woven clutch.)

So today I realize I OWN ikat. My Marc skirt. I bought it over a year ago and it's purrfect for spring 2008. YAY!

Snagged it at 60 percent off. Just loved it instinctively. This means I didn't overthink it. Which means that I didn't think through what I would pair it with in my wardrobe. Bad news bears.

I only recently figured out this plum tank worked with it. Also have a tangerine-y tank that picks up some of the exact color in the print. Other than that I am at a loss.

Loving that the bracelet picks up the greens and browns of the outfit. And that the shoes (UCLA Thrift Store) and purse match exactly. Marc made very similar shoes that these always get mistaken for. Loverly.

The late night outfit was just a color combo I have seen before and loved. And it's a variation on today's work palette.

The sweater and tunic are Forever. Am really digging purple lately. Loves the mustard paired with it. And take a peek at the delish back of the top.

Think it worked. Hoped it made an impression. Like to think Mr. B will tell tales of me in Glasgow ;)


amber said...

i am a total sucker for low-back tops. :)

Cee said...

I have the same purple tunic. I would have never thought of that combo.

I pair mine w/ dark skinny jeans, heels, and a black cardigan. Or just wear it as a dress if I want more of an evening wear.

Jean Bean said...

Great skirt! And if you're interested, authentic ikat is an incredible art. They make it by dyeing the thread at strategic increments, and then a pattern emerges as it's woven. Hence the cool blurred edges.


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