Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm back

It started with a Tweet.

Followed by a Pinterest comment on my pin about the existential crisis that is blogging ;)

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 11.08.23 AM

Two little interactions. Two tiny moments of connectedness. Two lovely instances of my soul dancing with strangers in cyberspace.

Made me remember what blogging felt like: befriending women around the world through my writing. Sharing. Creating. Feeling known. Inspiring. Making people smile, feel, think, cry and of course, shop ;)

I remembered that for four years of my life this blog was a whole thing. It was my thing. Blogging was therapy, exhibitionism, creativity and escape - all rolled in to one.

It's been hard to admit why I stopped blogging last year. The truth is that I lost my self there for a while. In my grandmother's death, in work. I questioned what I was doing with my life and even more devastating, I doubted my voice.

I retreated from fun and fashion and writing. Which left me sad and frumpy and voiceless. Not a good look on anyone – especially a fashion blogger.

It's taken me most of 2013 but I'm starting to feel like myself again. Change is in the air. I even give a fuck about shoes again. Mental note: Blanche is always right.


So how do I catch up on nearly a year of blogging? Not entirely sure. Feels like the format should evolve. Blathering on about my daily outfits seems soooooo 2008 ;)

As a lady of (gulp!) 36, I think it's more about sharing the big life "ahas" with some food and fashion porn mixed in. Kinda like this:


My mom took me to Europe the summer after I got my Master's degree. Then I blinked and TWELVE years passed! So this summer, I finally returned the favor.

Not so fun back story: During my entire career, I've never taken more than 5 days off in a row. So no "big" overseas trips. Biggest regret of my 20s.


My grandmother dying was a huge wake up call. Made me finally understand that tomorrow is not guaranteed. That, in an instant, the things you put off can become regrets.  And that my (hilarious) mother may not always be this healthy...


So why not watch the fucking Eiffel Tower twinkle together more often than once a decade. It's like it took all the pain of my grandma's death to remind me that I was alive.


And guess who got in on Europa con nosotras? Yep, the man, the myth himself: Mr. Diabolina. It was our first time there together.

He never took real vacations from the firm either. Ugh to both of us type As.


For most of this year, he's been negotiating his own career transition, wrestling his own darkness and emerging a healthier, happier man for it. I've never been prouder of him.


And, um, babies are suddenly everywhere around us right now.

Especially in our heads.


It's shocking but, for the first time in my adult life, I can actually picture myself as someone's mother. I think that's yet another by-product of losing one of the women that raised you. You want a piece of you back. You think about your legacy. You long for connections that promise forever.  
No decisions have been made either way but it feels good to approach it head-on as a conscious choice. Stay tuned. (It's my mom's favorite channel, btw.)


Celebrated my birthday dinner at the new vegetarian hot spot Crossroads with our favorite hot vegetarian architect.


Go to there even if you're a carnivore. Super creative uses of vegetables that recreate the textures of meat and seafood and cheese. The "crab cakes" are a must.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.37.35 PM

We also went to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel for brunch that weekend. Hadn't been in nearly two decades. Too many memories of my dad, who had a clothing store there back in the day.

Highly recommend for the old Hollywood glam...with a major side of French toast.



So I get an F for hardly shopping in Europe.

Trying to make up for it with a belated birthday spree. Gave my tootsies a treat in mixed prints. Courtesy of Loeffler Randall. Obsessed in love with this brand. Comfortable, chic and reasonable...well, on sale they are.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.19.09 PM

Another yummy that I'm newly stalking: Bionda Castana. You're welcome.

Pondering a new bag too. Was leaning toward a classic Balenciaga in a poppy, girly color because I have all the boring basics covered.


Then these two edgier Phillip Lims (for significantly less) got stuck in my lusty head. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.21.40 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.20.59 PM

Confession: Increasingly obsessed with leopard and fur. Also fake eyelashes and bronzer. The transition to full drag queen is almost complete.

But I'm going to hold off on buying a bag until Phillip Lim for Target hits stores. Seems like it's going to be the best Tarjay collab since Missoni, riiiiiight????

So what's new wit-chooo?



Rachel Searles said...

Those two ladies aren't the only ones who love reading your blog. Welcome back! xoxo

Jordana said...

ahhhh Welcome back darling! I'm just so thrilled with every.single.thing you wrote about. Glad you're rediscovering yourself and remembering that you have such a wonderful voice. I missed it. Life and travel and babies and fashion... stick around for a bit, will you?!

Anonymous said...

Hooray, I was tired of seeing the Olsen Twins ;). Thanks for blogging again. I have been reading since you started posting way back on the! Mama looks great, and yes she does look 36. -Sheila

SilverFox said...

Yay! Welcome back! We missed your glamour/humor/light/intelligence/voice!
Everyone on the Internet

Liv said...

So glad that you are back!! I've kept your blog in my blogroll on the off-chance that you'd start up again...made my morning to see that you had!!

Chris said...

Welcome back! I like when you post pics w/ your mom - hope you have her guest-post one of these days!

lookrichbitch said...

Welcome home, dahling!

Jean Bean said...

I am complete!

-Jean Beans & The Interwebs

Anonymous said...

YAY this is a gorgeous return to form! Anywhere I can find more piggy pics is definitely a place for me. Welcome back.

JCHokie said...

Not even kidding when I say I was just looking for your blog last night. I all of a sudden thought of you and was trying to see if you had posted recently. So glad you're back and hope to see you around more often!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Love it.

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAYAAYAY! So glad you're back!

Unknown said...

Thank you for blogging again!

Anonymous said...

So glad you found your spark again! Love reading your blog!

Charla said...



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