Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore to L.A. Pride 2012

The Scene
I grew up in West Hollywood – north of Sunset for all you obnoxious Clueless types ;). Which I didn't realize was unusual until I went "away" to college. At USC, I learned that most kids flee to open-minded, glamorous suburbs; they aren't lucky enough to be born into them. Dumb lucky me.

Growing up in WeHo meant the Pride parade has always been a part of my life. I remember watching it on TV in the 80s with my parents – yes, they were THAT completely open with me about the realities of the world and community we lived in. Since then I've attended the parade in support of my gay friends. And more recently, I've attended as a Trevor Project volunteer.


But this year, I rode the float as a Trevor Project board member...excuuuuuuse you!!! We're talking BEYOND honorary gay status, right?!? Finally, my straightness has been overlooked and I've been officially welcomed into the gay bosom. It only took 34 years: F!


The experience was – duh – amazing!  Was so proud to participate in a community event that's been a part of my life since childhood. Was a TOTAL TRIP to pageant-wave my way down Santa Monica Blvd. - a street that houses so many of my most defining memories as an Angeleno.

IMG_0152 1

Most of all, it felt amazing to see people cheering and sincerely applauding us for all the amazing work the Trevor staff, volunteers and board do for at risk GLBTQ youth.  I couldn't help but wish my dad was there to see it. He would have been so proud.

The Outfit
Forever 21 dress
LA Fashion District earrings
Vivienne Westwood clutch
Stuart Weitzman sandals
Dior sunglasses
H&M belt

The Grade

IMG_0145 1

The Commentary

All you need to know is that I kinda sorta maybe refused to wear a t-shirt to Pride this year. I've done it in the past with HORRIFYING results. Was left feeling UNHAPPY and not myself.  


So this year I went a different route. I wanted to represent Trevor in an authentic, happy way (isn't that what Gay Pride is all about?) so I busted out a purty dress, clutch and earrings - all rainbow-esque with tinges of Trevor's signature orange. Theoretically an A+.  But I still felt awfully guilty for not adhering to the dress code, hence the Pass. 


Sorry, I just don't look casually glam in a tee and shorts like that Kate Bosworth does.


Roundy brown girls do better emulating fancy dress Kate.


Learned it by watching Lisa Vanderpump.
She went for a hot pink maxi and floppy hat at Pride this year. 


She rode the Pepto Bismal inspired float ahead of ours - amazing! 


Here's hoping it's just a matter of time before the right Bravo vehicle hurdles me into D list status. 

IMG_0148 1

The Inspiration









fshnonmymind said...
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lookrichbitch said...

loved your dress! and your tan lines. I'm still wearing a sweater up here in Seattlaska.


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