Monday, July 9, 2012

What to Wear in Palm Springs

One of the secrets to a still hot relationship after 14 years: weekend getaways. I planned a quick jaunt to (scorching hot) Palm Springs for Mr. Diabolina last month.


Knew we were both in dire need of some R&R.


 Plus I've been dying to stay at The Parker since our first visit in 2009 during one of the BEST couples' weekends ever.

(Forever 21 dress, Prada sunglasses, Tory Burch purse) 


Our Jonathan Adler, poolside digs did not disappoint.


Neither did our must-visit, nom-nom-nom spot in Palm Springs, Las Casuelas Terraza.


The machaca was the perfect way to kick off the weekend


Just look at this pig...I mean happy baby :)


A side benefit to planning romantic weekends for your man:
he actually encourages you to shop during the trip.


Made sure to hit the Trina Turk store.


With all the retro prints and breezy shapes, it's the quintessential Palm-Springs-in-its-Rat-Pack-hey-day brand.


Adore the kitschy vibe of the swimwear.


And the glorious caftans.  I plan to live in caftans when I retire.


Found quite a few things I liked but narrowed them down to these two on sale.


Another reason I love Palm Springs: Men are so thankful to be in air conditioning that they will remain relatively still and quiet while you try on clothes.


Want to live by a pool in this short caftan but alas it was a size too big. It also looks a little too much like some things I already own. NEXT...


Loved the idea of this little asymmetrical number but not the reality of it. Didn't do much for my short waist and the silky material would last about an hour in my klutzy, sweaty world.  The color is killer though especially with a tan and my hot pink sandals. Got them at Tar-jay for $24 but don't they look exactly like THOSE $120 DV sandals everyone is wearing this summer???


At the boutique next door, I fell in love with these Marc Jacobs sunglasses. But $400! For barely there frames? 


Wasn't feeling spendy so settled for these $10 Prada knock-offs at some random little souvenir shop.


Spent the rest of the afternoon poolside in my new Target hat catching up on magazines and trying to finish Andy Cohen's "Most Talkative" (don't judge me.)


Mr. D eventually lured me out of the pool with dinner plans at Mister Parker


It's a chic, sexy spot but OY is it dark in there! You know you are old when you are coveting a fellow diner's keychain flashlight.  Not sexy.


Found out the menu will be getting retooled by the new resident chef soon. Hope they don't get rid of the short ribs. They are heaven on a plate.


We started with the beet and grapefruit salad.


And the lobster stuffed filet 


With the gnocchi and brussels sprouts. 


Perfect amount of food and the wine recommendations were BEYOND.


Roamed around the resort after dinner like giddy kids and then took an evening dip in the 24-hour pool as night fell.

(H&M caftan, Zara clutch, Target sandals) 


Then we may or may not have ordered a bottle of wine to go with our room service dessert. #piggiesonvacation


Let Mr. Diabolina sleep in the next morning and was in the pool by 8 am.

(Target beach hat)


Mid-morning we hit Norma's for brunch. 


I had the crab omelette


Mr. D did the mango crepes.


Spent the rest of the afternoon – you guessed it – in the pool.  Side note: I got the WORST sunburn of my life in Palm Springs when I was 7. Went with my god-parents and fell asleep by the pool. You should have heard my mom GO OFF on them when her brown baby came home beet-colored. 

(Rogan shorts, Tory Burch sandals, Dior sunglasses, The Webster for Target top and Target sandals) 


Ended the trip with a stop at Cabezon, where Mr. D said thank you for whisking him away for the weekend with a little something :)


Another secret to 14 years together: Prada gifts.



Unknown said...

Ahh new Prada shoes... so fun! Mr. Pursuit and I are headed to Palm Springs this weekend for our anniversary and I cannot wait. Thanks for the outfit inspo :)

Pursuit of Shoes

Truly unforgettable Bvlgari eyeglasses said...

how do I want to go there! It's really very nice and romantic! Your clothes are excellent! Thank you for this piece of paradise!

Emily in Chile said...

Everything about this weekend sounds like heaven.

fshnonmymind said...

I've been to the Parker ages ago right around the time they had a reality show on Bravo and to this day it is still one of my favorite hotels. Ah, I still think about the furniture and that hammock between those fabulous palm trees.
It sounds like you guys had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and your vacation style is nothing short of fabulous glamour. You are killing me with those hats! Too bad the MJ sunglasses are $400 because I really like them and think they flatter you.

Rachee said...

adore the shoes!

lookrichbitch said...

I want to go to cabazon!!! All the weekend jaunts around here involve hiking boots and/or bug spray.

ShoeZQ said...

I have those hot pink Target sandals too! I love them!


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