Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Scene

Gay Pride today in WeHo.

Sable Crow invited me to march in the parade with The Trevor Project. I'm officially an honorary gay. Only took me 32 years.

Had breakfast with Mr. Diabolina before meeting Sable Crow.

During our meal, this was the scene over his shoulder. Only on Santa Monica Blvd.

Met up with Sable Crow and walked around soaking up blinged out rides getting parade-ready

This year's parade had more of an activist feel than previous years.

Probably in anticipation of more bible-thumping protestors. Ughs.

But the overall message of the day remained the same: pride.

Pride in who you are and what you are.

Pride in a community that is about acceptance not judgment, fun times not hell fire and brimstone.

Today Sable Crow told me about a philosophy he's been learning more about recently, one that's been really empowering at a time when gay rights are being attacked in the US. A philosophy that shows throughout history and across cultures, gay men have held revered positions in society. They have been shamans and healers and artists. They have been the ones to toe the line between male and female and thus have a unique insight into both.

When you think about it, this dynamic still plays out in interesting ways. For example, the stereotype of gays as beautifiers (hairdressers, fashion designers, etc.) as well as early adopters of all things fabulous. Interesting no? Want to learn more. Think fully understanding my affinity for gay culture is vital at this time in my life. I said to Mr. Diabolina the other day that we lead the life of a gay couple. Namely because we have tons of disposable income and no children.

Went from an afternoon with boyz and Momma

To dinner with Mami. Funny jumble of a day. Funny jumble of a life.

The Outfit
Rogan for Target shorts
American Apparel top

The Accessories
Thrifted scarf and purse
Trevor Project tshirt as, um, pocket scarf
Forever 21 sunglasses
Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals

The Grade

The Commentary

Really screwed the pooch today.

Let down all my hot gays and fierce trannies.

Thought about rocking my new sexy romper today.

But want to debut it on our trip to Hawaii in two weeks.

Just didn't feel very fabulous when Sable Crow woke me up at 8 am. Ugh.

Threw on the gray AA top. It's a hand me down from my mom.

The white shorts

And summer scarf.

Not sure how I ended up so dowdy and fugly. I plead hypothyroidism.

Earlier in the week, I promised Sable Crow I'd show up in an orange thong and a smile. He said yum but warned me that the Trevor organizers would have t-shirts for us. T-shirts made for Tyrannosaurus Rexes. No smalls or mediums in sight. F. Unacceptable for a gay organization.

We tried to come up with creative ways to wear said tshirts. But UGH how do you wear a hammock?

This was the only acceptable way we could figure.

Luckily one of the boys had one golden medium squirreled away. I let Sable Crow take it. Figured it was more important for him to look hot than me.

This is what I looked like in the sleeping bag of a tshirt. The worst Glamour don't EVER. Ultimately I refused to wear it. Felt bad about not representing but there was no way I was going to march in my first Pride parade not proud. Especially in my hometown i.e. where people might RECOGNIZE me.

I just can't rock a tank top as a dress

I am no Rumi.

Tried to tie it up - eighties style - to mitigate the enormity of the fit.

But felt super self conscious in white shorts and a midriff baring knotted up tank. Shudder just to think of it.

Last Sunday's outfit would have been a better choice

But Friday's look was ideal - head to toe Trevor orange and a rainbow colored belt.

At least my orthopedic hot shoes were a good call. Comfy for parading.

Though rollerskates with pink wheels would have been better. Gays: 1. Diabolina: 0.

In the end I should have just slapped on the No H8 face tattoos we scored at the last "gay pride" parade in WeHo.

This American Apparel tshirt would have been purrfect too. Damn it. It's on my birthday wish list. You better get crackin' if you haven't picked up my present yet - only 6 more shopping weeks left :)


WendyB said...

Girl! You let down the GAYZ!!!!

tam pham said...

i have that aa top and i love it. that tank is hilarious.

Pegasus said...

Um...didn't realize there was so much hotness under SC's shirt. Drool.

PiGGiesGoMoo said...

If that was your F day I would hate for you to see me on mine! YOU ALWAYS look FABULOUS! Also...Sable Crow is quite yummy!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Hey sorry to hear that none of the sizes worked out for you at Gap. What about the jackets? Anyway, I decided to return the shoulder-sleeved dress because the fit wasn't right. It kept riding up (this is what happens when you're small on top and large on bottom). Well I plan on keeping the other one--the zip-front one. It's too cute to give up. Anyway, I completely understand your fug days...I've been QUITE the fug lately with all of this interminable rain. It's absolutely insane. I mean, how can it be JUNE?! More like April.

Did you see Emmy Rossum live there?! I adore her, especially in Phantom.

Sable Crow said...

How nice! Pegasus and PiggiesandCow, thanks! It's hard to balance being a professional with wanting to take off your shirt all the time... sigh.

Diabolina, I don't think you were an F. Afterall, it's the woman that make the outfit, not the outfit that makes the woman. To me, you were a dear friend who is the very first ever to march with me in a Pride Parade. You got an A A A+ for that. Didn't matter what you wore.

But I ain't gonna lie, that tank was more A frame than A line. Love architecture/fashion jokes! Where's Mr. Architect when you need him!?

Love your musing about the role of gay men in our history. I'm now thinking of writing it on my blog.

What a great way to start the week!
Love you Ladies!
Sable Crow

Sable Crow said...

I forgot my most important point!

I wanted to suggest that you and Mr. D don't live like gays because you have "lots of disposable income and no kids". Rather, you live like gays because you create your own sphere of family, and because you refuse to be pigeon-holed into patriarchal roles of husband-wife. You are like gays because you create your own destiny--you pick and choose from an amazing menu, that frankly a lot of people don't even see.

Even if you had less disposable income and many kids, I suspect you would live like gays: you would create families that YOU select and that YOU define, you would not let others tell you how to live your life (with grace and honesty and dignity!) and you would say: I CHOOSE to live this way; I am proud of who I am.

Diabolina didn't let down the gayz. She showed up, which is the most uplifting thing anybody can do.

And to your point about exploring your connection to gays: I suspect that there is much richness for women (as well as gays!) in questioning the patriarchal heirarchy, and in reclaiming our histories.

Sable Squawk...

Emily said...

I went to AA the other day and got a free Legalize Gay shirt for spending over $50! I didn't ask if the promotion's going on in all stores, but it's worth checking...although they too were out of small sizes, so I had to settle for a "works with leggings" medium rather than a more fitted small or xs.

amber said...

Your shorts outfit is cute! I would totally rock something like that if I could pull off white shorts!

Um, Sable Crow has ABS! Like, as in, Abs of Steel, abs. Holy Hell!


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